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The Princess Blade opens with one of the most note-perfect action sequences ever committed to film.
It's all story, character and dazzling martial arts violence, as orchestrated by fight choreographer Donnie Yen at breakneck speed.
The Hollywood Reporter
Original and thrilling martial-arts choreography, a lean, hard-driving story and solemn atmosphere make The Princess Blade -- a futuristic tale -- stand way above the pack.
The New York Times
Not quite good enough to jump out of the pack of Asian swordplay movies but is too well crafted to sink into utter anonymity.
With its stylized, near-surreal comic-book look and roots, The Princess Blade has all the makings of a cult film.
Adventurous viewers will find this unusual genre hybrid an intriguing experience, and Donnie Yen's fight choreography is breathtaking.
Yumiko Shaku as Yuki is small, beautiful, and stunningly sexy while she plies her deadly skill like a dancer. Her self-assured poise and large expressive eyes say everything that the minimal dialogue doesn't.
Yuki's streamlined revenge story (the furious, elegant choreography is by HK maestro Donnie Yen) has in its modest dimensions a surprising grace.
This is a movie about excess. It's excessively long (at least it feels that way), the slo-mo is used in excess (so are the swords), and our heroine, Yuki (Yumiko Shaku), when she does emote, is excessively weepy for a coldblooded assassin.
New York Post
Can't decide if it's a martial-arts thriller or a sappy soap opera.

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