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C'mon give the kids a break! It's popcorn TV FOR KIDS...
wellesradio7 January 2005
and as for bad acting: THEY'RE KIDS!!!! anyone for a little SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF!?! (wasn't that necessary once for science fiction to even exist?)

Let me use the word "kids" again. IT'S FOR KIDS, ABOUT KIDS, STARRING KIDS. Get over yourself already. That said, I really enjoy this! That's right, I admit it. Maybe it's because the Robby guy, typical black sidekick though he may be, looks like my brother when he was younger. The writers must have had a ball coming up with this stuff (or at least getting away with borrowing it). If I were 12 again, this would've gone great with a side of The Twilight Zone and the original Star Trek that I grew up with (you see: The Next Generation was always too heady for me as a kid, and too eerily nerdy for me as an adult) I'm a pretty tough critic most of the time (see: I Hate Most Everything), and I do admit that this series contains some acting that is only appropriate given the age of most of the cast. But, really, they're not all THAT bad or even distracting from the show's enjoyment (speaking of distracting, it took guts for them to cast a girl with a humongous overbite and braces in one episode - geez, I couldn't keep my eyes off of them! I had braces at that age and I would have hidden under a rock rather than be even photographed). Some kids even show promise enough to hold entire scenes and maybe an episode on their own. Maybe a couple of these kids should stick to the acting classes, but for the most part they are guest actors with bit parts. The casting directors knew what they were doing when it came to the principal characters or at least where the faith (or gamble) in the actor might pay off. I caught it on Showtime at 3 in the morning and now I have to stay up just to watch it. The writers don't pull the punches when it comes to making a (somewhat derivative, but so is most of the "sci-fi" schlock out there, and believe me they could have done WAY WORSE with this) serious attempt at putting a fresh spin on what would normally seem a typical futuristic adventure series. They don't condescend to their audience (the target here I'm guessing is kids the actor's ages, 9-14) and create complex plot lines with attention to character development and relationships. They stick to unraveling an ongoing mystery rather than which bad guy they're gonna blow AGAIN this week? It's better than any of that Power Rangers crap kids were watching a few years back. Need proof? There's an Aussie kid posting on this site complaining that their leftover brain cells - after countless hours of television- were actually assaulted by this! ("I, Robot" sucked by the way. Asimov is spinning in his grave) Oh, and by the way, Amelia, I don't know where you learned the term "cutting room floor" from but I've yet to hear of an entire show to be edited from itself. I have no idea what you were trying to say.

Kids dealing with dystopia? You don't hear that often coming from any light entertainment outside of comic books. Semi-serious faux tech lingo? Yup. Give it a chance, it's all about the angle anyway. Oh, and it's Canadian so it rocks! (So was "You Can't Do That On Television" if I remember correct. And that show MADE Nickeodeon. Ah, you kids don't know what the hell I'm talking about do you?) The "Sometimes Sci-mostly Fi" network should have come up with this instead of hunting down phony spooks.

AND HEY KIDS... this kinda stuff may be old to me... BUT IT'S NEW TO YOU!!! SO WATCH IT
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NeonicWind25 November 2005
I guess some people just don't have the ability to understand complex plot lines. that's what makes it all the more interesting! it and yes, the actors aren't great.. but then look at most movies. there are so many actors out there who can't act, but people watch their shows anyways. its the plot line that matters. who wants to watch a show that spells itself out before you even get halfway through the first episode? this was one of my favorite shows and i miss it sorely.. there are too many shows that are all alike these days, and not enough original ones. i just wish people could see that some Canadian shows actually do have a good side! i guess there just aren't enough people out there who like the science fiction shows that are actually original and fresh...
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Pure Crap.
carbocookie6 June 2003
This series is basically about a semi-post-apocalyptic world in which no one lives beyond the age of thirty. There is a cliched ongoing conflict between normal people and superhumans which in this series are called 'tubers'. The writing is bad, un-original and reeks of amateurism. The f/x can be summed up in one word, SAD. And the acting is some of the most disgusting, pathetic, disgraceful acting I've ever seen. The actors are all teenagers, which is almost always a huge mistake to do in a movie or series that is serious in nature, and they were probably all probably from the same school near the filming location. I can't see anyone enjoying this series unless they are a little kid or some kind of idiot.
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angel_star203019 April 2003
2030 CE has got to be the greatest show out there for kids and teens and just about anyone!! It's got a great plot (I'm no good at plot explaining so I won't say anything about that) and talented actors, and it makes you want to keep watching more and more. I've never seen an episode I didn't absolutely love! I'm sure it will stay for all planned five seasons and just keep getting more an more popular! Overall, this show is AMAZING!!!!!!
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A really great premise
pheralis25 October 2006
I believe that this show has a promising beginning. Yes it is set on the same old post apocalyptic world we have all seen before. But I believe that this has taken a slightly different view of it. The use of all teens and children for the actors was not a bad choice as some have said. It simply works best with this story. If you are looking for a high tech thriller, then this is not for you. But if you want to relax with what is basically a Teenage sci-fi soap opera, then please give this a try. But please do not let someone else make up your mind for you. Always find things out for yourself. If you enjoyed this I would also recommend that you try "The Tribe" similar style, just a total opposite direction.
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So Bad You Crave More
arjake14 September 2004
What is it about bad television that makes you clamour for more? I was bored one day and stumbled upon this show from Canada while surfing through the available shows on Showtime on Demand, a special digital cable offering in the States. They should have kept this dreadful crap on YTV for all of those poor Canadian kids to enjoy. The concept is Logan's Run meets Demolition Man, and the acting is enjoyably putrid. So why I am attracted to this show? Is it Tatiana Maslany trying to be Lacey Chabert? Is it Elyse Levesque channeling a pouty Kate Bosworth with a little Katherine Heigl mixed in?

There's some bad kid-oriented sci-fi out there. Check out Discovery Kids on NBC-TV some Saturday morning. I give them credit for at least attempting to be creative and interesting. But with talent like this, "Kids Incorporated: Maple Leaf Edition" would have been a better idea.
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Amelia Lachlan23 December 2004
Normally I like science fiction shows, but this one has got to be one of the worse shows ever. The storyline is too complicated and not exactly something that I would drag myself onto the couch and watch for 30 minutes each day. Most TV shows/movies that are set in the future i.e. I,Robot, are usually good and have a very simple storyline that can be grasped easily. This show is more likely something that should end up on the cutting room floor, or at least be pulled from reruns and replaced with another show. It is currently being aired as part of a Out Of This World with ABC thing down here in Australia along with Zack Files and Jeopardy (the one about UFOS, not the game show). IMO, they should pull out 2030CE and replace it with something like Silversun or Animorphs.
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