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Keep the film in perspective
groverallover15 December 2002
I just finished watching "Like Mike" with my 7 year old son and he loved it. On a scale from 1-10 I gave it an 8. I must admit I was partial on the vote because it reflected my son's enjoyment. I think some should remember that this was a kid's movie and shouldn't take it so seriously. I enjoyed the flow and even though it was obviously very predictable let's not forget the target audience for this film. "Like Mike" was enjoyable and warm and perfect for your FAMILY film night, as it was intended in the first place.
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Snoop's Little Bro does well
Christopher Joseph18 December 2002
Extremely funny, lighthearted kids romp with a positive message and enduring theme. Was pleased seeing a young rapper placed in a non-stereotypical role that valued family and teamwork themes. The basketball player "big brother" Morris Chestnut worked well as a trouble gifted basketball player who reluctantly takes Bow Wow under his wings and albeit predictable softens up in his parental role with the youngster. The scene where they paint geometry lessons on the side of his mansion was hilarious and keep up the importance of school! Kids do the darnest things and I can see a youngster after a pair of magical shoes clinging to a tree in a thunderstorm. Okay, as a parent thats dangerous and would not want to see my youngster dangling from this tree BUT I do remember my own exploits as a child doing much of the same type of daring challenges. Kids will be kids so this gives excellent opportunity for the parent to talk with their child about keeping it safe! The NBA should be elated to have been giving a more good-guy image then their typical bad boy look. Very satisfied with this film portraying a positive image for my children to watch. Go Ohio! :)
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Not Bad For Its Type
Jacob Rosen19 July 2002
An unusually strong supporting cast (including Crispin Glover, Robert Forster, Eugene Levy and Anne Meara) enlivens this simple family comedy built around the appealing young actor Lil' Bow Wow. He plays an orphan who, upon finding a magical pair of sneakers, becomes an NBA superstar and in the process befriends another player (Morris Chestnut) with his own family problems. Bow Wow will have an appeal to children of various ages because his own age seems indeterminate; he can act like a teenager (managing various relationships in the orphanage, rallying his teammates) or a pre-teen (gorging himself on so much food he gets sick, saying his prayers at bedtime); and his winning smile makes him non-threatening to adults. There's absolutely nothing that isn't predictable here and the film itself culls themes and sequences from other family films such as `Home Alone' and `E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial'. There's also nothing objectionable either: it's barely above the level of a Disney Channel movie so kids will gobble it up, which isn't a bad thing. The NBA had a hand in making the film in an obvious attempt to improve its bad boy image, and naturally most of the real players come off as kindly, caring and ready to perform good works. (Fortunately, there are exceptions: Allen Iverson doesn't play cute and Gary Payton treats Bow Wow as an equal on the court, making him pay.) Not bad for its genre--that supporting cast definitely helps, especially the always-welcome Glover and Levy--but hardly memorable.
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Excellent sports film for kids
intelearts22 August 2008
I'm giving this a 10 because in its genre it shines - it really is a great sports movie for kids! Lil Bow Wow is great, very natural, and very likable and the supporting cast all do their thing and make this inoffensive, entertaining, and we found lot of reasons to smile broadly.

With LOADS of basketball any kid that likes the game will be happy - of course, teams and players will change, but this is still really fun.

It reminded me of the old Disney films where magic, or experiments, gave some special powers and poof! sit back and watch time....

Absolutely recommended for kids and parents alike... we all loved this and would watch again.

Best thing I can say is that the kids just wanted to run out in the garden and play ball afterward, which is a pretty positive result!!!
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Magical Nikes OK with me
view_and_review14 May 2007
Like Mike was one of those fun family movies. I never had high expectations of the movie going in and subsequently I was pleasantly surprised. It is no masterpiece, but it is definitely a worthwhile-piece. Bow-Wow was decent as was the script. The movie held an even keel throughout, never getting too dull, but also never having any real riotous moments. Obviously the movie was a bit of a fantasy with a boy finding mystical shoes that gave him the skills of Michael Jordan; but hey, that is what made the movie as good as it was. I like the idea of using a kid as opposed to an adult so as to make the movie more entertaining. In fact, it reminds me of a story I wrote for a sixth grade project. All-in-all, a good movie, certainly better than average.
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Wonderful movie!
purr-fect219 July 2002
I took my 9yr old daughter and her friend to see this movie. We had so much fun! We laughed and laughed. GREAT family movie. One you can watch and not be offended with language, etc. We want to see it again. FUN FUN FUN!
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A good, clean movie that's fun for kids of all ages.
paul_supercala3 July 2002
Like just about every other recent pop star before him, Lil' Bow Wow has landed the starring role in a major motion picture. Unlike the rest of them, he has managed to carry a good, clean family film. There's nothing too offensive here and kids of all ages (at least from the test screening) seemed to eat it up. While it's not terribly original (see "Rookie of the Year"), it's not trying to re-invent kids' movies, it's just trying to entertain in a fun, safe way, which it does.

Bow (Mr. Wow?) has enough boyish charm and enough charisma to show what could be a promising acting career in addition to his duties as a rapper. Morris Chestnut ("The Brothers") does well as an unwilling mentor who becomes a father figure to the orphaned boy. Crispin Glover is pretty creepy as the greedy "caretaker" of the boy, and Robert Forester and Eugune Levy both have humorous bit parts. Funny cameos by famous basketball players with obviously little acting skills give it an authentic feel.

While this probably won't do too well with critics, that's not who it was made for. The target audience is young kids and it will work for them. Parents won't have to worry about anything objective, except a questionable scene where Bow climbs an electrical wire in a rainstorm to recover his shoes. It's entertaining for kids and passable for adults taking their children. If this sounds good to you, you'll probably like it. If not, it wasn't made for you anyway.
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One of the worst films for so many reasons.
jerekra15 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Like Mike is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The plot in particular is awful.

OK, let me explain the plot of this awful movie. An orphan, played by Lil Bow Wow, finds a pair of shoes that used to belong to Michael Jordan. The shoes git hit by lightning and whenever this kid wears them he has the abilities of Michael Jordan. Yeagh.............. So then the plot is pretty predictable, he plays great, makes an NBA Team, and helps a bad team to a better record.

The plot is just so illogical. Most sports movies are about underdogs that work hard to get better. The whole Idea of a kid finding shoes that make him better and that is the ONLY reason for him to play good just bugs me. Another thing I have an issue with is how good the shoes make this kid. If it gave him the abilities of Michael Jordan, he would not be this good. Do not get me wrong, Jordan is great, but Jordan was not as good as this kid is by wearing the magic shoes. I mean, what type of message is this film supposed to send. Find magic shoes and it will help you to succeed in the NBA. Stupid.

Also I really do not like Lil Bow Wow all that much. I mean just look at his name. It sounds like a dogs name.

The ending is predictable and terrible. After his shoes break in the last game of the year, he quits after the game even though the team made the playoffs? So basically he is admitting he is nothing without the shoes, which is what he is. I just hate the plot SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Stupid magic shoes. And he never really tells any of the players why he can not play in the playoffs. They do not even care. Horrible.

Do not watch this film. Ever.
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