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Chicago Sun-Times
The movie overcomes its lack or originality in the setup by making good use of its central idea, that a pair of sneakers could make a kid into an NBA star. This is a message a lot of kids have been waiting to hear.
Appealing movie, one of the summer's pleasant surprises.
I don't want to sell Like Mike as something it's not. It's a cash-in, all right - just better written, more tightly edited, sharply performed, and a little more heartfelt than most.
Doesn't win any points for originality. It does succeed by following a feel-good formula with a winning style, and by offering its target audience of urban kids some welcome role models and optimism.
Philadelphia Inquirer
It's basketball Fantasy Camp for the cost of a movie ticket.
Wall Street Journal
This Flubbery fantasy won't win any prizes for elegant craftsmanship or originality, but it's entertaining, good-natured and a slam dunk to be a hit with young kids.
Pleasant but not more than recycled jock piffle.
New York Daily News
Has something going for it that you wouldn't expect from the tired mechanics of the story - and that is the star-making appearance of 15-year-old rapper Shad Moss, who goes by the name Lil' Bow Wow.
New York Post
Unfortunately, the vehicle chosen for the corn-rowed cutie's Hollywood coming-out party is pretty lame.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
It's not so much a movie as a joint promotion for the National Basketball Association and teenaged rap and adolescent poster-boy Lil' Bow Wow.
Entertainment Weekly
Like Mike has the synthetically wrapped pseudo-charm of a perfunctory ''Flubber'' sequel.

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