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one of the best teen flicks i've ever seen.

Author: suannz86 from Canada
11 January 2005

While everyone seems to be sick and tired of Hollywood teen flicks, Indonesia churns out one which is top-notch. I'm Malaysian, and Bahasa Indonesia is pretty different from Bahasa Malaysia although they're supposedly almost identical. I watched it in the cinema so there were subtitles, which helped a lot.

This is one teen flick that you'll regret you didn't take the time to watch. It revolves around average people leading average lives, which makes it so easy to relate to. It tells a story of the choices you've to make in your life. Choosing your friends or your boyfriend. Many people are faced with this challenge in life, and this movie excellently portrays Cinta's (Love; the girl's name) social life (involving her four best friends) and the boy whom she fell in love with.

She has two choices to make--choose her friends, or Rangga (the boy). She finally has to make this decision one day when Alya (who seems to be in a terrible state), her best friend, calls her and asks her out just when she's about to go and see Rangga.

What makes this movie so memorable, so beautiful is that it is no where near shallow. It revolves around the problems that plague teenagers around the world today, as well as political problems that many countries currently face. It also promotes "karya sastera", or literature, and poetry as well as music amongst teenagers. After all, it is literature that brings Cinta and Rangga together.

I watched this movie over and over, and each time I walked out of the cinema feeling strangely elated. "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?" reminds you of how it was like being young and innocent and free. It reminds you of the beauty of young love, and the importance of friends. It reminds you of how the strangest circumstances can bring people together and forge a bond so tight that not even distance would never be able to separate them.

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Better than most Hollywood teen movies, for sure.

Author: deliasayang from Malaysia
6 January 2005

Rather than use "What's Up with Love?" as the English translation to the title, I would have used "What is it about Love?". Certainly, the plot is basically about two teenagers experiencing those roller-coaster emotions that come with the first yearnings of love/mutual attraction. They find themselves behaving quite unlike their usual selves, and it makes them stop and ask the question "What is it about love?". (Of course, it ties in nicely that the female protagonist's name is Cinta, which is "love" in Indonesian).

The plot is universal enough for anyone to relate to. So the real attraction of this movie lies in the strong script, the good shots used and the ability of the young actors to interact with each other on-screen. They don't seem camera-conscious and they aren't given awful lines or skimpy clothes that seem to be standard stuff in teen movies.

I'm jaded when it comes to watching teen movies (in fact I hardly bother with them now that I'm not a teen) but this one I really liked. Cinta's school friends certainly remind me of the friends I had in school, so it was pretty realistic to me.

What ties it all together is the clever use of an awesome soundtrack with all original songs written by the brilliant Melly Goeslaw. The music itself can tell the story, and that says a lot for it.

There are weak moments, as there are in most movies. But nothing I've cringed at, or anything I care to remember. I cannot understand much of the Indonesian language and yet the movie spoke to me, so I give it my thumbs up.

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A little gem from Indonesia! TeenLove hurts, but in the end they live happily ever after.

Author: tiggerhans from indonesia/holland
13 March 2002

After seeing this movie for the second time, I must admit: My oppinion about this movie changed completely. This movie tells the story about 5 girls, heart to heart friends, who share their most inner secrets. This friendship gets damaged when one of the girls (Cinta) falls in love with a handsome, sometimes cool, classmate (Rangga) and she keeps this secret for herself. Their love gets tested when one of the girls ends up in the hospital after Cinta ignores her phonecall due to her date with Rangga. The girls get back together and Cinta and Rangga? To know the answer you HAVE to wathc this movie.

This movie is unlike other Indonesian movies, a film from this millenium. The world of (upperclass) Indonesian teenagers (expensive houses, their own rooms with stereo, driving cars), but the average teenager from Indonesia recognizes him/herself in this drama. Comments and sighs are heard throughout the whole movie, and when the times seem to come that the two young lovers are going to kiss, the whole audience participates and encourages them. Before the kiss comes though, they have to wait a long time...

Picture, sound, music, acting, it all shows that Indonesian filmmakers are on the move, and that somehow the time for Hollywood is over. Films from Indonesia, Asia, new Zealand and Uk are doing better than movies from the USA, and the Asian audience as well as many westerners discover that there is more than Hollywood. hopefully the time comes that Indonesian movies get recognition by the international audience and that the films made in Bollywood get the same quality as this little jewel from Indonesia. Thumbs up for this teenage drama!!!

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'Ada Apa dengan Cinta?" Forever.

Author: Rayfienta Gumay from Jakarta
9 November 2014

Simply one of the best Indonesian movies. It's a sweet, yet touching chick-flick that will always be a favorite. The story contains some good messages--mostly about friendship, attitude, and the art of literature. The actors and actresses did a really good job in displaying the uniqueness of every character. Rangga, portrayed by Nicholas Saputra, is a lovable one for sure. Not only for his charming look, but also for his personality. And so does Cinta, portrayed by Dian Sastrowardoyo--a funny, bold, and popular clique girl. The screenplay & concept are also excellent. There are some memorable quotes and poems which everyone will love. No wonder this movie is a big 'hit' again in 2014. Even for teenagers who were only one or two years old when the movie came out. 'Ada Apa dengan Cinta?' is definitely an eternal favorite and a good reference for movie learning purpose.

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A Hollywood-style teen movie from Indonesia

Author: keith.mclennan
2 July 2003

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Cinta (whose name means "love") is a girl at high school in the wealthy Jakarta suburb of Swirijaya Golf. She and her four girlfriends – Maura, Alia, Karmen and Milly – do everything together, both socially and at school. Cinta has a boyfriend, Borne, but has no real feelings for him. Cinta also writes poetry, and the other four girls are sure she will win the school poetry competition. But the prize goes instead to a moody loner, Rangga. Partly out of jealousy, Cinta decides to interview him for the school paper, but Rangga wants no part of it. He didn't even enter the competition – it was his only friend, the school caretaker Mr Wardiman, who entered one of Rangga's poems on his behalf. Though neither Cinta nor Rangga wants to admit it, they click. Cinta begins to turn up late, or not at all, for dates with her girlfriends. Without telling them, she is seeing Rangga. Their first date ends badly when they argue and she storms out of a second-hand book dealer's, where they have gone on the pretext of tracking down an out-of-print novel. Borne gets to hear about it and brings some of his friends to confront Rangga. They beat him up, but this only brings Cinta and Rangga back together. Cinta gets a glimpse outside her privileged world when she meets Yusrizal, Rangga's father, who is an academic. For exposing government corruption in 1996, he was fired and persecuted, and even deserted by his wife and all his children except for Rangga. Cinta is just asking him "But hasn't there been reform now?" when thugs on motorbikes toss firebombs through the window. Yusrizal puts out the fires as if it's an everyday occurrence and Rangga tell Cinta that it's no use making a complaint because "no action will be taken." Later Cinta accepts Rangga's invitation to the Blues Cafe, where Rangga's cousin Rama is a singer. Rama invites her to perform and she recites Rangga's winning poem. But when she gets home, her parents are on their way to hospital. Cinta's friend Alia has attempted suicide after suffering years of violence at the hands of her father. Cinta blames herself because she had chosen to go out with Rangga instead of seeing Alia. The other girls turn on her, and she turns on Rangga. But Alia recovers and the girls see their mistake. They realise that Cinta loves Rangga, and urge her to make it up with him. Then they hear from Mr Wardiman that Rangga is leaving to study in New York. The girls commandeer the car of the school nerd, Mamet, and rush to the airport, where Cinta and Rangga are reconciled. He still has to go to New York, but he leaves her his book of poems, in which he promises to come back to her.

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to see again and again

Author: ve-handojo ( from jakarta, indonesia
28 October 2002

It's a local champ, and can be a very entertaining teen flick worldwide. Real characters fill this high-school love movie. The script smoothly runs the story, and strongly constructs the whole first love theme. The love-and-hate chemistry between the main characters works very well too. Actually, the scene where Rangga (the guy, Nicholas Saputra) dropped his precious book in Cinta (the girl, Dian Sastro) is too much of a coincidence... and simply the easiest way to move the story forward. Still acceptable, though. Supporting actress Ladya Cheryll (as Alya, Cinta's friend) delivers a very natural screen-stealing performance. Good music, good faces, good ending too. Overall, this is the kind of movie for a date, for a lazy Sunday afternoon, and for all time.

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Soap for the masses.

Author: tiggerhans from indonesia/holland
6 March 2002

Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? What is wrong with love? that's a good question after having seen this movie. The movie never really becomes interesting for the intelligent audience. It is a story about love yes, but nothing special when you compare it to all the awful cinetron's (local soaps) that haunts the Indonesian television stations. "Ada apa dengan cinta" is just a soap for the cinema, and it does atract mostly teenagers. Well, it is actually about teenage love, and most teens who watch this movie think it is a movie in western style, different from the local Indonesian blockbusters. The actors however are really acting like amateurs, the story never gets really exiting, although the screams of some teenagers during the movie make you think you are watching a drama like "Shakespeare in love". Indonesian teenagers scream at any movie... For me it was very boring, although the picture and sound quality are much better than most Indonesian movies I have seen so far. I am not going to say that you should not see it, you have to judge for yourself, like you have to do with every movie. But if you expect something special from Indonesia that will perform well on the international filmfestivals, you've got it wrong. For that, Indonesian actors will need more training (especially their way of talking is overdramatic), and the Indonesian filmindustry will need more funds. Maybe the succes of movies like "Jelangkung" and "Ada apa dengan cinta?" will bring financial resources to make something more beautyfull?

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Sheer brilliance

Author: Kayley ( from Melbourne, Australia
5 October 2002

I just watched this film last week as part of the Indonesian Film

Festival in Melbourne - I'm studying Bahasa Indonesia at school

and am doing a project on kebudayaan remaja - youth culture.

Kids, this is a great movie. It's better than any teen flick churned

out by Hollywood in recent memory (it is, I would say, in the 10

Things I Hate About You league). It's not great for a 'foreign' movie

or whatever - it's great in it's own right.

It combines the age-old appeal of teenage romance with enviable

friendship, humour and the poignant sadness of Alya's situation.

Cinta is the kind of character girls aspire to - pretty, smart, gutsy as

all hell - and Rangga is, well, let's face it, he's hot as all get out.

There's some serious messages in this film, about friendship,

about honesty, about violence and trust, but luckily it steers from

being preachy. Maybe it's because the Indo film industry is less

jaded than that of Hollywood, but this movie gets right what so

many Hollywood teen flicks have gotten wrong.

Watch this movie. Fall in love with it. Trust me.

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nice treat...

Author: Rifqi from Indonesia
13 September 2002

Well, I only have a chance to watch this film on VCD because I don't have much courage to go to theatre and have to deal with those teenagers...Speaking about age, right?? This is absolutely the best Indonesian film on the last three years... I watched Pasir Berbisik with Dian Sastro on it as well, but I have to say that A2DC is far more better. Not pretentious to be 'art' film like Pasir Berbisik of course, but it is believable and somehow get me hooked into the story.... Dian Sastro should be ranked as Indonesia Sweetheart of this days...Not to compare with those beauty no-brain on sinetron (tv show) who just mumble through the whole episodes without much depth exploration...!!!

Kudos to all of the casts and crews...Yet, I don't know that Mang Diman has already passed away until I watched the last credit...*Sigh*

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Memories and reflections from high school

Author: Heru Harry Rahadi from Jakarta, Indonesia
25 March 2002

Watching this movie makes you want to go back to the time where you were a high school. A movie that reflects our lives as a teenager with all the problems and excitement within. High school memories never be the unforgettable ones.

Taking from Cinta's point of view, friendship and love can't mixed very well together. She sees that she must choose one of them. To get both of them means that she has to lie about it. But after all, it's no friendship at all if friends can't understand the problem faced by the others. That's a friend for, to share and to cheer up each other. Love is another thing, in a different side of one's life, but love is understandable.

Generally, this movie is enjoyable to watch. Not too dramatic, picturing in a very ordinary way, but yet, it touches the soul of the story. And the most endearing of this movie is the ending. An ending that makes people want to see it again and again.

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