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Kevin Smith has got WAY to much time on his hands.

Author: Danny-Rodriguez from Norway
17 April 2006

Or he has just to many good ideas and no time to convert them into feature lenght scripts. so he makes shorts like this! and i love them! this short is basically just Clerks in a car. they're sitting there in traffic talking about how flying cars should have been invented already. it doesn't make much sense to the common viewer but to us fans of pop culture this is some of the funniest things we'll ever see. what's bothering me though is why didn't he include this in one of his movies in stead of making this little short? i mean i think it would have fitted into Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back somewhere. or maybe in Clerks 2? oh but it doesn't matter. this was great either way. it's just as his other movies so if you're a Kevin Smith fan then download it and watch it! it's a must!

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Clerks. In a car.

Author: MovieAddict2014 from UK
30 September 2004

Great stuff. Dante and Randal are stuck in a traffic jam and begin talking about a flying car, and to what lengths Dante would go in order to be the first person alive to receive one and revolutionize world travel.

This was written and directed by Kevin Smith after appearing on the Tonight Show. He was asked to do correspondence and he suggested even doing a short film (his first). Here it is.

I never saw it on Jay Leno's Tonight Show but it's included on the new "Clerks. X" DVD, with an introduction by Smith. It's very funny and best of all, Jeff Anderson is so into Randal here that he gives a better performance than he did in the actual movie! (Sort of reminded me of Owen Wilson, to be honest.)

Very funny. Another reason to pick up the excellent DVD.

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I could watch this all day.

Author: SpideyTerry from Ardmore, PA
22 December 2002

A six minute short film about two guys stuck in a traffic jam and talking about a flying car sounds dull, doesn't it? Of course, it's not. Why, you ask? Because this short is brought to us by Kevin Smith and brings back Dante and Randal from Clerks!!!

I found out about this short recently (well yesterday) and downloaded it Not the fastest download mind you, but well worth it! The writing and actors' chemistry is absolutely perfect. It all equals into a laugh out loud funny short.

'The Flying Car' is a definite must see!

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Hilariously Randal-like

Author: scottsue98
21 July 2006

If you like the Randal character from Kevin Smith's movies, you CANNOT - I repeat - CANNOT NOT love this little clip.

It is friggin' hilarious!

His rants are classic. This one is near or at the top of any Randal-esquire ravings.

Not to mention he exhibits some skills to fight through the lengthy if not disturbed content of the subject matter. I don't know how many takes it took to get some of that, but the delivery is wicked funny.

Randal is a ranting GOD!

Enjoy it for what it is - a great poke at cartoons vs reality and the people who spend WAY too much time trying to make sense of the two!

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Classic! I could do this all day

Author: sn00ganz ( from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
30 May 2002

Classic Randal. Those two have the greatest line delivery. I try and think if Kevin Smith had played Randal in "Clerks", could you see him constantly razzing Dante? I think not. I'm excited to see, "Now You Know" because I think Jeff Anderson is genius. I could listen to him talk for hours because I love his voice. So thank you Kevin Smith for stepping into the Silent Bob shoes and letting Jeff into the Randal slacker shoes.

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The essence of the Askewniverse

Author: limesoda
19 March 2002

I saw this on leno and thought it was damn funny. It realy is the apitamy of everything us fanboys love about Kevin Smiths movies, It's all about the dialogue. Only kevin could take 2 guys in a car (Dante and randal from clerks) and turn it into a laugh out loud funny short film.

Short review for a short film

5 / 5

P.s I Can't wait for jersey girl

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"Its The Flying Car"

Author: WakenPayne from Valhalla
17 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This Is A Short Movie When Dante & Randall Is Trapped In A Traffic Jam & They Discuss The Jetsons & How It Has Lied To Him About The Future Of Technoligical Development & Randall Discusses What Dante Would Give For The Flying Car Randall Forces Dante To Throw The Hat Over The Wall (As They Say).

For A Short Movie This Is Entertaining To All Kevin Smith Fans This Is A Worth Seeing Jason Mewes Plays A Good Dante & Randall Reprises His Role Excellently. It Is Hard To Believe This Was Filmed In A Car park All In All This Is A Well Done This Is 6 Minutes Of Your Life You WOn't Be Disappointed With Rating:10/10

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Vintage Kevin Smith...but now a question???

Author: ColbertNotion from Chattanooga, TN - USA
29 May 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Watching this again from a backup disc I found after several years, I'm now curious about something that was sparked by a few lines of the dialog. In the course of the discussion about "The Flying Car" (2002), Randall goes into absurd length details, as always, about the conditions under which Dante could obtain the car for sharing with all mankind. By the way, I'm only typing all this detail because I'm told I can't comment without making it at least 10 lines long. So Randall mentions the German scientist will hack off Dante's foot with a hacksaw, right? Does this sound at all like the conclusion to "SAW" (2004)? I wonder if Kevin ever thought about this after he, or if he ever, watched SAW? Hmmmm!

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Love It

Author: jfiorent ( from US
11 April 2002

I loved Clerks, and love to see when Dante(Brian O'Halloran) and Randall(Jeff Anderson), and what can I say Kevin Smith is one of the greatest writers around nowadays. It follows the original relationship between Dante & Randall, where Randall can coax Dante into saying anything, then twist it around to make Dante out to be the fool, Highly recommended

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This is one of the greatest shorts ever

Author: Buggy-4 from New York
21 March 2002

Although i missed this soon to be classic from writer/director Kevin Smith (Clerks), I found it on the View Askew homepage. It has everything i loved from the View Askew movies rolled into 7 minutes! Randal and Dante discuss what Dante would give up to own a flying car. The results are very hilarious! The only downside to it, is that it reminds me a lot of the scene in "Clerks" where Randal explains the circumstances surrounding his cousins death. *** out of **** stars. Also check out the shorts "Mae Day: The Crumbling Of A Documentary"(Directed by Kevin Smith) and "Star" (Directed by Guy Ritchie.)

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