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Veer Singh is happily living with his parents when he sees visions. On his engagement with Muskaan, some people come and hit him, Veer is weak right now but when the bad guys hit his "father" he gets outta control and does what he did before in a fight when the other bad guys killed his uncle. When he goes back in control he asks question from his parents, his parents have NO words until they tell him the truth that he is not there son. The next day, he packs up and leaves, when he gets off the train a police officer sees him and chases him until he is lost in the crowds, when he opens his wallet someone steals it, he chases him and he gets in a small house and the thief's boss is scared of Veer, he tells the thief to return the wallet, Veer asks him who he is but he runs away, he asks the thief who he is but, he said he didn't know and that he said his boss is afraid of police officers or even BIGGER thief's. When he goes out he hears Azaan and he doesn't know what he is doing but he goes and does VASU and prays to allah, then he finds his brother azaan but before he can tell who he is, SOMEONE shoots him and he gets killed, he is breathing his last breathe and says the words of muslim people say, and dies. Veer sees a painting of his house, but doesn't know it is, when the painter tells him he is shocked, but tells him that way, when he reaches there, his dog, Tisen, comes out and licks him, he thinks that he is trying to bite him, suddenly, he says "STOP IT TISEN!" he stops he asks Tisen a question and he takes him to his room. Suddenly looking at all the pictures he remembers EVERYTHING... Don't wanna spoil the end watch the movie to find out! THIS SYNOPSIS DOES NOT INCLUDE EVERY SINGLE MOVE/DETAIL IN TUMKO NA BHOOL PAAYENGE!


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