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Sex & Nudity

  • As Lady Tottington shows Wallace her vegetables, she says that Victor has never shown any interest in her produce (all as the camera shot has some veggies in front of her chest like breasts -- but nothing explicit). She then says that she's going to show him something no man has ever seen before. Wallace is somewhat taken aback by that comment, but she's talking about her giant carrot (although she comments on its "silken flesh," etc.).
  • Also there is some near-nudity for Wallace (in front of Lady T), but dangerous areas are covered by a box that states: "may contain nuts".
  • Another female character holds her half-eaten produce in front of her like breasts, "ravaged in the night."
  • A female rabbit doll is used to entice a male rabbit; he kisses her arm and squeezes her tail. Victor's buttocks are shown briefly.
  • When Wallace transforms, a rabbit tail pops out of his pants. In one transformation, Wallace bends down and grabs his buttocks and watches the rabbit tail come out.

Violence & Gore

  • A bunch of bunnies jump on Gromit from a fridge door but the ruckus goes below the camera shot (although we hear the bunnies giggling). Gromit then gains control of all of them, but one hits him on the head with a large wooden spoon.
  • A character tries to shoot rabbits (unsuccessfully). He gets his head stuck in the ground and later, in a cotton candy machine. A giant rabbit causes a lot of property damage. Victor threatens to beat up Wallace. Victor shoots at the giant rabbit. Rakes and gardening tools are offered as "angry mob" supplies (weapons). Carnival games feature shooting fake rabbits. A rabbit doll with a bullet hole in the forehead falls out of a car. A dog allegedly bites a man in the butt. Two dogs fight/wrestle (one snarls). A dog falls off a roof into a giant balloon, while the toy plane he was riding hits the ground and explodes. The giant rabbit falls off a roof after being chased and shot at. Victor is knocked out by a giant carrot


  • A man states that he thinks the veggie culprit is "arson." He then explains that as "someone arsin' around." Mild insults.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • We see several characters holding unlit pipes, with one taking a drag from a watering can by accident (while holding his pipe in his other hand).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole movie has a "horror" feel to it. Even though it is geared towards kids and is rated G, doesn't mean that your kid will not have nightmares. Gromit chases the Were-Rabbit across town (while connected by a wire. That means that wherever the Were-Rabbit goes, Gromit follows helplessly which that may scare kids alone) and into a hole which is dark and creepy. Although there is comic relief that flows through the film, you might want to think twice before taking a young one to it.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • As Wallace transforms into the Were-Rabbit (growing bigger, his hands and feet turning into paws, etc.) that might be somewhat unsettling or maybe even scary to very young kids (but others will probably enjoy it, especially seeing the result of a big, lumpy rabbit wearing a small bowtie). Wallace gets his head stuck in a machine with a rabbit. Characters fall off a roof. An unseen character sneaks up on and frightens a man in a dark church. A man chases a rabbit and tries to shoot it. Gromit picks up a sharp knife, and, as suspenseful music plays, he sharpens it, lifts it up, and slams it down, but he is just chopping a carrot.
  • Wallace's "death" at the end of film, is very saddening. Although, Gromit brings him back to life with cheese.

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