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Baptism of Fire: The Canadians at Ypres - 1915
When England declared war on Germany in August 1914, Canada immediately pledged 20,000 troops. Army enrollments were high and the troops set off after basic training acting like they were going on holiday. Immediately on arrival, the troops were sent to hold the line at Ypres and came under heavy German artillery fire. The Germans were also to introduce their latest weapon - chlorine gas. The men were unprepared for this type of weapon - they had no gas masks - and may took to urinating in a handkerchief and placing it over their nose and mouth. In 4 days, there were ...
Slaughter and Sacrifice: The Canadians on the Somme - 1916
In July 1916, British commander in chief General Sir Douglas Haig launched a major offensive along the Western Front. On July 1, after an 8 day artillery barrage, 120,000 men launched the attack and the Battle of the Somme began. The barrage had little effect and British troops were slaughtered. Among those killed included 700 Newfoundlanders who died less than 100 meters front their trench. In total, there were 60,000 casualties the first day but the battle would continue for another 5 months with more than 100,000 casualties in total. Canada's three divisions - ...
Storming the Ridge: The Canadians at Vimy - 1917
In 1917, Vimy was a barren fortress of the German army. Many thought it would never be taken and the Germans never dislodged. All 4 Canadian divisions arrived in late 1916 after the bloodbath they faced at the Somme. In holding the ridge, it is estimated that the Germans suffered 140,000 casualties. Fighting was not expected until the spring but the men knew what was to come. The opposing forces were no more than 100 yards apart and the attack is planned for Easter 1917. Following a two week artillery barrage 300,000 attacked. Canadian troops numbered 8,000 in that ...
Slaughter in the Mud: The Canadians at Passchendaele - 1917
In the summer of 1917 Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, the British Commander, planned to launch his greatest offensive yet with the goal of liberating northern Belgium. Attacking from the city of Ypres, the battle began with a 10 day artillery bombardment but amid the pouring rain, the attack founders in a sea of mud. By October, the British have lost nearly a quarter of a million soldiers and the key objective, Passchendaele Ridge, has not been reached. The Canadian Corps is given the task of taking that position. In the attack, the Canadians lost one man for every ...
Masters of War: Canadians in the Last 100 Days - 1918
The victory over Russia in the East now allows the Germans to transfer thousands of troops to the Western Front. By the early summer of 1918, the Germans have made significant advances and are approaching victory. In advancing, the Germans have avoided the Canadian Corps, viewed as perhaps the deadliest force on the Front. The Canadian commander, Arthur Currie, moves his 100,000 troops in secrecy to Amiens, where the Allies will stage their counteroffensive. They secure major victories in battles on the 8th and 9th of August, going on for the next 10 days. The Germans...


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