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The Hollywood Reporter
It is a beautifully crafted film with a star-studded cast, directed with a lightness of touch.
A rousing, well-crafted romp packed with ingenuity, duplicity, close calls and heroic gestures, Bon Voyage is true to its title.
The New York Times
Blurs the line between comedy and epic drama so adroitly that the two styles fuse into something quite original: a lyrical farce that pays homage to its period in any number of ways.
The filmmaker's new subject, the German occupation of France, has been treated with the seriousness it deserves in countless movies over the past half-century. This treatment is light and breezy for a change, though not altogether frivolous.
New York Daily News
At times, the giddy tone makes it feel like a musical set on the eve of Pearl Harbor, but the acting is uniformly good and it's an absolutely gorgeous film to watch.
Rolling Stone
It’s sexy, suspenseful fun, and gorgeous-looking to boot.
Unfortunately, a little too much pointless running around coupled with the underdevelopment of several key characters results in a movie that's never more than mildly diverting.
Village Voice
Relies on its considerable star power to conceal its even more considerable lack of substance.
New York Post
Things move so swiftly and confusingly that there's little time to explore any of the people in depth. Less style and more substance is definitely called for.
It's just plain exhausting to watch the admirably game cast members running around like headless chickens in chic period clothes, surrendering their dignity to the task of navigating the plot's frenetic contrivances.

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