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Good program!
Movie Nuttball4 October 2004
This show is really a great show in My opinion. It shows reenactments and the real thing. Its on the Discovery Channel every week. Some of the cases are graphic because these things really happened and are not made up. I would not recommend a young child to watch this program without the guidance of a parent. The show gives the viewer the knowledge of how the F.B.I., Detectives, and Police Officers do their work that is not as easy as you would think. The show is an excellent program to watch for people who love to see real crimes getting solved and killers getting jailed. If you like to see real crimes getting solved then I strongly recommend that you check out the Discovery Channel and watch this show today!
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Awesome show!
racecarguy21 December 2008
The show is great! In my opinion, it's a lot better than CSI, because it isn't as explicit as CSI is. It shows crimes that we haven't heard of from the past. It can be a little scary for little children to watch, because when they go over the sentencing for the criminals or fugitives, it shows the photos of the people that committed a crime. Most of my friends wished the show wouldn't be canceled in 2006. But the New Detectives is a lot like FBI Files, and it is still on the road. Watching crime shows is interesting and cool, but can show graphic and explicit scenes that can be offensive for children under 13.
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true crime buffs will like it
disdressed1220 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
this documentary type series features 52 minute episodes of crimes committed in the past(usually one crime per episode)in which the FBI and local law enforcement cooperate to solve of the crimes are reenacted with actors.throughout the episode a narrator describes the events.real people who were involved in the original investigation are also interviewed in present day and recount their experience with the particular incident.the series is gripping and fast paced,but can be very morbid,as sometimes the particulars of the crimes are fairly well detailed.there isn't always a happy ending,either.if you're a true crime buff and you haven't seen this show i encourage you to check it North America,The 1st season is out on DVD,and the 2nd and 3rd have been announced for vote for The F:B:I: Files is a strong 8/10
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Good and wonderful recounts of actual real life crime cases.
Danny Blankenship22 August 2017
For years I've watched episodes of "The FBI Files" and still catch some reruns from time to time on digital TV. And it was such a real series that had footage and actual recounted act outs of real life crimes that occurred. You name it from well known murders like serial killings, bank robberies, kidnapping and abduction cases, and cases that involved murder sprees and organized crimes with the mafia. The series was so informative and entertaining and most of the cases closed out with justice as many of the cases featured were solved or ended with justice and criminals being caught. Also featured were actual interviews with victims and FBI agents and many episodes gave a behind the scenes look at the investigations. Overall good series if you enjoy a series about real life crimes.
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fantastic fiction
taffy199 January 2006
great show, pity it leaves out the evidence that doesn't support their story. Also very misleading, it shows pictures of the "crime scene" however they too are reenactments and incorrect ones at that It has the potential to be a halfway decent show if it was done with an unbiased view. They seemed to bend the "evidence" to suit their story and that the officials want to see. What wasn't mentioned was that the case shown has had the sentence overturned and is also being retried, due to new evidence (old evidence that had been reassessed) and makes it impossible for the crime to happen the way it was outlined. If they pick up their standard and look at cases from a neutral view it could be a passable show
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