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Season 5

15 Oct. 2002
The Price of Greed
In September 1997, a team of masked gunmen robbed an armored car facility in Los Angeles and made off with nearly $19 million, the largest cash heist in U.S. history. FBI agents began conducting surveillance on a former employee of the facility. With only one piece of physical evidence - a fragment of a vehicle taillight - they hoped to connect him to the crime and find his collaborators.
15 Oct. 2002
Without Mercy
In Richmond, Virginia, two masked men who were robbing a bank escaped after opening fire on officers responding to the call. When the FBI arrived, agents found one bank teller dead, another wounded; the bank's security guard had been shot four times, yet was still alive.
15 Oct. 2002
Dead Run
A couple suspected of killing a Pennsylvania man flee cross country, leaving a trail of stolen checks. The FBI joins the pursuit when a woman is abducted in North Dakota. The pair is finally caught in Arizona after a high speed chase.
15 Oct. 2002
Brutal Abduction
An innocent Milwaukee teen was kidnapped by four gunmen who demanded $30,000 from his family to guarantee his safe return. The victim's family contacted police and the FBI was brought in to help retrieve the boy and bring the violent kidnappers to justice.
15 Oct. 2002
Radical Agenda
In December 1981, a New Jersey State Trooper was shot to death on the side of Interstate 80. Fingerprints on the suspect's vehicle pointed to a fugitive wanted on bank robbery charges.
10 Dec. 2002
Home Invaders
On June 19, 1985, convicted bank robber Terry Conner and his partner-in-crime, Joseph Dougherty, escaped on their way to Dougherty's trial. In September, the fugitives used Conner's old m.o. to make the biggest bank robbery in Wisconsin history.
10 Dec. 2002
Brotherhood of Hate
093. Brotherhood of Hate After an Arkansas State Trooper is shot and killed officers catch the shooter, after a car chase and shootout. ATF is alerted when officers find weapons and explosives in the man's vehicle. Testing of the weapons leads them to three men who are all members of The Covenant, the Sword and the Arm of the Lord (CSA), a racist, anti-Semitic paramilitary group residing in a fortified compound with stockpiles of weapons in Arkansas. The FBI and ATF surround the compound, but the members resist them for several days. Finally, the standoff is ended and...
Flight from Justice: The Story of D.B. Cooper
35,000 feet above the Pacific Northwest, 1971: D.B. Cooper hijacks a Boeing 727, receives $200K in-flight and parachutes out. Normally, parachuting at that altitude can be fatal, but this shows how he might have done it.
Tracks of a Killer
An FBI task force conducts an international manhunt to find a Mexican serial killer.
5 Feb. 2003
Caught in the Act
In July 1996, two men entered a pawnshop in Birmingham, Alabama, and callously murdered the employees. Unbeknownst to the killers, a video surveillance camera recorded the incident. The FBI released images of the crime to the media and agents were quickly able to identify the perpetrators. Now authorities had to find two cold-blooded killers who knew that they were being pursued.
5 Feb. 2003
The Killing Zone
In the late 1980s, an illegal drug operation opened its doors in Washington, DC. Vincent Hill ran his drug organization with an iron fist that included intimidation and murder. Life in SW Washington became more violent for everyone, gang member or not.
4 Feb. 2003
Killer Instinct
In 1992, a Washington, DC professor was shot and killed as she tried to get into her car, the latest incident in a series of violent carjackings. One week later, a man robbed a bank and security cameras captured the same vehicle as the getaway car.
19 Feb. 2003
In Pursuit
A fugitive drug dealer engaged in a shootout with Nebraska state troopers and evaded capture after a high-speed chase. Authorities immediately set up a statewide manhunt, connecting the fugitive to a murder in the western part of the state. A chance sighting led FBI agents to another confrontation with the killer, who was now more determined than ever to escape the law.
19 Feb. 2003
Deadly Takeover
In 2000, the FBI was overwhelmed with investigations in Seattle, which had the third-highest number of bank robberies in the nation. Agents focused on a series of robberies in which two heavily armed men seemed to know where the banks stored their money.
25 Feb. 2003
High Stakes
After abducting and assaulting a girl at a bus stop, Maghfoor Mansoor was on the run from police and the FBI. From Vegas to Atlantic City, Mansoor left a trail of theft and violence until he was cornered in a hotel lobby.
25 Feb. 2003
The Perfect Heist
A bank vault was blasted into from the ceiling, and over $2 million in valuables was missing. Agents were able to track down one of the robbers' friends and attempted to use him as bait to reel in the crooks.
18 Mar. 2003
Massachusetts, 1987: Boston Police Department officer Roy Joseph Sergei is murdered by professional bank robber Ted Otsuki. The result is a joint FBI-BPD -Mexican Federal Police manhunt.
15 Apr. 2003
Cruel Revenge
In August 1984, the son of a successful real estate developer was kidnapped in Miami. After the father received a $3 million ransom demand from a self-proclaimed terrorist, the FBI became involved and agents began to suspect a pair of Colombian nationals with a known grudge against the businessman's family.
6 May 2003
Held Hostage
Three Black men take Amy Shaw's family hostage at her parents SC home. Jeburk forces Amy to return to the bank were she worked in GA and break into the vault.
27 May 2003
Dark Woods
A kidnapper calls the victim's family.
17 Jun. 2003
The Initiation
Three men murder a innocent man as part of an initiation into a Cleveland Ohio biker gang.
1 Jul. 2003
Domestic Terror
Domestic terrorism is an especially vivid threat to Americans; the FBI has created specialized teams to root out and dismantle terrorist operations, and put away those criminals whose secretive, leaderless cells are well armed and very dangerous.
5 Aug. 2003
Death Pact
After a string of bank robberies in Illinois turned deadly, Chicago police and the FBI began to suspect that a law enforcement officer was responsible for the crimes. With the holdups becoming increasingly violent, authorities set out to capture the dangerous killer and prove that even the police must face justice.
12 Aug. 2003
Broken Trust
Brothers' greed causes them to abandon all respect for human life.
2 Sep. 2003
Fatal Friendship
In August 1992, a man returned to his Memphis home and discovered that his wife was missing. The husband, his friends, family and neighbors began to receive ransom calls. Authorities noticed that one neighbor seemed to have a rapport with the kidnapper and began to question his level of involvement, knowing that he could be their only link to the missing woman.
4 Nov. 2003
Criminal Enterprise
An anonymous tip links the kidnapping of a jeweler with a bank robbery two months earlier.
11 Nov. 2003
Fateful Crossing
In January 1984, a U.S. Customs officer disappeared from his post near the Del Rio, Texas border crossing, prompting local police to search for four Latin American suspects. The following day, the official was found dead. Local police and the FBI continued searching for the suspects, prepared for a confrontation with desperate criminals.
2 Dec. 2003
Deadly Influence
A marine salvager found the bodies of three drug dealers floating in a river. FBI agents suspected that a group of cops might be involved in illegal drug busts.

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