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27 Mar. 2002
George's 13 year old daughter Carmen lies about having her period to get out of swimming class. George may have to let his mother, Benny, go at the factory.
3 Apr. 2002
Curious George
George pretends to be Carmen online to find out what's really going to happen at a party she's going to with her first boyfriend.
10 Apr. 2002
Happy Birthdays
George doesn't celebrate his birthday because his mom never threw him a party; in turn, Max doesn't want a birthday party either. Angie feels George's attitude is having an unhealthy impact on Max and is determined to throw George his first birthday party.
17 Apr. 2002
Max's Big Adventure
George thinks that despite Max's school play about stranger danger, that's he not ready to walk to school by himself. But Angie doesn't agree. He attempts to show Max horror films and follows him secretly to school to see if he's prepared.
2 Oct. 2002
Who's Your Daddy?
George runs into his aunt at the store and finds out that Benny has been lying to him for over 30 years and that his father is alive and is living in California.
9 Oct. 2002
Token of Unappreciation
George quickly learns the meaning of company loyalty when his bosses ask him to pitch in on the assembly line and he's offered a job by a competitor with ulterior motives. Meanwhile, Carmen has to choose whether she wants to keep her best friend Toby or be part of the in-crowd.
16 Oct. 2002
The Show Dyslexic
George goes into denial when Max is thought to have dyslexia, and things only get worse when Angie suggests he may have it as well. Meanwhile, Ernie leaves home and moves in with George and Angie and takes on the job of minding his girlfriends kids while she enjoys life.
23 Oct. 2002
Halloween Cheer
As George gets ready for Halloween, Carmen falls into a depression after her best friend, Toby, moves away. After George 'letting Carmen find her own way' doesn't work, Angie gets her on the cheerleader team so she can make new friends.
30 Oct. 2002
The Unnatural
George pushes Max to be better in baseball for his team's upcoming game; but in the process, Max accidentally ruins George's Steve Garvey autographed baseball.
6 Nov. 2002
No Free Launch
Amy, the new PTA secretary, is charged with keeping track of candy sales when the school tries to raise funds so the students can attend a space-shuttle launch in Florida. With Amy's daughter and George's son in the same class, the parents engage in competition for sales among the ranks at the factory. But when Max fails to make the quota, the only thing that is launched is a war of words between George and the adults.
13 Nov. 2002
The Wedding Dance
George and Angie never had a dance at their wedding so Angie prepares to have one now; except to calm her nerves before the dance, she has a few too many drinks and can't remember it the next morning.
20 Nov. 2002
Love Bites
George and Angie worry Carmen's going to have sex with a boy from school after her breasts fill in and she comes home with a hickey.
27 Nov. 2002
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Honey
George thinks he's found his real father when he meets one of Benny's coworkers that she supposedly slept with 35 years ago.
4 Dec. 2002
Angie turns the house upside down when she takes on too many charities.
11 Dec. 2002
Meet the Cuban Parents
When Angie's parents, Vic and Emilina, come to visit the family for Christmas, George thinks they still believe he's not good enough for their daughter. But George shows he can take care of his family without their help and battles it out with Vic for the best Christmas.

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