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Season 1

9 Mar. 2002
John Strange (Demon hunter and defrocked priest) and Canon Black investigate the mysterious happenings in a hospital ward.
31 May 2003
A verger, the victim of a hit and run accident, is discovered dead and Jude's young son is near the body. Fearing that he may have inherited his father's devilish traits, she takes him to see Dr. Sita, who claims all is well with the child but the doctor is later found dead, and prematurely aged in a matter of minutes. Volunteer hospital visitor Emily Hawthorne, believed to be a witch but actually a psychic, is murdered in the same way and aged by twenty years. John Strange and Jude come to the conclusion that this is the work of the demon Wizox and struggle to ...
7 Jun. 2003
The headless body of Ron is found in his tattoo parlour and Kevin is initially suspect, given that he uses a chain-saw in his work. However severance was with a blade and then two further bodies are found - one eyeless and the other minus his legs, both choir boys who had gone to Ron for tattoos. Another boy, Billy, is missing and Jude eventually finds him in the tattoo parlour alive. She is then confronted by a worshipper of the Japanese demon, Kaa-Jinn, who has been dismembering victims in order to recreate his demonic master from their body parts.
14 Jun. 2003
Costa Burra
When Jude goes to the cathedral archive she witnesses Canon Black refuse researcher Raymond Mason's request to access the tomb of Bishop Otterman who died almost a hundred years earlier of the now extinct Bone's Disease, his excuse being that opening the tomb will revive the disease. Strange discovers that the bishop's daughter is still alive and she tells him that the tomb is empty as her father disappeared and the illness was a story put about by the then dean but the dean's great-grandson Liam, a young cabbie, has a more sinister tale to tell, which follows the ...
21 Jun. 2003
Female cleric Mary Truegood is convinced an escaped zoo animal has been invading her house and goes to see local zoo owner Mr. Harrison but he has troubles of his own with animal rights protesters and the deaths seemingly by mauling of some of his keepers. There is evidence of supposed animal attacks when a young woman brought into Jude's ward is severely mauled and her friend ripped apart. Mary takes a photograph of her intruder, which John Strange identifies as a five hundred year old incubus, which lives off human blood. In battling it to the death he has to fight ...
28 Jun. 2003
In a church in rural Herzegovina a coffin lies in state, surrounded by candles and church cleaner Mina hears an old lady declare that something must not be allowed to leave. Over in England Mina gets work as a cleaner and birthday boy Kevin gets a nasty surprise. Canon Black's elderly sister is also one of several victims of an apparent vampire and the Canon has to admit that he has indeed known about the existence of demons as he asks for John Strange's help in destroying the vampire - or dubik. This is a demon which can cleverly play mind games with its victims, ...
5 Jul. 2003
A pile of gnawed bones is found in a swimming pool changing room. Various pointers suggest that this marks the resurgence of Asmoth, the demon who marked Strange and killed his girl-friend Helen as well as blinding Strange's mentor Father Bernard, whom he calls in in his efforts to destroy the demon. However complications are provided by the 'return' of Jude's ex-boyfriend out for retribution on Strange. And, inevitably, Canon Black is holding back more information than he knows regarding Asmoth.

 Season 1 

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