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Home made music video by Douglas Adams
The_Duke_of_Dunstable3 April 2002
In November 1999 Apple brought together a bunch of people under its AppleMaster program and taught them to use their new digital video editing stuff – the new iMac DV with Firewire ports and bundled iMovie software. Among them were Douglas Adams, Gregory Hines and Michael Nesmith.

"Rockstar" was filmed partly in Douglas Adams home in Santa Barbara, and partly at the Santa Barbara Zoo. It features his daughter Polly miming to a song performed by Douglas friend Margo Buchanan, who also wrote the song with Miles Waters and her husband Wix. Guitarist on the track is Robbie McIntosh.

The segment with John Cleese was filmed in the Apple building lounge.
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Ordinary home video but very nice song.
The_Duke_of_Dunstable5 April 2002
Basically a home video shot by a loving father featuring his daughter miming to a song. The video was made by Douglas to demonstrate what you can do with the new stuff from Apple. His friend Margo Buchanan sang the song, which is excellent, catching and, in the light of Douglas' death only a year later, a bit sad. Cool touch by Douglas, also, to have John Cleese in it as well, but he doesn't do anything funny. Unless you consider John's huge beer belly funny.

All in all, a nice home video with an excellent song.

You will need QuickTime to see it.
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Music video or home video?
Warning: Spoilers
"Rockstar" is a 3.5-minute music video from over 15 years ago written and directed by famous writer Douglas Adams only shortly before his untimely death. The rock star is played by his daughter Polly Jane and John Cleese has a small cameo as well. But apart from the cast and man who made this movie, there is nothing too special about it. The song is okay at best, mildly catchy, and a bit too generic a pop song for my taste, has basically nothing to do with rock music other than the title. The video looks amateurish for the most part and I cannot appreciate it, even if these looks were possibly intended as a creative decision. So yeah, overall only worth checking out for the very biggest Douglas Adams fans. I give it a thumbs down.
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