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I haven't seen this movie, but...
jonnyarthur19 December 2004
I just felt it necessary to mention that the other two comments posted for it are for the wrong movie. The movie THEY describe (which I have also seen...the plot involves three kids who plan robberies but don't execute them as an intellectual game) is actually called Foolproof (no space between the words) and stars Ryan Reynolds. It is a Canadian movie, and I agree that it is very good. Run out and see it if you haven't already...and you probably haven't, based on the amount of money it lost. Please do not rent Fool Proof (2002) hoping to see Foolproof (2003).

I do not know whether THIS movie (Fool Proof) is any good. Apparently no one in the world saw it. Including me.
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Well made but not good
valadas9 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A well made movie isn't necessarily a good movie and this seems to be the case. A group of two young men and a girl are experts in planning sophisticated and difficult robberies but only as a game and although they use very developed technical instruments in this activity they don't make it in fact. At a certain point and (if I remember well) under the threat of being reported to the police, they are forced to act on behalf of a real robber in a robbery to take some valuable bonds that are kept under very sophisticated electronic security measures. They do so but between themselves they conspirate to save themselves and get the real robber caught by the police. This is perhaps the most interesting feature of the movie because only in the end we become aware of this very complicated conspiracy that involves a feigned angry dispute between one of the youths and the other two with even some physical risks for them. This story is rather uninteresting in itself though you may spend a few somewhat pleasant moments watching the peripetias in which it unfolds itself.
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