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The best surfing documentary ever made. And that includes 1966's "The Endless Summer" and its terrific 1994 sequel -- both from Bruce Brown, Dana's father.
The movie has dual strengths that silence most objections. Even more than "X-2" or "American Splendor," it is, in a good way, the most comic-booky movie of the year. It's also the human Winged Migration.
Entertainment Weekly
Even from the safety of a movie seat, you can just about feel the stinging hardness of the surf. Blue crush? This is more like white smash.
The Hollywood Reporter
Not only set the high standards for surfing documentaries but brought the sport much greater respect and interest from around the globe.
Will have even the most landlocked goofy-footers wondering why they never learned to surf.
Chicago Tribune
As a bonus, "Liquid" also includes eye-popping footage of the top surfers in the world (Taj Burrow, Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama) -- wave riders who make the impossible look easy.
Miami Herald
Provides a few of the best thrills so far this summer.
New York Post
As transporting as its otherworldly title suggests.
Part of the appeal is the underlying theme of the torch being passed between generations. Think how disappointing it would have been had Dana become an insurance actuary instead of a surfing filmmaker.
Philadelphia Inquirer
When it's not making the argument that Surfing = Peace, Step Into Liquid can be diverting.
New York Daily News
What has changed most dramatically over the years is the camera's ability to shoot as if it were stationed on the wall of those rolling pipelines. For some, this is the next best thing to being there.

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