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11 Jan. 2008
Mr. Monk Joins a Cult
A good Samaritan witnesses a cult style murder but the evidence doesn't add up. Mr. Monk goes undercover with the "Siblings of the Sun" to solve the crime.
18 Jan. 2008
Mr. Monk Goes to the Bank
When Monk's bank is robbed, he's desperate to help with the investigation; when Captain Stottlemeyer won't let him, Monk takes up an unusual position at the bank.
25 Jan. 2008
Mr. Monk and the Three Julies
Natalie is frantic, to the detriment of Stottlemeyer's new car, when it appears a mad man is targeting his victims based solely on their name - Julie Teeger.
1 Feb. 2008
Mr. Monk Paints His Masterpiece
During an investigation of murders of a junk yard, Monk takes up painting and finds a patron.
15 Feb. 2008
Mr. Monk Is on the Run: Part 1
Monk is charged with the murder of the man who killed Trudy, and manages to escape custody in order to figure out what really happened.
22 Feb. 2008
Mr. Monk Is on the Run: Part 2
Stottlemeyer tries to find proof against the man who framed Monk, and Natalie may ruin everything when she learns the truth.
18 Jul. 2008
Mr. Monk Buys a House
Heartbroken by the sudden death of Dr. Kroger, Monk rushes into homeownership and gets a little more than he bargained for when he hires a very persistent contractor.
25 Jul. 2008
Mr. Monk and the Genius
Brilliant chess grandmaster Patrick Kloster's wife Linda Kloster goes to Monk saying that her husband is planning to murder her, and she wants him caught posthumously.
1 Aug. 2008
Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever
Adrian finds himself short an assistant when Natalie is hired to replace the local lotto girl after she's murdered.
8 Aug. 2008
Mr. Monk Takes a Punch
A boxer narrowly avoids a bomb, and Stottlemeyer believes it won't be the only attempt with a championship bout coming up. Meantime, Monk splits his time between the case and contemplating retirement when he finds he must pass a fitness exam.
15 Aug. 2008
Mr. Monk Is Underwater
Monk is put in an uncomfortable position when Natalie asks him to help investigate the apparent suicide of her old friend's commanding officer.
22 Aug. 2008
Mr. Monk Falls in Love
Monk is smitten with an attractive former dancer and when she's accused of murder, he agrees to help her, even though all the evidence points to her, and continues searching... even after she confesses to the crime.
5 Sep. 2008
Mr. Monk's 100th Case
Monk's hundredth case, involving a serial killer, is covered by a TV news magazine, but while watching it he realizes that a second unknown killer was responsible for one of the murders.
12 Sep. 2008
Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized
Monk's hypnotic regression to his childhood begins to affect the case on which he's consulting - an actress who's disappeared, and the holes in her story when she's found after a deadly escape.
28 Nov. 2008
Mr. Monk and the Miracle
Monk's Christmas spirit, or lack thereof, is challenged when he takes a case from three homeless men who believe their friend was murdered, and Leland's epiphany sends him on a mission.

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