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What's a synonym for awful?

Author: Mike L. Properelli (MLProperelli) from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania
14 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I thought I had seen some pretty bad movies ("Maplewoods" is pretty darn awful) but I think this 2003 direct-to-DVD movie "Vicious" takes the cake. The acting by Tom Savini isn't bad (though he isn't in half of the movie) but for Pete's sake, the CGI monster is the worst monster I have ever seen in my life (and I watched the paper plate alien spaceships in "Plan 9 From Outer Space" and the carpet monster in "The Creeping Terror). Too bad I watched this movie alone. I don't laugh too much, regarded by my friends as a very serious person. But seriously, this takes the cake as the worst movie I have ever seen in my life.

Note to filmmakers: The anamitronic models of the monster worked fine. Why not just use that instead of the awful, half-finished monster? Maybe so I could get a laugh?

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"Don't bite the hand that feeds you."

Author: Backlash007 from Kentucky
5 July 2004

Tom Savini, Bill Moseley, Brinke Stevens--How could you? How could you dupe me into renting this god-awful piece of cinematic garbage? I didn't expect much, but this is bottom of the barrel quality. Vicious is about a government operative named Kane (Savini) who captures unsuspecting campers and feeds them to a carnivorous beast living in the woods. From that description alone I was expecting what could have been a camp classic. But no, it's handled very terribly and the folks that I rented the movie for have very little screentime. The "actors" that do get the most screentime are BAD. But what really killed any enjoyment of this flick was the beast itself. When that photoshop-looking thing popped unto the screen, I really wanted to turn it off. I just simply hung my head in shame. I'm trying to forget this one already. I was wanting a film in the same vein as Mosquito but I got something much, much worse.

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Absolute Garbage truck material, Burn it, & bury it !

Author: razorwire from Sherman Oaks California
28 June 2006

Not the best CGI monster in the world but it was a fun film to watch. Brian Bremer from Pumpkinhead did a very good job as well as Savini. Tom was not as good as he was in From Dusk Til Dawn but this is not a Robert Rodriguez film either. Film Bashers beware! Nobody takes you serious. These guys spent a lot of time and effort into making this film and it does show. I am sure with a bigger budget it could have been better but that is why we call them low budget films. I would have liked to se Savini a little more hands on with the effects but I understand he is more into acting now and that's cool. The effects were not all that bad anyhow! Cudos guys. Even though the monster on the DVD cover looks nothing like the one in the film, well that's the fault of the distributor and their marketing department. Not bad though...not bad!

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Sci-Fi Channel Rejects: Volume 1

Author: capkronos ( from Ohio, USA
11 January 2007

Our government's idea of "field testing" a giant, scaly, fanged, genetically-created lizard creature is simply to let the damn thing run free in the New Jersey wilderness, where it can merrily munch on campers, fishermen and the citizens of the nearest small town. It is carefully contained behind a chain a three year old could get around with a hilarious "Do Not Enter" sign posted in front of it and is "supervised" by Kane (Tom Savini); a wild-eyed war vet who makes sure the creature has plenty of 'food' on hand. Kane lures people into the monster's clutches by giving them false information, ties people to trees, shoots them, snaps necks with his bare hands and runs people off the road to make sure his pal gets a square meal.

In Washington D.C., corrupt Colonel Jim Hardwick (Marco St. John) and Mr. Wallace (Bill Moseley, who's awful!) discover 'Project Carnivore' is getting out of hand and they go all out to stomp out the threat by sending out a grand total of (ha!) TWO black-ops marines to snuff out both Savini and the beast. And surprise! Four young people also show up to hunt and fish and get stuck in the middle of all this. They consist of wise-ass Steve (Robert Pralgo), pudgy heavy-drinker Hal (Ted Huckabee), bug-eyed good guy Doug (Brian Bremer) and his very annoying girlfriend Barbara (Melanie Parker), who crashes the "guy's weekend" with her own set of stupid "rules" for the trip (No Beer!?). Additional monster fodder comes in the form of other campers (including Brinke Stevens, who's completely wasted in a tiny cameo), a couple in a car wreck (the woman goes crazy) and a redneck fisherman.

Usually the reviews for this one are terrible, but overall I didn't think it was THAT bad. Most of the acting was OK, photography is pretty blurry (and I don't recall a movie off hand where everything was almost drowned out by the color green), story is too familiar but tolerable I guess... But when the monster finally shows up and you discover it is computer animated... Whoa, boy. It's the worst looking thing ever. I mean, those SciFi Channel original movies have way better sfx. They'd have been better off with a model mock up, which can be cheaply done and no matter how bad it looked it would have been more convincing than the terrible CGI seen here.

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I purchased this movie

Author: mjmolby from United States
6 October 2005

for 99 cents. The only reason why I purchased this movie is because it had Tom Savini on the package and it was 99 cents, how could you go wrong; Oh, it did. I took it home and put in my VHS player and about 90 mins later I was hating my self. The plot sounded like something that would include some gore. Vicious fell far from short. I'm not sure as to how you could even put out a movie like this. Sadly enough I'm sure I could have done a better job shooting this movie with one of those video camera where you have to pop in the VHS tape to record. I think the thing that made the movie even worse was the extremely crappy CGI monster. That thing was lamer than FDR's legs. All that I have left to say about this movie is don't purchase it, even if it is in the 99 cent VHS bin at Blockbuster.

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Not what I had hoped.

Author: Prolox from Canada
18 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

TOM SAVINI stars as an ex-soldier who attacks a group of campers & the odd trespasser on his territory & then feeds them to a creature created by the government that lives deep in the woods, soon a husband & wife camping out in the wilderness with a couple of friends, must fight to survive & escape the crazed ex-soldier & the creature that wants them for lunch. The eye popping awful CGI monster is just one of the things that brings down this ultra low budget horror thriller which stars a few familiar B movie faces, such as BRINK STEVENS (SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE) who appears very briefly at the start, BILL MOSELY (TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 2) MARCO ST. JOHN (FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 5: A NEW BEGINNING) BRIAN BREAMER (PUMPKINHEAD) & of course TOM SAVINI (Former special effects artist) but sadly despite their welcoming presence, the film just does not cut it, for starters there's far to many scenes in the film where people just sit around & talk, there's no suspense & most of the acting with the exceptions of the ones I mentioned above is poor, the audio is also a bit uneven for the film (Though it could be argued that this was just my copy) no doubt the filmmakers & cast had fun pulling this together, but it's not enough to recommend this, though it is much better than the directors first film SEVERED.

*1/2 stars

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Example of how to not make your low-budget horror look big-budget

Author: Steve Grant ( from United States
6 January 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I recently purchased this film after seeing the name "Savini" plastered on the front of it. I took it home watched it, and i must say that it was a classic monster/military/crappy actors in the woods movie. Savini's character is fascinating as i thought it would be but unfortunately everyone else is a little worse than something that would be released by Troma. The two marines were a joke and i was unaware that the military had to give their soldiers cash for a job. Then there is the attempts to make this look big budget by using CGI. Big mistake, it looks like someone jumped on the computer and animated something using the paint program in windows. You should probably see this film if you are looking to make a student film but otherwise, stay away.

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rated R for violence and bore

Author: BBVsam from United States
1 January 2005

I think that if I video taped my hair growing, that that would have made a better movie than this drivel. Was this someone's failing grade film school project? Was this someone's idea of a bad joke? Was this a dare? Inquiring minds would like to know. I've seen better CGI monsters on old Nintendo games. Once again, I rented this for free and I still felt like I wasted my money. I wanted my 2 hours back. I wanted to be able to tell people that I didn't sit thru this garbage...but I can't. Those 2 hours are gone forever. If you see this movie on a shelf..avoid it like the plague. Don't let the cover art fool you....go home, read a book or a recipe or lick the floor.....something else besides watching this miserable excuse of a movie. This doesn't even get a "B" rating. Rated Z for bottom of the barrel.

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Terrible movie worth renting for good laughs.

Author: ( from Alameda, California
24 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

** SPOILERS ** Where to begin? * How about the two 6'2, 150 pounds special forces soldiers? One gets snuck up on and the other runs away wimpering. I'm glad our real military isn't this bad or we would never win anything. * How about the awesome military uniforms? The colonel wears two different ones; one looks like communist garb and the other is an scout master outfit. Why not just buy real uniforms, probably for less money? * What's up with the 10 minute fat man scene and the incredible tune, "You gotta have swing"? That was definitely a crucial part of the plot. * Then there's the foursome on the camping trip. Let me tell you, someone else's wife is telling me that I can't drink, that's when I'm like screw you. What are you, my mother?

Worth a rental if you like bad horror movies.

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Monster and Cigars

Author: Dr. Gore ( from Los Angeles, California
8 February 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


A monster is loose in the woods. It's yet another military experiment gone horribly wrong. This particular monster has Tom Savini as its handler. Four dolts head out into the woods for a compromised "Guy's weekend" and run afoul of this very cheap looking monster. More cheap shenanigans follow.

There are many things wrong with "Vicious". For starters, Brinke Stevens is completely wasted in a ten second cameo. It should have been at least thirty seconds. The two commandos who hunt down Savini look like wimps that even I could beat up. Savini is in this movie as an ex-military man whose one character trait is smoking cigars. That's all he does. Another scene, another cigar. He has turned me off smoking cigars for life. Thanks Mr. Savini for the anti-smoking ad.

On the plus side, "Vicious" does have a monster attacking idiots. The video box cover did not lie. It is an extremely cheap monster but a monster none the less. I was mildly entertained by it all. I don't know if it's worth renting but if you do take the plunge, it probably won't hurt you too much.

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