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Episode dated 23 November 2003 3.4 5
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11.34  Funny Girls
12.2  Dick Tracy
12.6  The Other Man
12.8  Live or Let Die
12.18  Who's Minding the Children?
12.23  Hot Lips
12.24  Turtlemania
12.25  The Beauty Kings
12.35  Angel at Large
12.37  The Family Way
12.39  Young Turks
13.3  Family Ties
13.4  Bundle of Trouble
13.6  White Mischief
13.13  Inside the IRA
13.14  Lette Loose
13.21  A King's Ransom
13.23  King Hit
13.34  From Russia with Love
13.35  Classic Punk
13.36  The Deer Hunters
14.2  The Crunch
14.9  Aussie Invasion
14.12  Cool Hand Luc
14.13  Cash for Trash
14.17  Pumping Steroids
15.21  No Place Like Home
15.28  Hooked on Danger
15.36  MenOpause
16.3  Gone Fishin
16.5  Richo's Shame
16.18  Dangerous When Wet
16.25  Out of Step
16.27  Hell on Wheels
16.30  The Forgotten Ape
16.34  Treasure Islands
16.36  The Pits
16.41  The Big Dry
17.3  The Rules of Love
17.7  The Golden Girls
17.8  Pulling the Plug
28.1  Hollywood or Bust
29.1  On Thin Ice/The Memory Pill/Love Her Way
29.2  High Jinks/The Venom Hunters/The Dame
32.1  Closing the Net/Journey of Hope/Sex Bomb/Two Men & Two Babies
32.2  Doomed/The Contender/Oh, Mr Darcy!/Brave Heart
32.3  Lounge Room Safari/Save Me/Vicious Cycle
32.4  Poisoned/The Tunnel Rats/Mark of a Champion/Save Me Update
32.5  The Great Flood/The Big Bang/Beyonce(CBS)/Mystery of Fromelles Update
32.6  The Baby Makers/Return to Eden/The Last Muster
32.7  Their Finest Hour/Living the Dream/The Lost Children
32.8  Queen of the Cross/After the Gold Rush/The Last Hurrah/Closing the Net Update
32.9  Fire in the Sly/The Great Flag Debate/Mr Extreme/Growing Pains
32.10  The Virus Hunters/Taking the Plunge/Return of the Wog Boys
32.11  Jessica's Excellent Adventure/The Trouble with Harry/Undermind
32.12  Veil of Suspicion/The Love Lab/Seeing Red
32.13  After the Crash/Going to Pot/Talking to the Elephants(CBS)
32.14  The Front Line/Reckless/Tracking a Killer
32.15  Cup of Dreams/Children of the Night/The Poison Tide
32.16  Prime Suspect/Baby Beauty Queens/The Trouble with Kevin
32.17  Breaking Point/The Vanishing/It's My Life
32.18  A Matter of Justice/To Infinity... And Beyond/Beyond Redemption
32.19  The Crimes of Comrade Duch/Daddy's Boy/Boomers Go Bust/Breaking the Curse
32.20  Game On/Saving Sam/Getting Tough
32.21  The Great Debate/The Verdict/The Hidden Killer/Air Heads
32.22  Avalanche!/The Deepest Cut/Supersonic
32.23  A Brave Face/Hell and High Water/The Front Line
32.24  Latham at Large/A Real Fighter/Mum's the Word
32.25  In the Balance/The Bionic Vet/Swept Away/Heading for Trouble
32.26  Madness on the Motorway/The Beauty Trap/The King of Comedy
32.27  The Power of Love/Firepower/A Glorious Disaster
32.28  Amy's Story/Ozzy Comes Clean/Entombed!
32.29  Race Against Time/Out and Proud/Rolling the World
32.30  Enslaved!/The Ultimate Bypass/From Darwin... To the World
32.31  Damien's War/The Mark of Caine/Under Fire
32.32  The Cruel Sea/Hail Mary!/In the Flesh
32.33  Natural Born Killers/Open Hearts/Wild Rivers
32.34  Charmaine's Dark Secret/The Dannii Factor/The Battle Within
32.35  Charlotte's Web/Derryn's Final Deadline/A Model Life/In Top Gear(CBS)
32.36  Journey of Hope/Madness on the Motorway/Passage to India/Ozzy Comes Clean
32.37  Damien's War/Dying for a Tan/Freaking Out/U2
32.38  Avalanche!/The Pirate Coast/Pest Busters/Living the Dream
32.39  A Real Fighter/Mum's the Word/Mean Streets/Stoned
32.40  The Poison Tide/No Limbs, No Limits/Graduates of Hell/Dirty Deeds
32.41  The Great Flood/Cruise Control/Fatal Attraction/Baby Beauty Queens
32.42  Jassica's Excellent Adventure/The Bear Man/Mobutu/Tales of Hoffman
33.1  Captain Fantastic/Torn Apart/Enemy of State(CBS)/Egypt Revolution
33.2  The Zarah Baker Mystery/Faith, Love and Happiness/The Gift
33.3  A Mother's Burden/Going Gaga/From the Rules/Libya's Gaddafi
33.4  Breaking the Code/Little Miracles/Oh, Mr Sheen!
33.5  Shock Wave/Wiped Clean/The Beauty Factory
33.6  The Great Divide/Eye Spy(CBS)/Meltdown
33.7  Inconceivable/Jen's Fairytale/Goddafi's Last Stand
33.8  Croc Attack/Bieber Fever/Second Chance
33.9  Wedding of the Century/Lord of the Web(CBS)/A Deadly Secret
33.10  High and Dry/Battle of the Bulge/Troubled Waters
33.11  Fred's Vision/Sleeping with the Enemy/Nuclear Time Bomb
33.12  A Helping Hand/The Fairytale Begins/Call of the Wild
33.13  Violated(CBS)/Osama's Deadly Legacy/Queens of the Kitchen
33.14  The Inside Story/Top of the Class/Dangerous Liaisons/Harbour Bridge Protestor
33.15  Broken Hearts/Pure Hate/Without a Trace
33.16  In Too Deep/The Last Stand/The Long Island Ripper
33.17  Twister!/Reasonable Doubt/The Toxic Truth
33.18  The First Bloke/Getting the Point/New Tricks
33.19  A Special Breed/Fallout!/Running Strong
33.20  One Click from Disaster/New Hope/Frozen Fortunes
33.21  A Mother's Heartache/Fighting Back/Everyday Superheroes
33.22  Death Defying/Damned/The Final Chapter
33.23  A Stolen Life/Little Miracles/Bad News
33.24  The Bride Business/Saving Derryn/Descent Into Hell
33.25  The Late Bloomers/Doing It Tough/Never a Dull Moment
33.26  The Big Squeeze/Making Strides/Channel Fever
33.27  Seeing Red/Anarchy in the UK/Jeff's Wake-up Call
33.28  Wasted!/The Retail Revolution/Party Politics
33.29  Total Recall/Remembering 9/11/Taming Tyson
33.30  The Missing Years/The Shark Man(CBS)/Hell on Earth
33.31  Race for Survival/School of Hard Knocks/Sexual Evolution
33.32  The Awakening/Haunted/Drama Queen
33.33  All of Me/The Butcher of Bosnia/The Pursuit of Happiness
33.34  Doctor Death/The Sea Gypsies/Let the Games Begin/The Deepest Cut Update
33.35  A New Shot at Life/Remote Control Warriors(CBS)/Talk to the Animals
33.36  The Deadliest Catch/Bak to Life(CBS)/The Television Revolution
33.37  The Love Trap/Cliffhanger(CBS)/Thinking Positive/Qantas Crisis
33.38  A New Shot at Life/The Empty Nesters/Dame Helen/Time Bomb
33.39  High Stakes/Being Brad/Bombs Away
33.40  Trouble in Paradise/Cyber War/The Guru Busters
33.41  Broken Hearts/Eminem(CBS)/Frozen Fortunes
33.42  Damned/Angelina(CBS)/Time Bomb
33.43  Seeing Red/Decent Into Hell/Giving Away a Fortune(CBS)
33.44  Pure Hate/End of the Line(CBS)/Faith, Love and Happiness
33.45  Wiped Clean/Doing It Tough/Back to Life(CBS)
33.46  New Hope/Remote Control Warrior(CBS)/Never a Dull Moment
33.47  A Mother's Heartache/The Bride Business/Jane of the Jungle(CBS)
33.48  Hell on Earth/Talk to the Animals/The Many Meryls(CBS)
33.49  Fallout/On the Prowl(CBS)/The Television Revolution
33.50  Captain Fantastic/The Deadliest Catch/Funny Business(CBS)
34.1  Death in Paradise/Toxic Time Bomb/Golden Girl/Inconceivable Update
34.2  A Brave Face/The Crystal Cave/Manhunt
34.3  Deep Trouble/That's Life/Good Will
34.4  By Design/God's Angels/Chilling Out
34.5  Ships of Shame/The Fat Gene/Living on the Edge
34.6  The Trials of Gordon Wood/A Hero's Journey/Taylor Made
34.7  Revenge/The Longest Run/The Final Frontier
34.8  The Smack/Packer's Punt/The Big Bang Theory/The Late Bloomer
34.9  The Impossible Choice/The Fall Guys/Absolutely Fabulous/A Helping Hand
34.10  The Inside Story/The Amazing Hogan Twins/Forever Young
34.11  Delta Force/Deadly Pursuit/The Reunion
34.12  In the Name of Evil/Sweet Poison/A Fairytale Life
34.13  Fall from Grace/Black Beauty/The Power of One
34.14  The App Revolution/Good Vibrations/The Vanishing
34.15  Mr Grizzly/The Carbon Cowboy/Olympic Pin-Ups
34.16  Deadly Encounter/My Son, the Monster/Wrong Place, Wrong Time
34.17  On Demand/Bitter Pill/At Any Cost
34.18  Full House/Baby Jack/The Diva/The Longest Run
34.19  Licence to Kill/The Good Wife/A Wild Life/Open Hearts
34.20  Charlotte's Hell/DIY Mums/Licence to Thrill/The Great Escape
34.21  Walking tall/Kidnapped!/Mental as Anything/Saint Catherine
34.23  No Limbs, No Limits/Journey Into Hell/Branded!/Death in Paradise
34.25  Total Recall/One Way Ticket/Terry Terrific
34.26  Fatal Distraction/Switched at Birth/Trip of Tongue
34.27  Built on Lies/First Words/Frozen Frontier
34.28  The Hidden Epidemic/After the Fall/Jungle Warfare/Packer's Punt
34.29  A Father's Fight/The Contenders/The Majestic Mantas
34.30  The GoPro Revolution/Stopping the Clock/Driving Blind
34.31  High Dive/Brute Force/Song Bird/Breaking the Silence
34.32  Abducted!/Unlikely Princess/The Seekers/By Design
34.33  Mind Over Medicine/Accidental Genius/The Master/The Vanishing
34.34  Fly In, Cash In/The Great Migration/Queen of Cakes/Buried Treasure
34.35  Hugh Jackman(CBS)/A Brave Face/The Good Wife
34.36  Deadly Encounter/God's Angels/The Treasure Hunter(CBS)
34.37  Revenge/Chilling Out/Wall to Wall(CBS)
34.38  The App Revolution/Good Vibrations/The Vanishing
34.39  Walking Tall/Kidnapped!/Face Blind
34.40  Full House/Journey Into Hell/The Crystal Caves
35.1  His Finest Hour/Matthew Newton/Rock God/Mountain Madness
35.2  Superbugs/Howard's Way/Aerosmith
35.3  Fore and Against/Wild at Heart/Titanic Clive
35.4  Tony Abbott/Iraq Ten Years On/For Better or Worse
35.5  Holding Them Back/Justice Overboard/City Farms
35.6  The Survivor/Independents' Day/Loss of Faith/Murder at Cherry Creek UPDATE
35.7  The Impostor/Big Man, Big Heart/Roam Free
35.8  Top End Fashion/The Missing/Brave Levi
35.9  Joel Madden/Lancaster 739/Levi Says Thank You
35.10  Settling Scores/Leonardo/Frozen Waterfalls/Lauren's Story Update
35.11  Jungle Orphans/The People Smuggler/Dear Mum, Love Turia
35.12  Flight 447/A Cultural Revolution
35.13  Trail Blaiser/Cleveland's Evil/The Lost Pharaoh
35.14  Genetic Curse/Miracle at Sea/Hazel
35.15  Australian Rabies/Scammed!/Search for Truth
35.16  Invisible Threat/Rag Trade/Inside Scientology/Tahlia's Story
35.17  Emma/Everest ER/Outback Hope
35.18  Murder on Parole/Lost and Found/Trail Blaiser Update
35.19  Ghost Cities/Late Bloomers/Hugh and Deb/Genetic Curse Update
35.20  Fatal Flaw/Emma Update/Known Unto God
35.21  Reasonable Doubt/Ancient Giants
35.22  Made of Steel
35.23  Mother Mary/Asylum Seeker/Bon Voyage
35.24  Fighting Back/Supernova/P!Nk Update
35.25  Crude Solution/Love Twist/The Boss
35.26  Turia Pitt/The Humpback
35.27  A Mother's Pain/Allergy Free/Smarty Pants
35.28  Killer Cure/Flyin' Ryan/Alicia Keys
35.29  Justice for Keisha/Urban Myth/JFK/Wrong Place, Wrong Time Update
35.30  Testing Times/Abducted/TWA 800
35.31  Fatal Call/The Girl/Curse of the Bounty/Genetic Curse Update
35.32  Seventh Heaven/Zahra's Killer/Face of Evil/Nuclear Paradise
35.33  Chopper/Dolly
35.34  Wipe Out/Great Migration/One Direction
35.35  Sleeping Giant/In Their Footsteps/Saving Petra/Lifehouse
35.36  Thomas Kelly Update/Chloe's Law/Island of Youth/Julia Morris/Trail Blaiser Update
35.37  Space Oddity/Life After Death/Lucky Betty
35.38  Off the Wall/The Somerton Man/Gentle Giant/Finnan's Legacy
35.39  Toxic Flyer/Pain Free/Big Blue/Death Defying
36.1  The Coward's Punch/Slackline/Jungle Fever
36.2  Off His Block/The Fatal Shore/Killing the Killers
36.3  Mary's Miracle/The Killing Cove/Remembering Levi
36.4  Murder at Murphy's Creek/The Bombay Sapphire
36.5  Russian Roulette/Fallout/Happy Snaps/Fighting Back
36.6  Daniel Morcombe
36.7  School's Out/The Defector/Don't Look Down
36.8  Flight MH370/The Portland Murders
36.10  No Limits/Brave Face/Greek Tragedy
36.11  Francis/Old Souls/Moving the Mob
36.12  Riverside Stroke/Wild Pantagonia
36.13  Fatal Obsession/Elisha
36.14  A Mother's Love/The Wolf/Rio Bravo
36.15  Ricky/The Forgotten Girls
36.16  Love Scam/The Cahill Express/Russian Revolution
36.17  World's Biggest Family/Unstoppable/New Hope
36.18  Lion Man/Rory's Story/The Eagles
36.21  5 Seconds of Summer/Forced Marriage
36.22  Riding the Monster/The Pink Panthers/Curing Cancer
36.23  Gorilla Warfare/The Coward/Kylie
36.24  MH17 Live/The Wife Killer
36.25  MH17/Dame Helen/Unholy War
36.26  Green Rush/Giants of the Deep/Scotland the Free/School of Hard Knocks Update
36.27  Baby Gammy
36.28  Rush of Love/Brave Knight/Brothers in Arms/Robin Williams
36.29  Curtis Rising/Justice Overboard/Barnesy
36.30  The Father's Day Massacre
36.31  The Slipper Scandal
36.32  The Great White/The Dark Web/Birdsville/The Slipper Scandal Update
36.33  Plane Graveyard/Lifesaver/Cuba/Tony and Gaga
36.34  Female State/Stand Up Australia/Our Best Bloke
36.35  School's Out/The Forgotten Girls/Slackline
36.36  Logan House Fire/Mind/Neil Diamond/Trail Blaiser Update
36.37  John of God/Shallow Water Blackout/U2/Bruce and Denise
36.38  Who Killed Mira?/Foo Fighters/Tommy and Nathan
36.39  Fatal Distraction/Great Escape/Kylie
36.40  Abduction/World's Smartest Dog
36.41  Walk Tall/Dirty Business/John Cleese/Little Legend
36.42  Forced Marriage/5 Seconds of Summer
36.43  The Father's Day Massacre/Kylie
36.44  Unstoppable/Ricky
36.45  Daniel Morcombe
36.46  Slippergate/Slippergate Update
36.47  The Wife Killer
36.48  Plane Graveyard/Russian Roulette/Brothers in Arms
36.49  Curtis Rising/Wild Pantagonia/World's Biggest Family
36.50  Mary's Miracle/Moving the Mob/The Bombay Sapphire
36.51  Siege Survivors
43.22  In the Pink/Breaking the Silence/A Lethal Mix
46.9  The High Seas/Breathe/Musical Uprising
Abduction/Game of Drones
American Girls in Paris
Bali - 10th Anniversary Special/Going Native/Firestorm
Brute Force
Deadly Seduction
Desperate Housewives
His Finest Hour/Matthew Newton/Rock God/Mountain Madness
In the Name of Evil/Sweet Poison
In the Pink/Baby Jack/The Fall Guys
Jack Black
Mind Games
My Secret Self
Obama and Biden
Parent Power/The Assassin
Poor Little Rich Kids
The Marilyn Mystery
Toxic Flyer
Trouble with Treasure
Turned On/The Ultimate Assassin/The Big Bust
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