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Much Deserved
pheebsw8511 April 2002
Finally, something designed to honor Nic Cage's work! You may think you are a fan, but by watching this you learn more about his talent and his earliest work! It's funny, cute and also touching. You see all of Nic's fellow actors and best friends as they all speak from the heart on how much they admire his work. Sadly, it's only 1 hour long- full of celebrities, movie highlights, and Nicolas' family - was a great entertainment, but the best part was that you could see that Nic was clearly touched.
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Where can I get this?
jensen-lena22 April 2008
Yes I love that Nic get this....but somebody pleas help me, I have never see it. You can not get it if you live in Denmark so somebody pleas help me, I need to see this otherwise I can not call my self a real fan off Nic And I AM THE BIGGEST FAN in DENMARK at least Iám the biggest fan off Nic in Denmark at least, I have all his movie minus 2 there a call Best off times and never on a Tuesday so if somebody can help me whit them to I wood be'ever so thank full for I need it for my collection complete.All so can somebody tell me where I can get Inside the actor studio whit Nic... somebody help.... Do anybody know were I can get it? I have search fore it all over... Can somebody put it one you tube?..Hop you can help Lena
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