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Chicago Reader
Managed to pull the rug out from under me about three-quarters of the way through, and I still hadn't found my feet when the credits rolled.
L.A. Weekly
Cooney's achingly clever script has more up its sleeve than just Agatha Christie -- he also evokes "Psycho," "The Sixth Sense," "Poltergeist" and "The Omen" -- and the final third dishes up a twist that isn't just surprising, it's revealing
Fine escapist fare with a saving sense of humor and an underlying premise that, when revealed, proves to be arguably plausible even if a reach.
Cusack is especially good in a role that's got more (and less) going on under the surface, while Peet offers up another coltish, trash-mouthed vamp.
Chicago Tribune
A slick, bloody thriller, but it's also, to its credit, a genuine whodunit.
New York Daily News
A fascinating movie that, if you are able to make the leap it asks of you at about the three-quarter mark, will give you something to think and talk about for days. One thing is certain: It isn't predictable.
The hardest work falls to Cusack, a subtle actor with a valuable gift for conveying the sadness and loneliness beneath the skin of even the most jaded and self-contained men-about-town.
Portland Oregonian
It's gory, it's bleak, it's shamelessly tricky -- and it's also a good deal more fun than it had any right to be.
Some fancy footwork in the writing and directing can't disguise the hoary "Ten Little Indians" origins of Identity.
The puzzle pieces are all there. But when you put them all together, the result is a bit of a gyp — neat but utterly forgettable.

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