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Entertainment Weekly
From what we can tell, Brown was a dancer, all right, in life as well as on the field -- a dancer with a powerful forearm, one that Lee covers in protective padding.
New York Daily News
We never really learn what Lee thinks of this man, other than that he is worth every second of a 130-minute documentary.
At its most provocative, the movie explores the masculine mystique and the myth of the black stud.
Though overall an overwhelmingly positive portrayal, the film doesn't ignore the more problematic aspects of Brown's life.
Village Voice
Since Lee is a sentimentalist, the film is more worshipful than your random "E! True Hollywood Story."
A model of cohesion and clarity as long as it's dealing with Brown's exemplary public achievements. However, pic quickly becomes mired in tedium and confusion when it turns to Brown's scandal-ridden private life.
New York Post
Lee gives his childhood hero altogether too much face time to defend himself against the numerous allegations and charges of assault, both physical and sexual.

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