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Recap of WWF Insurrextion 2001

Author: WWE_Reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
23 June 2002

Match 1: Eddie Guerrero vs. Grandmaster Sexay Grandmaster Sexay dominated most of the match. Sexay had the early control after a bulldog on the ramp. Sexay danced all throughout the match, and when Guerrero gained control, he mocked Sexay by dancing himself. Sexay took control after a bulldog and a top rope dropkick but couldn't get the pin. Sexay then delivered a powerbomb and went up to the top rope for the hip hop drop, but Guerrero moved out of the way. After Sexay missed a corner splash, Guerrero rolled Sexay up for the pin, using the ropes for leverage. Winner: Eddie Guerrero

Match 2: Hardcore and Crash Holly (w/Molly Holly) vs. The Radicalz Before the match, Terri came out and said that it wasn't going to be a 6-person match because she couldn't find any wrestling gear in the UK. Back and forth match. Hardcore started to dominate early on after a spinebuster and a dropkick to Saturn. Saturn and Malenko then dominated Hardcore with a variety of suplexes. After Saturn missed a top rope elbow drop, Crash got the hot tag. Crash hit a DDT on Malenko and a top rope hurricanrana on Saturn. While Molly was fighting with Terri, Saturn hit the Moss Covered Three Handled Family Cradenza on Crash for the pin. Winners: The Radicalz

Match 3: The Big Show vs. Bradshaw Back and forth match. Bradshaw dominated early by using him clubbing fists and stiff kicks. Big Show came back with a sidewalk slam. Bradshaw recovered and hit a top rope shoulderblock for a 2 count. Show then threw Bradshaw to the outside and threw a chair into the ring. Show then attacked Test who was still down on the outside of the ring, and he threw him into the ring. He was going to hit him with the chair but Test hit the big boot into Show's face. Bradshaw then hit the Clothesline from Hell for the pin. Winner: Bradshaw by pinfall

Match 4: Elimination Match: Edge and Christian vs. X-Factor vs. The Dudley Boys vs. The Hardy Boys Dudleys and X-Factor started out. Bubba hit a few power moves on Credible who ran to the outside for a timeout and tagged Matt Hardy in. Christian then tagged himself in. The Hardys then dominated every team for the next few minutes. They hit the Poetry in Motion on Credible, hit the Twist of Fate on X-Pac and Jeff eliminated X-Pac after the Swanton Bomb. Edge and Christian then double-teamed Jeff and quickly got the elimination after Christian gave Jeff the Unprettier. Edge and Christian then double-teamed D-Von including a few backbreakers. After D-Von hit a top rope clothesline and a reverse suplex, Bubba got the hot tag. He hit Christian with a big backdrop, a sidewalk slam on Edge, the Bubba Bomb on Christian and the Wassup drop on Edge. Rhyno then came in behind the referee's back and hit the gore on Bubba and Edge got the pin. Rhyno then set up a table in the ring, but Spike Dudley came in and hit the Dudley Dogg on Edge, and the Dudleys hit the 3D on Rhyno through the table. Winners: Edge and Christian

Match 5: 2 Out Of 3 Falls Match: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle Before the match, Benoit said he had Angle's medals in a very safe and warm place. Best match of the night. Both men exchanged some amateur wrestling counters early on. Benoit and Angle tried for their crossface and anklelock submissions early, but to no avail. Angle then hit a series of belly to belly suplexes, but Benoit came back and hit one of his own. Benoit then hit a series of 3 rolling snap suplexes. Benoit then hit another series of German suplexes. Benoit signalled for the end and went to the top rope and hit the diving headbutt for the pin and the first fall. Angle played possum with Benoit pretending he was hurt but instead attacked Benoit on the outside of the ring. Angle then hit a top rope belly to belly suplex for a 2 count. Angle hit another few suplexes for a few near falls. Benoit came back with a DDT and went to hit the diving headbutt again, but Angle moved out of the way. Benoit rolled out of an anklelock submission by Angle and applied the crossface which Angle also rolled out of, but Benoit rolled up Angle for the quick and surprising pin. Benoit won with 2-0 falls. After the match, Benoit said he had kept his promise and that Kurt's medals were in a warm and safe place, as all the time they were down his pants. Benoit put the medals around his neck and raised his arms in victory as the fans popped big. Winner: Chris Benoit

Match 6: Queens Cup Match: William Regal vs. Chris Jericho Very good match. It was a mixed reaction for Regal in his hometown, although whenever he did that wave to the crowd, the fans popped big. The two exchanged some lightweight-style counters early on. Jericho started out by hitting a top rope clothesline and a top rope crossbody for a 2 count. Jericho tried for the Walls of Jericho early on, but Regal escaped. Regal then worked over Jericho's shoulder by shoving him into the ringpost. Jericho came back with a top rope hurricanrana, but Regal retaliated with a overhead suplex. Jericho came back with a flying forearm and a bulldog. He went for the Lionsault but Regal got his knees up. Regal went for a German suplex, but Jericho escaped and applied the Walls of Jericho to Regal who tapped out for the win. After the match, Regal destroyed Jericho by hitting him with the Queen's Cup Trophy which actually drew quite a big pop. Winner: Chris Jericho

Match 7: Handicapped WWF Championship Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin and HHH vs. The Undertaker The only way the Undertaker could win the WWF Title is if he pinned Stone Cold. HHH's entrance probably received the biggest pop of the night. Austin and HHH double-teamed the Undertaker early on. The Undertaker then segregated Austin on the outside and backdropped him on the ramp. Back in the ring, the Undertaker hit HHH with a backdrop and the Old School forearm off the top rope. Austin was then tagged in and hit the Undertaker with a Thesz press and a few elbow drops. While Stephanie distracted the referee, Austin nailed the Undertaker with a chair but he kicked out. The Undertaker then resurged and chokeslammed HHH through the announcers table at ringside. Back in the ring, the Undertaker chokeslammed Austin but only for a 2 count. HHH came back with a facebuster and a clothesline. Mr McMahon came down to the ring and went to hit the Undertaker with the chair, but he ducked and McMahon nailed HHH. The Undertaker then chokeslammed McMahon and also chokeslammed HHH for the pin. Winner: The Undertaker

This Pay-per-view diserves a C+, because I've seen all the matches before already.

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Average Pay-Per-View

Author: roel cuppen from Venlo
18 April 2002

Backlash certainly isn´t the best Pay-Per-View event of the year 2001 as far as the WWF is concerned. Therefor this event doesn´t have a very interesting main-event and too less good matches. A short summary:

6-Man Tag-Team Match: Dudley Boyz vs. X-Pac, Justin Credible & Albert

I´m not really a fan favorite when it comes to tag-team matches and this one certainly isn´t a memorable tag-team match. Average in every way I would say.

Hardcore Championship Match: Raven vs. Rhyno This match is one of the highlights of this pay-per-view. Brutal and very entertaining. A good match between these two former ECW-superstars.

Triple-Threat European Championship Match: Matt Hardy vs. Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero. Also not a very memorable match-up. I had expected a little bit more from these three very unique and very extraordinary athletes.

Duchess of Queensberry Rules Match: William Regal vs. Chris Jericho

These kind of childish matches give the WWF a bad name. When you purchase this movie I would skip this part because it´s not worth it.

30-minute ultimate submission match: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

A rematch after their match at Wrestlemania. I think this match is better than their Wrestlemania match, but it´s too long in my opinion. I think it would have been better if it was a 20-minute submission match. But hey, if you are a Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit fan you will certainly enjoy it.

Last Man Standing Match: Shane McMahon vs. Big Show Matches like this proves that the WWF doesn´t take itself too serious. An average sized Shane McMahon (6´1, 200 lbs) takes on the biggest wrestler in the WWF: The Big Show (7´2, 500 lbs). And he even stands a chance. I´m a big fan of the Big Show, so I kind of hated this match. The only memorable thing of this match is Shane McMahon´s elbow drop of a 50 ft high Titantron.

Three Titles on the line: Stone Cold Steve Austin & Triple H vs. The Undertaker & Kane Main-event of the evening and like I said I´m not a fan favorite of tag-team matches. Certainly not when it comes to main-event tag-team matches, because they are always so predictable. There were three titles on the line in this match. The WWF Championship from Stone Cold, The Intercontinental Championship from Triple H and the Tag-Team Championships from The Undertaker & Kane.

In the end I can say that Backlash 2001 wasn´t a great pay-per-view because it lacks too few great match-ups with good storylines.

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A little bit average PPV on great 2001 year

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
7 July 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. Eddie Guerrero Vs. Grand Master Sexay - Sexay should be out of PPV. He is annoying, worthless and poor wrestler. Eddie won. 6.5/10

2. Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko Vs. Hardcore & Crash Holly - Funny Saturn With like Hogan dyed beards. :) 7/10

3. Big Show Vs. Bradhsaw - I like on that thing How Bradshaw took Big Show down with Clothesline from Hell! 7/10

4. X-Pac/Justin Credible Vs. Dudley Boyz Vs. Edge & Christian Vs. Hardy Boyz - Elimination 4 tag team match. X-factor went first, then Hardyz and whole match won E&C. Rhyno appeared and speared Bubba. 8/10

5. Women's Battle Royal - Didn't took a place cus Right of Censor. Lita Trish and Jacquie stripped Ivory. :) 6.5/10

6. Kurt Angle Vs. Chris Benoit - Benoit won in a classic wrestling match, cleanly! But previous PPV match was better. 8/10

7. William Regal Vs. Chris Jericho - Match was for Queen's cup, Jericho won it. 7.5/10

8. WWF Triple Threat Title Match: Triple H Vs. The Undertaker Vs. Stone Cold - The great part of the match ate punches and kicks, and the ending was little bit screw on fans, Taker won but pinned HHH and WWF belt has Austin. 6.5/10

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Author: james ( from New York, New York, USA
6 August 2002

WWF World/Intercontinental/Tag Team Titles: Steve Austin & Triple H vs. Kane & The Undertaker, WWF European Title: Matt Hardy vs. Eddy Guererro vs. Christian, WWF Hardcore Title: Rhyno vs. Raven, 30 Minute Submission Match: Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle, Dutchess of Queensbury Rules: William Regal vs. Chris Jericho, Last Man Standing: Shane McMahon vs. The Big Show, X-Factor vs. The Dudley Boyz & Spike Dudley


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Recap of WWF Backlash 2001

Author: wwe reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
30 June 2002

Match 1: Six-man tag Match Bubba Ray, D-Von and Spike Dudley vs. X-Factor X-Factor rushes the ring. Bubba and Dvon double suplex Credible. Spike goes up top and jumps on Credible. Dudleyz clear the ring and bring Credible back in the hard way. Xpac with a spinning heel kick on Dvon. Xpac does a corner spear on Dvon. Credible punches Dvon in the corner. Credible with a sidewalk slam on Dvon. Albert suplexes Dvon for a two count. Whassup headbutt on Credible. Dvon goes for the tables. Albert intercepts with a kick to Dvon. Xpac pins Bubba after a double splash in the corner. After the match Xpac gets a 3D through the table. Winners: X-Factor

Match 2: Hardcore Championship Rhyno vs. Raven March starts off with a drop toe hold by Raven. Rhyno punches raven in the ropes. Rhyno knocks Raven out of the ring and gets a two count. Rhyno sits Raven in a chair and runs at him but Raven moves at the last moment. Raven hits a clothesline for a two count. Rhyno hits Raven in the head with a trash can lid and a sign for a two count. Rhyno hits Raven in the face with a shopping cart then throws it in the ring. Raven with a drop toe hold on Rhyno onto the shopping cart. Raven nails Rhyno in the head with a sign. Raven hits a bulldog for a two count. Raven hits Rhyno in the face with a trash can for a two count. Raven spears Rhyno with the shopping cart. Rhyno hits Raven in the head with the sign for a two count. Raven ducks a spear and Rhyno gets his head stuck in the shopping cart. Raven nails the cart with Rhyno stuck in it for a two count. Rhyno spears Raven for the pin. Winner: Rhyno

Match 3: Duchess of Queensberry Match William Regal vs. Chris Jericho Regal gets on the moc and says hello to all of his friends here in Chicago. Regal introduces the Duchess of Queensbury. Out she comes with two bodyguards. The Duchess has a seat in a royal chair sitting beside the announce table. Jericho comes out with a mic in hand. Jericho says her and Regal both look like men. Jericho says Queensbury is the ugly city. Match starts off with Regal backing Jericho in the corner. Jericho chops Regal. Jericho comes off the top with a right hand. Regal leaves the ring and Jericho follows. Jericho sends Regal into the guard rail. Back in the ring Regal swats away a missile dropkick. Regal with a suplex for a two count. Regal with jumping knees. European uppercuts by Regal. Jericho walks into a foot from Regal. Jericho hits a top rope huricanrana. Chops by Jericho followed up by a flying forearm. Bulldog by Jericho followed up by the lionsault. As Jericho was going for the pin the bell rings. The Duchess tells Fink that the time limit for round one has expired. Clothesline by Jericho. Regal catapults Jericho into the ropes followed up by a german suplex. Regal locks on the regal stretch but jericho makes it to the ropes. Jericho locks in the walls of jericho. Regal taps out. The Duchess tells Fink that you can not win by submission. Jericho leaves the ring and walks towards the Duchess. Regal comes after him but jericho sees it. Regal hits Jericho with the Duchess' ceptor. The bell rings. The Duchess tells Fink that there are no DQ's. Back in the ring Regal gets a two count. Uppercuts by Regal. Back elbow by Regal. Regal with a double arm suplex for a two count. Jericho hits Regal with the enzeguri. Chops by Jericho. Jericho kicks Regal down in the corner. Running clothesline by Jericho. Jericho kicks Regal between the legs. Baseball slide dropkick by Jericho which sends Regal head first into the Duchess' crotch. Jericho takes out the Duchess security and throws her in the ring. Jericho puts the walls of jericho on the Duchess. Regal comes back in for the save with three chair shots for the pin. Winner: William Regal

Match 4: 30-minute Ultimate Submission Match Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit Match starts off with Benoit backing Angle into the corner. Both men trade moves on the mat. Angle with a double leg takedown. Both men roll into the ropes and the ref calls for the break. Benoit looks for the crossface but Angle gets to the ropes in a hurry. Angle takes a breather on the outside of the ring. Benoit looks for the crossface again and Angle gets to the ropes. Benoit with a wastelock takedown. On the outside, Benoit applies the crossface and Angle taps out but it doesn't count because they were not in the ring. Angle grabs a chair but the ref makes him put it down. Angle applies a knee lock and Benoit taps out. Chops by Benoit. Angle chop blocks Benoit twice. Benoit puts a cross armbreaker on and Angle taps out. Chops by Benoit. Benoit throws Angle shoulder first into the ring post. Benoit puts on a arbreaker again and Angle makes it to the ropes. Benoit pushes the ref down. Angle hits Benoit with a chair. Angle puts on the ankle lock and Benoit taps out. Angle puts the crossface on and Benoit taps out. Angle now has a 3 - 1 lead with 18:18 left. Angle drives the point of his elbow into the sternum of Benoit. Belly to back suplex by Angle. Angle sends Benoit head first into the announce table. Benoit dumps Angle out of the ring. Benoit posts Angle. Angle sends Benoit into the ring steps. Angle applies the ankle lock but the ref stops it because they were on the outside. Back in the ring Angle goes for the armbreaker. Benoit rolls into the ropes and gets the break. Abdominal stretch by Angle. Benoit puts a cross armbreaker on Angle but he gets to the ropes. Sharpshooter by Benoit, Angle makes it to the ropes. Benoit with a half crab and Angle taps out. Angle still leads 3 - 2 with 11:16 left. Angle rolls out of the ring and Benoit follows. Chops by Benoit. Benoit sends Angle into the ring steps. Angle throws Benoit out of the ring. Angle keeps the ring locked off where Benoit can't get in. Benoit finally gets back in the ring with Angle stomping on him. Angle with a suplex. Angle walks into a big foot. Drop toe hold by Angle. Angle throws Benoit out of the ring and follows out. Angle suplexes Benoit on the floor. Angle sends Benoit into the guard rail. Back in the ring Angle kicks Benoit in the corner. Leg takedown by Benoit. Benoit misses a dropkick. Angle applies a choke submission on Benoit. Benoit breaks it with a jawbreaker. Clothesline by Angle. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Angle. Benoit with two belly to back suplexes. Benoit puts the ankle lock on and Angle taps out. It is now tied up 3 - 3 with 1:36 left. Benoit clips Angle's knees. Benoit with a belly to back suplex. Angle mule kicks Benoit. Angle puts on the ankle lock and Benoit makes it to the ropes. Angle with a suplex followed up by the ankle lock as the time runs out. Benoit did tap but it was after the bell. Fink says the match will continue with sudden death - first person to score a submission wins. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Angle. Benoit locks on the crossface and Angle taps out. Winner: Chris Benoit

Match 5: Last Man Standing Shane McMahon vs. Big Show Shane comes to the ring with new entrance music. Show chases Shane around the ring. Shane hides under the ring then sneaks out and attacks Show with a kendo stick. Clothesline by Show. Shane hits Show in the back three times with a chair. Show gets right back up. Shane hits Show in the head three times with the chair and Show falls out. Shane pulls a cloth with ether on it out of a box puts it in Show's face. Show falls to his knees and finally all the way to the mat. Vince runs out and hits Shane in the head with a chair. Vince leaves. Show gets up and kicks Shane in the corner. Sidewalk slam by Show. Show throws Shane from the top rope to the mat. Show gives Shane the final cut. Show chokeslams Shane. Show puts Shane in a backbreaker. Test comes in and gives Show the big boot. Show throws test out of the ring and follows after him. Show throws test into the ring steps. Both men walk up the aisle. Test hits Show with a sign. Show lays Test on a box and punches at him. Shane gets to his feet and comes down the aisle hitting Show with the sign. Show chases Shane up the Titan Tron scaffolding. Test pulls Show down and hits him with a metal sheet. Test holds Show, and Shane jumps all the way from the top of the Titan Tron and lands on Show putting them both through the stage. Test helps Shane up. The ref counts to ten and Show never gets up. Winner: Shane McMahon

Match 6: European Championship Matt Hardy vs. Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero Match starts off with Eddie and Christian double teaming Matt. Matt gets thrown out of the ring. Christian attacks Eddie from behind. Christian powerslams Eddie for a two count. Eddie with a huricanrana on Christian. Christian clotheslines Matt. Eddie with a drop toe hold on Christian. Matt sends Eddie out of the ring. Matt clotheslines Christian for a two count. Christian hits Eddie and Matt with a baseball slide dropkick. Eddie with a brainbuster on Matt for a two count. Matt with a top rope double clothesline. Matt thows Christian out of the ring. Matt hits Eddie with a second rope legdrop for a two count. On the outside, Edge spears Matt. Jeff comes out and hits Christian with the swanton. Matt follows up with the twist of fate on Christian for the pin. Winner: Matt Hardy

Match 7: Three championships on the line! Stone Cold and Triple H vs. Undertaker and Kane UT and Kane rush and clear the ring. Triple H and Austin stall on the outside. Triple H enters but he is met by a big right hand from UT. Kane and UT chase Triple H and Austin up the aisle and bring them back to the ring. Kane chokes Triple H and drops him. Kane does the same thing to Austin. Kane punches Triple H in the corner. Kane with a running clothesline on Triple H. Triple H with the high knee on Kane. Triple H works on Kane's taped up arm. Kane clotheslines Triple H. UT and Austin tagged in. Austin begs off in the corner. UT stomps a mudhole in Austin. UT with back elbows to Austin in the corner. Austin tries to shake UT's hand. UT kicks Austin in the face. Kane clotheslines Austin. UT does the tight rope walk on Triple H. UT slams Austin. UT does the tight rope walk on Austin. UT knocks Triple H and Austin out of the ring. Triple H and Austin double team UT. Triple H sends UT face first into the announce table. Austin kicks UT down in the corner. Triple H with a facebuster on UT. UT with a jumping ddt on Triple H. Austin clotheslines UT. Austin with the Lou Thez press on UT. UT gives Triple H a big boot. UT double clotheslines Triple H and Austin. Kane tags himself in and gives Austin and Triple H big boots. Kane with a sidewalk slam on Austin. Kane goes up top and hits Austin with a lariat. Kane clotheslines Triple H. Austin with a armbar takedown on Kane. Austin works on Kane's arm in the ropes. Austin hits Kane in the arm with a chair. Triple H slams Kane's arm on the ring steps. Austin stomps on Kane's arm. Triple H applies a wrist lock on Kane. Kane powers out and sends Triple H out of the ring. Triple H pulls UT off the ring apron. Austin pulls Kane to the center of the ring. Austin with a short suplex on Kane. Triple H comes off the top and gets a big boot to the face from Kane. Kane suplexes Austin. Triple H pedigrees Kane and tags in Austin. UT comes in while the ref's back was turned and chokeslams Austin. Stephanie distracts the ref. The ref shoves Stephanie off the ring apron. Kane gets a two count on Austin. Kane hits Triple H with the enzeguri. Hot tag to Kane but the ref didn't see it. UT backs Austin and Triple H into the corner. UT sends Austin out of the ring. UT gives Triple H the last ride powerbomb but the ref won't count because UT is not the legal man. Austin knocks the ref out. Austin gives Kane the stunner. Stephanie gives Triple H one of the belts. UT fights Austin into the crowd. Triple H walks into a big boot from Kane. Kane kicks Stephanie in the face. Vince comes in the ring with a sledgehammer but Kane saw it coming. Triple H picks up the sledgehammer and nails Kane in the head for the pin. Winners and New Tag Team Champions: Stone Cold and Triple H

An Okay PPV. Honestly I thought the best match of the evening was Shane vs Big Show in the last man Standing match. Everything else was kind of boring. This PPV deserves a C+

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Two Good Matches On An Average Show

Author: Big Movie Fan from England
28 June 2002

Backlash 2001 was quite disappointing in my opinion. The main event itself was pretty unspectacular and I thought the rest of the card was as well. In fact there were only two matches that stood out.

The first was the Submission match between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit-they put on a fantastic old style wrestlefest which really stood out in today's soap opera style wrestling. The match was awesome.

William Regal faced Chris Jericho in a Duchess of Queensbury Rules match. I cannot explain the rules simply because the arrogant Regal kept changing them to suit his needs throughout whenever he was losing. It was a decent enough match as far as the wrestling went and it was brilliant in that it was a great comedy match.

Check out Backlash 2001 for the above two matches.

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