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The First Fall was planned
The_Light_Triton11 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
There's really only 2 matches from this PPV that people remember. the hell in the cell match and the first blood match. out of all the Pay-per-views, this one makes the biggest milestone. for one, it marks the third hell in the cell match (it wasn't the second, i did some research and found out the second one took place during an episode of RAW) and it's undertaker's first victory in one. it also marks the only time Kane has ever won the WWE Title belt, despite cheating.

Firsthand, the Hell in the cell match. This was a very hyped match, and it was to end a less than big rivalry. it ended with a huge explosion. firsthand, before the match began, Mankind/Mick Foley climbed to the top of the cell and waited for the undertaker to come out. then undertaker came out and climbed to the top of the cell. they fought up there for about a minute, then taker threw mankind off the top of the cell. this fall was planned. if you watch Mick Foley land, he landed on his buttocks and side, not his head or upper body.

the second fall came after Foley walked off from the stretcher to go back to the cell. then taker was supposed to chokeslam Foley onto a chair on top of the cell. unfortunately, the cell structure was not meant to stop a falling 287 pound man, and Foley fell through the cell and landed on his upper back, near his neck. this fall was not supposed to happen.

In a later interview, Undertaker said when he chokeslammed mick foley through the cell, he thought mick was dead.

in the first blood match, "stone cold" Steve Austin was defending the WWF/WWE title from Kane. now everyone knows the rules of a first blood match. the first person to draw blood loses the battle. however, Kane was supposedly bleeding, but he was wearing a mask, which meant the ref never saw his blood. stone cold eventually was cut open, leading to Kane's first WWF title.

What this Pay-per-view marked was Kanes First and Only WWF/WWE title, which he only held for 24 hours (stone cold Steve Austin won it back from Kane the next night on WWF Raw is War.)

it's a sweet pay-per-view, and it's well worth seeing.
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the hell in a cell match is unforgettable
occupation_foole13 November 2003
I have only watched this video two times and there is not too much I remember about it except for the first blood match between stone cold Steve Austin and Kane and the match that everyone who seen it will always remember the hell in a cell match.This was the caziest match I have ever seen and I have seen all 4 tables ladders and chairs matches.Any fan of pro wrestling should watch this match.
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Mick is Good
keith007killer20 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
i have seen this match more times then i think is healthy and still find something new in it each time.

if you look closely at the shamrock vs rock final match for the KOR you can see when Shamrock gets his hand caught in the ropes you see the Rock get him out lol. its so strange to see the rock being someones lackey.

the worst match on there i think is the al snow vs too much. when i first saw it i knew that there was going to be a screw job but that was the dumbest one i have seen and i have been watching pro wrestling for most of my life and that begins in the early days of hulkamania. but this was the time the Vince was trying to compete against wcw and turners billions.
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I give 9/10 because of Mick "give him finally the belt" Foley
amanwhorocks18 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
1. Head Bangers/Taka Michinoku Vs. Kaientai Quick good tag team action with clean Head Bangers victory 8/10

2. KoR Semi-Final: Double J Vs. Ken Shamrock - Shamrock advances. 7.5/10

3. KoR Semi-Final: Dan "The Beast" Severn Vs. The Rock - Cheap victory. 8/10

4. Too Much Vs. Al Snow/Head - Too much pinned Head, God that as awful booking. 6/10

5. X-Pac Vs. Owen Hart - Average match by these two good workers. 7/10

6. WWF Tag Team Title Match: New Age Outlaws Vs. Champs-Midnight Express - Ordinary tag match. 6.5/10

7. KoR Finals: Shamrock Vs. Champ-The Rock - I give credit to Rock, that he jobbed there. ShamRock is King of The Ring 1998 7.5/10

8. Hell in a Cell Match: Undertaker Vs. Mankind - You know - Suicider "Give him finally that fuc*ing belt" Mankind. He is truly the greatest legend of WWF from 1990 to 2000 For Mick Foley in that match i give 11/10

9. WWF World Heavyweight Title First Blood Match: Kane Vs. Champ-Stone Cold - We have new champ, the match wasn't something special. 7/10
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A Classic
bh_tafe323 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Mick Foley became a legend, Ken Shamrock became a King, and Kane became WWE Champion at what proved to be the best PPV event of 1998, finally ending the show's losing streak after 4 lackluster King of the Ring events in a row, it was also a return to form after two mediocre In Your House PPVs following Wrestlemania.

The big story going in was centered around Kane and the Undertaker. They were taking a break from hurting each other but now found themselves caught up in the Austin vs McMahon rivalry. The Undertaker had refused to allow Vince McMahon to screw Austin out of the title at the previous PPV. Underaker's presence at ringside had cost Mick Foley the title, and he would have to answer for his actions in a Hell in a Cell match with Mankind. Foley's two failures meant that McMahon needed to find someone else to get Austin's title off him, so he turned to Kane and again stacked the deck against Austin by making it a first blood match. With Kane's entire body covered in a suit it would be almost impossible to tell if he is bleeding anyway! But the night started off with one of those junk matches that this era is famous for as the Headbangers defeated Kaientai in a nothing match. Headbangers would not have an overly long or memorable run in the WWE. Never really explained what wearing a dress has to do with heavy metal music.

The next match was the King of the Ring semi final between Ken Shamrock and Jeff Jarrett. Shamrock picking up the submission victory with his ankle lock.

The next match saw the Rock defeat Dan Severn in the other semi final. Severn, like Shamrock was an MMA fighter trying his hand at wrestling. Neither was a long term success, though Shamrock did have his moments. And so Shamrock and the Rock, who had a long bitter rivalry over the Intercontinental Championship earlier in the year, would meet in the final.

Next up comes the comedy match with Jerry Lawler acting as guest referee while his nephew (actually his son later better known as Grandmaster Sexay) Brian Christopher and his tag team partner Scott Taylor (later better knows as Scotty 2 Hotty) took on Al Snow and Head. THis was a comedy match and Lawler is actually pretty funny when he stalls on three counts for Snow. The bad guys end up winning, but this is one of the better done comedy matches. Lawler and Snow are both pros and just know how to go about it and keep things entertaining.

Next up saw Owen Hart, now a bad guy continue his feud with DX in a match with X-Pac which he lost. The addition of the New Age Oitlaws had really seen DX start to gain popularity from the fans.

This popularity became more evident in the next match as the Outlaws defeated Jim Cornette's New Midnight Express tag team. THis was Cornette's final stint in the WWE and the Midnight Express were a short lived part of it.

Next up saw Ken Shamrock finally avenge all of those screwy losses to the Rock by winning the King of the Ring Final in probably the best of their trilogy of PPV matches. While none were classics, the characters of both men just seemed to work together. This was Shamrock's brightest moment in the WWE, but in a little over a year he was out of the WWE and back in MMA.

Next came one of the best known matches ever as the Undertaker defeated Mankind in a Hell in a Cell match. Mankind was thrown off the top of the cell, through the top of the cell and slammed multiple times onto thumbtacks in the match that made his career.

The Undertaker was then heavily involved in a sweet main event match. Kane had promised to set himself on fire if he lost to Stone Cold. With Kane bleeding and the ref unconscious Undertaker came into the ring, busted Stone Cold open with a chair shot and then tipped gasoline all over the ref to revive him. The ref, seeing Stone Cold bleeding stopped the match and awarded Kane the title. McMahon was jubilant at finally taking the title off Austin, but his joy was short lived: Austin defeated Kane to win back the title in an excellent match the following night on RAW.
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