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Awesome sports show.
BlackJack_B24 April 2003
This is definitely one of the best sports shows I've seen in awhile. Washington D.C. sports writers Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbon have heated debates on the goings-on in sports and a bit of pop culture to boot. They always come up with some great bits in these tete a tetes and have great chemistry. Tony's New York City brogue meshes great with Wilbon's Midwestern sensibilities. The quick and dirty debates, the interview with a prominent sports figure that's in the current news, the always entertaining third segment (which rotates around different themes); it's all good. It's best asset is that it makes "Off The Record", the show that follows it on The Sports Network in Canada, even better because you're hungry for more sports debates. The only bad part: TSN only shows it Monday-Wednesday because TSN has a contract with the PGA to show the first two rounds of their golf tourneys. Still, three days a week are better than none. This is a definite must-see if you're a sports fan.
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One of the best sports shows out there.
dootuss14 June 2002
Pardon The Interuption has to be one of the best sports shows on tv out there. Tony Kornheiser, and Michael Wilbon are your hosts, and they are not afraid to disagree with each other on a subject, and admit to each other that one of them is wrong, and what really makes this show unique is how they have a limited time on each subject so that the show doesn't become a half-hour gab fest over one thing in the sports world. In my honest opinion, this is the best sports show on tv. It's better than "Sportscenter", and that stupid "Best Da*n Sports Show Period!" (which I think is a sports program that relies on washed up athletes, and T&A to make a winner). ESPN has a winner here with PTI!!!
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Best show ever!
MinnesotaSportsGirl321 September 2004
I adore this show beyond words! My brother introduced it to me a couple years ago and I religiously watch it. I love Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser! My favorite one, though, is Michael. He supports a lot of the things I do...and I agree with him on a lot of things! This show, I hope..will be around for a long time! I'm so happy that my brother introduced me to is and I try really hard NOT to miss it!

More people should watch it! See how cool Wilbon and Kornheiser are!!

Since I want to be a sportscaster, this is a great show!! I would LOVE to do this show for a living!

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One of the Best Sports Shows in T.V. History
nedopetrie31 August 2005
To try to explain 'Pardon the Interruption' would never quite do it justice. If you haven't seen it, the concept seems far to simple to work: two middle aged sportswriters gab about the headlines of the day for a half hour. But what separates PTI from duds such as 'The Best Damn Sports Show Ever' and round table snoozers like 'The Sports Reporters' is the chemistry between Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. Their banter, arguing styles, quick wits, and senses of humor make for a fun, irreverent, and interesting look at today's sports news. The only times the show doesn't hit the mark are when Tony or Wilbon are on vacation, which happens at least a couple weeks a year. The regular guest hosts (David Aldridge, Norman Chad, Bob Ryan) are always well informed, but don't match the humor that Wilbon and Tony bring to the program.
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Hands down, the best show on ESPN.
justin-fencsak6 August 2010
For years I've watched Sportscenter and X-Games as my reason to watch ESPN. That, and some of their original scripted programming that didn't last long. That is, until PTI came along. This show, famous for its split-screen format with the guys bantering about sports and a rundown graphic of what's coming up, delivers on all goods. Even though it's not in HD on ESPN HD (it will come fall of 2010), it's full of humor, banter, bias, buzz, and plain fun. There have been shows that tried to duplicate the success of PTI and its sister show, Around the Horn (a game-show like interview show), but none can match the reign of ESPN's talk shows. PTI remains a hallmark of sports journalism at its wittiest.
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The Star Wars of sports shows
aldrears127 November 2007
What else needs to be said? There's "PTI" and then there are the rest. I've not missed this show in four years-I refer to Mike and Tony when discussing sports topics as if I know them personally. Watch PTI once and you will too.

I also love the fact that the show features a Jewish man, a black man, and an Italian man-and that Michelle Tafoya, when she's been a guest, has demonstrated that the woman can hold there own with the men. But there's nothing like Mike and Tony, because of the fact that the show is an outgrowth of their 20 plus year friendship.

Even though he gets on my nerves, when Dan Lebartard fills in it's quite interesting. I do miss Steven A. Smith. Even if you're not a sports fan, you'll love PTI.

PTI-The Best!
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Brilliant. Sports reporting the way it should be
GrtOne4122 December 2003
*No spoilers included, since there is no plot to give away. It's a sports show :)*

Yes! Finally, a sports commentary show that doesn't have to use scantily clad women and crude humor (Best Damn Sports Show Period) or childish, insults to get viewer attention by using "shock value" (anything with Jim Rome). Tony and Michael have amazing chemistry. They play so well off each other and play to each other's strengths, which only strengthen the show itself.

The format of PTI is easy to understand and fast-paced, which is good. Too often, sports shows drag a particular subject on and on for eternity and beat the dead horse even further. PTI usually allows 2:00 for each subject and then moves on, no matter where Kornheiser and Wilbon are in discussing it. The two tackle the big headlines in sports and even shift to other areas (like Paris Hilton, Saddam's capture, etc.), but mix it perfectly with their meal ticket of sports.

The hosts have a perfect mix of argument, agreement, criticism, and praise. The rapid-fire delivery and organization make PTI the best sports show on TV today. While the hosts fire at each other, Stat Boy delves into the numerical arguments that are being heaved and deciphers which are accurate and which need correction. I love that feature. Rather than banter on about a subject and invent numbers to support a position, PTI corrects itself every show.

Bottom line is- if you are a sports fan, WATCH THIS SHOW. You will not be disappointed.

Rating- 9/10
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Would Be Better If They Stuck To Sports
ccthemovieman-127 February 2008
Unless you live in a volatile family situation or are from New York City and are used to shouting, what is the attraction of this sports talk show? Most people are tired of hearing people shout over one another. We get enough of that on political talk shows. I know sports is fun to debate. I've been doing that with friends for years, but there is no reason to shout and constantly interrupt each "the name of entertainment."

I could still put up with abrasive shouting of co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Mike Wilbons but it's the other things, really, that made me lose interest in this show. What things? Ridiculous bias on the part of the hosts, particularly Kornheiser, who cannot stop interjecting his ultra-Liberal political beliefs. I lost track how many times this idiot had to give me his two cents on which candidate he liked best (the looniest, of course) during all the primaries. What has that got to do with sports? Nothing.

Also, after awhile, the show's introduction in which Kornheiser feels he has to try to imitate Howard Stern with some raunchy joke, gets tiresome fast...and is another reflection on the absolute moral bankruptcy of this so-called "sports guy." Hey, I like a laugh or two along with my sports commentary, too, but too often his jokes are tasteless.

Wilbons? He just isn't interesting enough to make any comments about here. Nor are the substitutes in this show, all of whom, by the way, have the same twisted values as the regular hosts. This could be a very good show if you had two more mature guys who always were a little more balanced in their reporting and a little classier in their humor.
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Can't get enough of Pardon the Interruption
tdoran20 May 2005
PTI is one of the greatest shows on television right now, it is a staple in the dorm rooms of college aged males across America. My roommates and I manage our schedules to make sure that we are in our room before 5:30 so that we don't miss a single second. Wilbon and Kornheiser are hilarious together, and they're stupid catch phrases and fantastic arguments combine to create a sports show with both insightful and articulate commentary. Its refreshing to watch a sports show where not only do the hosts not agree with each other, but they don't cater to the opinions of the general public. They wear their personal biases right out on their sleeves and let the viewer take em or leave em.It might not always be pretty, but its definitely enjoyable, not to mention a way to get a quick fix on all your favorite sports topics within a half hour.
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Bad Personalities make a Bad show.
stuman-216 October 2007
PTI or Pardon the Interruption has become an awful show. Simply this is due to the main panelists Tony Kornhieser and Mike Wilbon. Both are rather awful. In fact it amazes that this show continues to be on the air daily and gets decent ratings. For a much more enjoyable show try "Around the Horn," this is a similar type of show with some format differences. But Around the Horn is enjoyable3 because of the diverse personalities and the better format.

I continue to watch "Around the Horn," but have stopped watching or recording "Pardon the Interruption." BTW: If you like to be insulted and called a knucklehead by Tony Kornheiser right off the top of the show you will like PTI. Kornheiser is simply awful and Wilbon is right behind that.
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