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Great first ECW PPV

Author: dazvandam ( from Boston, England
8 May 2003

WOW, What a PPV to kick off the great wrestling company that was ECW. It kicked off with the ECW titles being defended by the Dudley Boyz against The Eliminators. A great match showing some innovative moves. The next math pits RVS against Lance Storm, a fairly good match apart from the odd blown spot and some weak chair shots. These two have come along way since then. Next is an awesome japanese six-man tag match. Has to be seen to be believed, this match features Taka Mitchinoku who later wrestled in WWF/WWE. Now for the worst match of the night, Pitbull #2 Vs Shane Douglass. way too long and slow. Then a good match between Taz & Sabu. The the main event, terry funk Vs sandman Vs stevie richards. An elimination match where the winner faces Raven for the ECW title, Very bloody and brutal, some surprises as well. A great first ECW PPV, a deffinate must see. I give it 8.5/10

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Good solid PPV

Author: David Harding ( from Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
27 September 2004

ECW's first PPV became a decent PPV, one of my personal favourite matches was The Great Sasuke, Gran Hamada, & Masato Yakushiji VS Taka Michinoku, Mens Teioh, & Dick Togo. Could of been a little better, but was a good match.

RVD/Lance Storm was a good match, both men worked the match pretty well, RVD cut a short promo after the match. The 3-way dance between Stevie Richards/Funk/Sandman was a very good one. It's a shame now in the WWE that Stevie hasn't been given much of a chance to show what he has to offer.

After a few failed gimmicks in the WWE, I think Stevie should move on to the indies, he was great in ECW, and would be great to see him working like he did in his ECW days.

I enjoyed the Raven/Funk match for the ECW World Heavyweight Title, I would of liked to have seen it go a little longer, but it was a fairly decent match. The Tag Team match was a fairly good one, I am a big fan of John Kronous, his work in ECW was fairly good, as was Perry Saturn, the Dudley Boyz was good as always, they always knew how to work a crowd, their promos were great in ECW. They really knew how to create some heat between them and the fans.

Gertner always made the PPVs interesting as well, with his quotes, I find him a better heel then Jerry "The King" Lawler.

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That PPV hurts in a good way

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
22 February 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. ECW Heavyweight Tag Team Title Match - The Eliminators Vs. Champs-The Dudleys - Exhibitioof co-moves by eliminators. Saturn and Kronus get the sh*t out of them. That was nice, but Dudleys did not offensive and ate lost. But... 9/10

2. Rob Van Dam Vs. Lance Storm - One unbelievable match! They both are in best shape! 10/10

3. Great Sasuke/Gran Hamada/Gran Naniwa Vs. Terry Boy/Dick Togo/Taka Michinoku - ANOTHER exciting and very fast match! 9/10

4. ECW TV Title Match: Champ-Shane Douglas Vs. Pitbull - Very self-conscious match, they both seemed totally unprepared. Crowd shouted Boring all the time and they're right. 5.5/10

5. Taz Vs. Sabu - The can do it better, but very good match. It seems like Mr. Wrestling-Sabu starting' to lose his breath. 8.5/10

6. 3 way Dance: Stevie Richards Vs. Terry Funk Vs. Sandman - I'm out of my mind when 53-years old Terry Funk did moonsault from the top of ladder! Do that Hogan in 1997, you legend! Barb wire, thrash can, they were really hurt. Funk won.9/10

7. ECW World Heavyweight Title Match: Champ-Raven Vs. Terry Funk - Maybe little unrealistic victory by Funk again. 8/10

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Excellent from Top to Bottom

Author: jts0405 from United States
18 November 2007

ECW presented Barely Legal on April 13, 1997 from the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The first match if for the ECW Tag Team Championship, Bubba Ra & D-Von defend the titles against The Eliminators. It was a very fast paced match with a very fast start to it. The Eliminators get the win in the end.

Next is Lance Strom, who was supposed to face Chris Candido, facing Rob Van Dam. It was a 5 star match, with innovative moves by Rob Van Dam.

We move on to a Six Man Tag Team Match that was a very fast paced and very extreme match. This match had a ton of great wrestling in it.

ECW Television Championship Match is next, Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #1. It was a boring 18 minute match, that had some hot points in it.

Next is my personal favorite, Taz vs. Sabu! This was the show stealer for sure. Taz has really toned down now, he used to be a tough guy back in the day. Sabu was innovative in his match as always and of course it delivered.

Next is Terry Funk vs. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards. This was a bigger show stealer. It had many extreme points and kept the fans busy throughout the entire brawl.

Next Terry Funk gets his ECW World Heavweight Championship Match against then champion Raven. It seemed that Raven dominated the match and Funk had some time in there as well. It really built the audience up to the point where Funk won the Title, thus ending a classic pay per view.

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I miss ECW!

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, TN
25 February 2002

This was ECW's first ever ppv and it was a great one to start off a short but excellent history. The first match of the night saw how ECW was much better in the ring at the time than WCW or WWF. The moves were more innovative and done with more agression and technique, even basic suplexes in ECW are done better and harder and faster then the WWF or WCW. The Dudleys defended their tag belts against the Eliminators, we also see RVD take on Lance Storm which sees 2 stars on the rise and at the time a lesser known Storm. The only bad match of the night was a very long match between Pit Bull #1 and Shane Douglas, this match went I believe around 18 minutes and was rather boring. Tazz defeated Sabu in a somewhat disappointing match but still good, amazing how downhill Tazz has gone. The main event was a 3-way with Steven Richards, Sandman & Terry Funk and the winner faces Raven for the ECW world title. This event is also featured in the documentary movie Beyond the Mat, I'd rate this event a 9!

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