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Entertainment Weekly
Confidence may be mannered at times, but its shell-game plot is alive with organic trickery.
Scenes with Burns crackle with the toxic energy that makes Confidence a game worth playing.
San Francisco Chronicle
Ultimately, the con we witness in the movie is almost as beautiful as the con that is the movie -- believable in the moment, too irresistible to question upon reflection and executed with invigorating confidence.
Run the game, bow to the movies that did it better and before, keep the dialogue on the line between hard-boiled and hokey, and throw one last curveball before the lights come up. It's a con in itself, but the reward's in the playing.
New York Daily News
As pulp entertainment, Confidence is great fun and Foley's first good movie since the very different "Glengarry Glen Ross."
Chicago Tribune
You find yourself tricked and having enjoyed the experience after all.
Crafted with flair and style, and without pretension, Confidence achieves the modest goal of being an entertaining cinematic adaptation of a B-movie script with an A-list cast.
Wall Street Journal
Didn't see through it, though I had a rough sense of what was coming, and didn't have all that much fun. I did enjoy the movie's cheerful preoccupation with style.
Even with Burns' smoothest performance yet as a lead, Confidence is on a level with Steven Soderbergh's blah remake of "Ocean's Eleven." But because no one is expecting much, it seems a little better.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Best of all is Hoffman, who hasn't had this much obvious fun since he played Hollywood producer Stanley Motss in "Wag the Dog."
Even as trick movies go, Confidence feels surfacey to a fault.

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