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Author: sweettararose from Seattle, Washington
15 June 2002

I really enjoyed this movie. The main idea: The mom (Faith Ford) is treated like crap by her family, and goes on strike to prove a point. I found the acting very good, especially Sarah Gadon (Jessica). She was very convincing! Nice ending, very good all in all. 3 1/2 of 4

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Great Movie

Author: Marie ( from Alabama
3 October 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I really enjoyed watching this movie. The mom had the guts to do what other moms only think about or dream about doing. Most families do not realize what they are doing to the mom and don't even care. Its so easy for the "at home" mom to be unappreciated.A lot more moms and wives should do exactly as this mom did. Not only did she teach the kids a lesson, but her husband too...I can understand why ANY mom or wife would want their whole family to watch this movie. Its just a shame that some people don't recognize themselves in this movie...The reason some people might not like this movie is because they DO see themselves in this movie and don't appreciate a mom who has the guts to do something.

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Author: MessedupJames ( from London, England
17 March 2002

I really felt that this movie was good. It was honest, displaying what moms do in and ouit every day, and it proved to us that sometimes they need more help than they ask for. I now have a new-found respect for my mommy, and I think that after watching this you will too. I especially enjoyed the convincingness of the Jessica, because everyone watching it with me just hated her guts and I can tell that maybe that that young actress has a career ahead of her. Bottom line: great to watch with your mum, and afterwards give her a BIG hug and kiss.

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She knows her place!

Author: sandra small ( from gateshead, tyne and wear, england, uk
20 March 2007

The made for TV film; Moms on Strike was rather a let down in that the mother easily gave in at the end, turning down a lucrative career opportunity. Note that this occurred immediately following her guest appearance on a TV chat show where the chauvinistic host, who of course is a man endeavoured to subordinate this Mother via misogynistic verbal abuse. This is what allot of women who dare to step out of line must put up with from men and a patriarchal society. A patriarchal society where men rule want women to be at their mercy to buttress their dominant position! This is why men - the prominent majority in world governments - would never consider empowering women via making the stay at home mother a salaried position.

Moreover, what the film didn't illustrate was the broader affect of strike action in the home has. To explain further, if women didn't take care of the domestic side to family life their spouses would not work as affectively in their jobs and as such company profits would suffer and society would fall apart.

Meanwhile the idea of the First Lady taking on the cause of mothers on strike had more to do with her own political agenda. In other words the mother's strike was used by the First Lady to promote her profile and further her own career as opposed to address the needs of ordinary domestic women.

The concept of the 'ordinary woman' applies here to those the politicians endeavour to reach, such as the Mother featured in; Moms on Strike, who is archetypal middle class. A job or career is not a choice for many working-class mothers who have to work to contribute to low family incomes. Often such women work in low-skilled poorly-paid repetitive or mundane jobs. They will arrive home to the burden of the domestic chores and often a male spouse who negates to contribute financially let alone to the household duties.

It is often the case that women's lack of opportunities culminates not from class position alone, but from gender classification. Originally classified via dubious Victorian sciences originated in the 19th Century, the stereotyping of women mean that they - as well as men - become conditioned into gender roles from birth. For example girls will be conditioned to focus on physical appearance and boyfriends. Likewise boys will be conditioned to focus on sports as this film illustrates. As such the Mother featured in Moms on Strike perpetuated her situation by classifying her own children into stereotypical gender roles.

Meanwhile,another aspect of the domestic life of a mother and wife that the film did not address is the isolation of women when home-making. If the primary care giver was waged and less isolated then this would have the potential to resolve some of the problems of domestic life. Moreover if society sees care giving as cohesive as opposed to one person's primary duty then domestic issues could potentially be further resolved.

The resolving of the issues featured in; Moms on Strke will only be addressed - not necessarily resolved - when the film is reached by both men and women. But to permit such a film aimed primarily at women and womens issues to gain democratic appeal then they must be contextualised within a format which appeals to both genders. A good example of such a film is Rio Grande (1950), directed by John Ford. On the surface this film, a western, is one which is aimed at men; but Ford cleverly addresses women's issues within its context!

Where Ford romanticises the issues pertaining to Maureen O'Hara's character in Rio Grande, John Boutling, director of the film; I'm Alright Jack (1959), has a more down to Earth approach when addressing womens situations. Simarlrly to Moms on Strike, in; I'm Alright Jack, the wife of the trade union leader - who is himself striking from his paid employment - downs all domestic tools in protest of her undervalued contribution to the household and society.

As to the acting in; Moms on Strike, it was good, particularly from Sarah Gadon, playing the role of the daughter. She convinced as a daughter who was disrespectful of a mother who permitted herself to submit to subordination!

In sum this is a good message film, which could have went further and endeavoured to reach a wider audience by appealing to both sexes!

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Any mom or stay home dad will appreciate this

Author: sherrie shaw from texas
29 March 2002

What a great movie!!!!!!!! I know any mom, working or not, will relate to this movie (and dad's if YOU are the primary care giver, working or not, you too will love this movie). I think the scene of the morning after mom goes on strike are priceless. That scene in itself tells a big part of the mom story. I like the way this subject matter is portrayed and how her family finally realizes how important mom is. Very entertaining.

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Good movie....but was it realistic?

Author: diamonds17 from Orlando
6 August 2002

I liked Moms on Strike! when I first watched it. And I liked it every other time that I've seen it. But I really wonder if it is realistic. I know for a fact in my family, I could never treat my mother the way Pam's family treats her. I could never throw my dirty laundry at her and demand that she wash it, not shrink it. I could never scream at mom and tell her to clean up the mess the dog made. I could never, EVER tell my mom that she looked terrible in comparison to my friend's mom. And I know a lot of people who could never do that to their mother as well. In my family, I do my own laundry, I help make my brothers' and sister's breakfast and lunch, I take care of the family pets, with no one else's help. My mom does her share, but I do my share as well. We all do. Apparently, in Pam's family, none of her kids had to lift a finger or had daily chores to do. Her daughter, Jessica, has no respect, her sons don't know how to clean up after themselves, and her husband lives in his own little world without any knowledge to how his family is run. Realistic? Who knows? Maybe my family is the weird family.

Of course, Pam was the perfect mother, and she certainly had every reason to go on strike. She was a real mother, but I don't think her family was real at all.

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Don't Try This At Home!

Author: Roxanne Tellier from Toronto, ON Canada
21 February 2004

Comes a time when every mother on the planet feels the way this mum does. Maybe it will happen when your kids become teenagers, or maybe your husband will finally push your last button as you try to accomplish all the tasks a woman, wife and mother needs to get through on any given day. The lack of respect for the everyday grind will get to you, and you'll briefly consider going on strike. When that day comes, do not - repeat - DO NOT take this movie as Gospel! It's Disney, folks. The First Lady will not come to your house to bail you out.

Instead, it's likely your children will turn into worse monsters than previous, and your husband will go through the seven stages of denial. You will be ridiculed, detested, and guilted out until you feel worse than you did before your strike, and you'll work twice as hard as you did before in an effort to get back into your family's good books. Trust me. I tried it.

The bottom line is that womens work is not appreciated, has never been appreciated, and will probably never be adequately appreciated. Some strides have been made, but in a society that values payment for service over quality of life, housework and mothering will forever hold the lowest place of regard.

That being said - it's Disney, so there's a moral, and an eventual improvement in the movie family's attitude towards the parents. And there are some funny moments that any houseperson can relate to. The point is driven home that help and respect are simple requests and qualities that every family needs to embrace.

This is a cute little movie that parents should encourage their children to see, since there is a slim chance that a child may take away at least some appreciation for the actual labor involved in managing a home and family. Between the snickers. But I wouldn't encourage any woman to play out the scenario in real life, since at best, they'll wind up more guilty and discouraged than before, and at worst, could put themselves in real danger of emotional or physical abuse.

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