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Amanda Peet Bio: In Her Own Words – Video Exclusive, News, Photos

Amanda Peet (born January 11, 1972; age: 45) is an American actress and writer. Her role in the 2000 comedy film The Whole Nine Yards brought her wide recognition. She then went on to play secondary roles in the films Saving Silverman (2001), Something’s Gotta Give (2003), Identity (2003), Syriana (2005), The Ex (2006), The X-Files: I Want to Believe (2008) and 2012 (2009). Peet has also appeared in the 1999 […]

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The Last Word on ‘Split’

(Growls under breath.) Excuse me, for a minute think about ‘Split’.

(Gets up walks out of room. Loud banding of wall continues and correlates as the next words are heard offscreen, being screamed)

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!, Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! (long breath) Stupid!

(Lots of deep breaths, water running being heard from another room for a few moments.It’s then stopped shortly before David walks back out with a handtowel drying off bloody and cut hands, holding his wrist tightly but softly as he prepares to retake his position behind the keyboard. Deep breath!)

Okay, I’ll give him this, at least, technically that wasn’t a post-credits scene. (Sigh) That was still stupid though.

Before I begin,
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Blood Money Starring John Cusack Arrives on Blu-ray December 19th

The intense nail-biting thriller starring Golden Globe nominee John Cusack (Best Actor, High Fidelity, 2000) and Ellar Coltrane, Blood Money, arrives on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital), DVD, and Digital, December 19 from Lionsgate. The film is currently available On Demand. A modern retelling of the 1948 action film Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Blood Money stars Cusack as a dangerous criminal who will stop at nothing to retrieve his money after a robbery gone wrong. From award-winning cult director Lucky McKee (May, “Masters of Horror”), and written by Jared Butler and Lars Norberg, the Blood Money Blu-ray and DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $21.99 and $19.98, respectively.

Three friends on a wilderness excursion stumble upon bags of money and suddenly must outrun a white collar criminal (John Cusack) hell-bent on retrieving his fortune. Soon, greed and mistrust turns the friends against each other as they wage a desperate fight for survival.
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September 26th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include The Devil’S Candy, 47 Meters Down, It Stains The Sands Red

  • DailyDead
As we inch our way closer to the holiest of months, October, this final Tuesday of September boasts an eclectic array of genre-related home entertainment releases, including several great movies I fell in love with earlier this year: The Devil’s Candy, It Stains the Sands Red, and 47 Meters Down. For you cult cinema fans out there, it’s going to be a busy week for your wallet, as we have an array of horror and sci-fi titles heading home, including the SteelBook edition of Bride of Re-Animator, the director’s cut of Cannibal Ferox, Lucio Fulci’s The Devil’s Honey, as well as Orgy of the Dead and Psychos in Love from Vinegar Syndrome.

Other notable releases for Tuesday, September 26th include After Midnight, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (in 4K), A Quiet Place in the Country, The Stake Land Collection, John Carpenter’s Escape from L.A. on Blu-ray,
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Horror Highlights: Spooker-Roo Spectacular at the Pike Drive-In Theatre, The Devil’S Candy Blu-ray, Realive, The Lodgers

The Pike Drive-In Theater in Montgomery, Pa, has an upcoming double feature that will leave horror fans squirming with antici... pation, as they will host back-to-back screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead this September. In addition to more details on that event, we also have The Devil's Candy Blu-ray, the Realive trailer, and key art and stills from The Lodgers in today's Horror Highlights.

Spookerroo Spectacular Returns to the Pike Drive-in Theater: Press Release: "The Pike Drive-in Theater in Montgomery, Pa is bringing a unique screening of two of among the most popular, retro horror classics of all time Friday and Saturday Night Sept. 15 and 16, 2017.

The double feature playing each night will be The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), the cult horror comedy musical and long-time midnight screening perennial at indoor theaters, and the original (1978) Dawn of the Dead, the zombies-invade-a-shopping-mall
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Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Grey's, Once, Lethal Weapon, Supergirl, The Night Shift, NCIS and More

Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Arrow, Grey's, Once, Lethal Weapon, Supergirl, The Night Shift, NCIS and More
Is Arrow‘s Felicity going into business? What drama is Grey’s Anatomy prescribing for Jo? What can Rumbelle fans expect from Once Upon a Time‘s “reset”? Is Criminal Minds‘ Reid a changed man? Read on for answers to those questions plus teases from other shows.

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There has been a lot of hinting and build-up to Arrow‘s Felicity starting up her own company, Smoak Tech. Are there plans for this in Season 6? —Aurora

“That was something we wanted to do last year, and then we got sort of seduced by the Helix storyline,
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John Cusack Joins Independent Thriller Broken Ridge

John Cusack has been tapped to star in Broken Ridge, an Indy crime thriller directed by Lucky McKee. explains the plot of the film which sounds very similar to season 1 of HBO's True Detective series: 

"The story is set in the Great Smoky Mountains and follows two brothers who investigate a series of murders."

Cusack has worked with director McKee before in another thriller called Misfortune, a film that is currently in post production. The movie will begin shooting in Alabama this summer.

John Cusack may be best known for his iconic roles from the 1980s, but he has many played important roles in the thriller genre. One my favorites being in 2003's Identity. What are some of your favorite John Cusack movies?
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30 Things We Learned from James Mangold’s ‘3:10 to Yuma’ Commentary

“No one, and I mean no one wanted to make this movie.”

James Mangold delivered one of this year’s best films with Logan, and among its many acclaimed aspects is its vibe and feel of a modern-day western. It’s something he’s done before with Cop Land, but Mangold also made a point of directing an actual western as well.

Keep reading to see what I heard on the commentary track for…

3:10 to Yuma (2007)

Commentator: James Mangold (director)

1. He assumes the first question we might have for him regarding this film is “why” make a remake at all? “That original film had had such power on me ever since I saw it when I was seventeen years old, and I felt that the story could have power again in a very relevant way now.”

2. While he thinks most remakes are motivated by greed in his eyes for easy, recognizable
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The Predator Adds Jake Busey In A Mysterious Role

Though Arnold Schwarzenegger sadly won’t return to engage his old extraterrestrial nemesis in battle again in The Predator, director Shane Black has assembled an impressive cast of potential victims to take his place. The likes of Thomas Jane (The Punisher), Keegan Michael-Key (Keanu), Boyd Holbrook (Logan), Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) and Yvonne Strahovski (Dexter) are already in the firing line, and now we can add one more to the list.

The movie has been shooting for a couple of weeks already, so we figured the cast was all filled out, but now Deadline reports that Jake Busey has signed on to join the fun. Though he’s never been a very prolific actor, Busey has had memorable turns in the likes of From Dusk Till Dawn (the series), The Frighteners, Starship Troopers and Identity.

No details on his role were provided, but he has made a career
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The Predator Adds Jake Busey to the Cast

His father fought one of the galaxy's greatest hunters in Predator 2, and it now looks like Jake Busey could do the same, as the actor has reportedly joined the cast of Shane Black's The Predator.

Deadline reports that Jake Busey is now on board The Predator, which recently began filming in Canada. Busey's role is unknown at this time, but we'll keep Daily Dead readers updated as more details are revealed.

Jake joins a cast that includes Alfie Allen, Keegan-Michael Key, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Yvonne Strahovski, Sterling K. Brown, and Olivia Munn. Director Shane Black shared a photo of some of the core cast, following his initial cast image reveal on the first day of filming.

Horror fans have recently seen Jake Busey (Starship Troopers, Identity) portray Professor Aiden Tanner, aka Sex Machine (see above image), on El Rey Network's From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.
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Horror Highlights: Blood & Gourd, Havenhurst Q&A, Blind Sun, MST3K Vol. 38 DVD, Arbor Demon, Plaga Zombie: American Invasion

Comic readers who are fans of Blood & Gourd can now download the first two issues of the series on ComiXology. Also in today's Highlights: a Q&A with Havenhurst director Andrew C. Erin, a clip and a trailer for Blind Sun, Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 38 DVD release details, Arbor Demon acquisition info, and the trailer for Plaga Zombie: American Invasion.

Blood & Gourd Comixology Digital Download Details: The first two issues of Blood & Gourd are now available as digital downloads on ComiXology! If you prefer to collect your comics in physical form, you can limited print copies at


Q&A with Havenhurst Director Andrew C. Erin: From the Press Release: "Brainstorm Media and Twisted Pictures have announced the February 10th limited theatrical and nationwide Cable VOD and Digital HD release of Andrew C. Erin's Havenhurst. Co-written by Erin (Sam's Lake, Simple Things) and Daniel Farrands (Amityville: The Awakening,
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‘La La Land’ Scores Three Hollywood Music in Media Nominations

‘La La Land’ Scores Three Hollywood Music in Media Nominations
La La Land” has scored a leading three nominations for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards for Justin Hurwitz’ score and two songs performed by stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Stone, who plays an actress in the film, performed “Audition,” written by Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Gosling performed “City of Stars,” also written by Hurwitz, Pasek and Paul.

Other nominees for the Original Score award are Dustin O’Halloran and Hauschka for “Lion”; Henry Jackman for “Birth of a Nation”; Mica Levi for “Jackie”; Nicholas Britell for “Moonlight”; and Rupert Gregson-Williams for “Hacksaw Ridge.”

The other four nominees for Original Song are “Dancing with Your Shadow” for “Po,” written by Burt Bacharach, performed by Sheryl Crow; “Down With Mary” for “Too Late,” written & performed by John Hawkes; “Rules Don’t Apply” for “Rules Don’t Apply, written by Eddie Adkins and Lorraine Feather, performed by Lily Collins
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Val Kilmer: examining his recent straight-to-dvd movies

Kirsten Howard Sep 13, 2016

We examine the recent Val Kilmer movies, that happened to have bypasses cinemas...

Once upon a time, Val Kilmer’s individual look - defined by a little Swedish blood from his mother’s side - had hearts pumping. Those looks, along with his arrogant, edgy attitude and acting style, helped him clinch plenty of complimentary roles during the 80s and early-90s. Films like Top Secret, Top Gun, Willow and my personal favourite Real Genius were pushing him toward a stellar career back then, and his star was steadily rising.

See also: a closer look at what may be Val Kilmer's weirdest film

But Kilmer came down from a serious high of Heat and Tombstone in the mid-90s when he signed on to the notorious clusterfuck that was The Island Of Dr. Moreau, and only recently has the part he played in its disastrous production come to light.
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‘Curse of Chucky’s’ Fiona Dourif Stars in ‘Enclosure’ (FrightFest)

‘Curse of Chucky’s’ Fiona Dourif Stars in ‘Enclosure’ (FrightFest)
We already shared some images from the creature feature, Enclosure, which stars Fiona Dourif (Curse of Chucky), Jake Busey (Identity), and Kevin Ryan (“Copper”). Now, we have a new batch of images from the Patrick Rea-directed pic that’s set to premiere at the UK FrightFest in London this coming August. “A couple’s romantic camping trip is cut […]
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John Cusack: examining his recent straight-to-dvd movies




John Cusack has made 17 films in four years. We've found the ones that have gone all-but straight to DVD and watched them...

John Cusack is a bit of a Hollywood oddity. There’s no pattern to the type of movie he will choose to do, so he’s always kept us on our toes. Sure, he’ll make a dumb action movie, but that will often afford him the chance to make a few smaller gambles later on. Up until the last few years he’s played the system very well, but recently his ethic appears to have, um, waned? A little?

Since the heady days of Say Anything and Sixteen Candles he’s come to represent a sort of slightly weird-looking, awkwardly charming, offbeat everyman that men aged 18-49 can look at and go 'me'” - which is fine. There’s a place for that, as
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Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Cruella Gets Cozy With David, Er, 'James'

Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: Cruella Gets Cozy With David, Er, 'James'
Remember how in Once Upon a Time‘s Season 5B premiere, Snow White unwittingly found herself on the receiving end of a liplock with David’s twin? Well, the tables are turned this Sunday, when Cruella is on the prowl for her Underworld boy toy.

RelatedOnce Upon a Time Recap: The Second-Born Identity

In the sneak peek below, David and Snow and rummaging through his not-so-dearly departed brother’s desk at the “Underbrooke” sheriff’s office when Cruella comes a-calling, champagne glasses in hand and itching to pop a cork. Can David pass himself off as his dastardly doppelganger?

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Listen To Composer Alan Silvestri’s Score For The Walk

An impossible, but true story, the new film from Robert Zemeckis, The Walk is a live-action, PG-rated entertainment for all audiences, ages 8 to 80. A love letter to the World Trade Center, the film is a 3D and IMAX visual experience, unlike anything audiences have seen.

On August 7, 1974 – the day before Richard Nixon announced he would be resigning from office – Philippe Petit, a French aerialist, surprised the city of New York with a high-wire walk between the towers of the almost-completed and partially occupied World Trade Center. Passersby without a moment to spare stopped in their tracks and looked up. They saw the impossible: a man dancing high in the sky, seemingly in the thin air.

Now, forty years later, Zemeckis – one of cinema’s most accomplished filmmakers at integrating technology in the service of emotional storytelling – is putting moviegoers in Petit’s shoes. The Walk, an epic, big-screen cinematic spectacle,
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Paula Patton Makes Leap To Television For ABC’s Runner

Yet another Hollywood star has been seduced by the creative freedoms of the small screen. Precious actress Paula Patton, who broke big with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, just signed on to star in ABC’s drug cartel drama pilot Runner, multiple sources confirm.

Adapted from the Turkish TV series Son, Runner will center on Lauren Marks (Patton), a seemingly ordinary woman who, after having her happy family shattered, follows a trail of lies into the shadowy world of cartels and gun-running between the U.S. and Mexico.

Lauren is described as “an architect, a caring wife and mother living peacefully with her husband, Adam, and their son, Jackson. ” When a plane Adam was on crashes, killing everyone on board, Lauren is distraught – until she learns that her husband never boarded the plane. Determined to discover the truth and find out what her husband has been hiding from her, Lauren winds
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‘Transparent,’ ‘The Imitation Game,’ ‘Dear White People’ Among GLAAD Media Award Nominees

  • The Wrap
‘Transparent,’ ‘The Imitation Game,’ ‘Dear White People’ Among GLAAD Media Award Nominees
52 comedy series and 83 drama series with regular portrayal of Lgbt characters were considered this year, as opposed to 2005, when GLAAD could only...

Amazon Studios’ Golden Globe winner “Transparent” joins Oscar nominee “The Imitation Game” and indie comedy “Dear White People” as nominees for the 26th annual GLAAD Media Awards announced on Wednesday.

Other nominees in the film and television categories include ABC’s “How to Get Away with Murder,” HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” “Looking” and “The Normal Heart,” while “Pride,” a Golden Globe nominated movie, is also nominated with John Lithgow and Alfred Molina drama “Love Is Strange.”

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Obsessed with Pop Culture: Best of the Week

Departure Day: When it comes to TV, is closure important?

If you happen to follow a decent number of TV critics on Twitter, you may have noticed a minor eruption of late. A schism has emerged, prompted by accounts like The Cancellation Bear, which concerns itself solely with the topic of whether or not series are likely to survive based on current ratings patterns. That may sound perfectly innocent on its own, but quite a few admirers have expressed the notion that they refuse to dive into a series if they get the sense that it will come to a premature end, thereby robbing them of closure. This idea has, naturally, left many critics incensed: isn’t TV a medium founded on chaos, on the thrill of working within limitations and at the whims of fickle audiences? Moreover, isn’t it silly to always want tidy resolution in the context
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