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This show is creepy.

Author: shrek2004 from Manitoba, Canada
23 September 2003

Having babies talk on shows isn't really an original premise, but then neither are shows like "Friends" or "According to Jim", and they are successful. But this show is creepy and devoid of humour. Especially when the baby was ogling his mom. Weird.

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Lame, even by mid-season replacement standards

Author: bad_jonas from Echo Park, CA
20 June 2003

What Joely Fisher, Adam Arkin, Holland Taylor and Elliott Gould are doing in this fifth-rate "Look Who's Talking" knock-off is anybody's guess. If you think about it, "Look Who's Talking" had 2 sequels that sucked big time. How much more did "Baby Bob" producers think they could wring out of that formula? If you think I am dissing this show without reason, tell that to CBS, who mercifully cancelled the series early on. For those who disagree with my opinion, CBS is running un-aired episodes this summer. Have fun!

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Why not just poke my eyes out with a stick?

Author: Irishize
8 April 2006

What the Fudgecicle? Found this by accident at 8am on a Saturday morning on Sky One (UK channel). This has to be the worst thing I've seen on TV. As others have said, there were some big names attached to this series... Why, one wonders?? Must've been pretty big paycheques!

There's a very creepy scene where the Grandfather (after a failed audition with the 'talking' baby) says "This will be our little secret", the baby says "I'm good at keeping secrets"... Did anybody actually *read* this script before filming it?

Strange, strange TV execs with more money than sense are still going strong I see! :-P

Well at least it got canned pretty sharpish! Someone must have woken up at the controls!!

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A little clarity on this, I submit to you

Author: S.R. Dipaling from Topeka, Kansas, USA
29 November 2008

Around 1999 or 2000,I believe it was the DEll computer company had a marketing campaign for computers featuring an adorable(what else?)baby boy talking with an adult male voice,complete with computer animated mouth movement to make this look "Authentic". THis commercial line was so successful,evidentally,that some other companies(Among them,the Quizno's sandwich company)employed this character,named Bob,to do their ads.

Around 2001,some programming execs at CBS were either approached by somebody or came up with on their own a sitcom set around the baby named Bob. Hence this show.

I won't go into a content criticism of this show,since A)it seems pretty well documented through the series of comments on this show that my critiques would be echoed by myself as well. All I will say on that is that from the few shows I saw this series would've been considered retro in the 1960s,and that's generally not going to cut it where TV audiences are now and B)enough years have passed since this was released and then mercifully pulled that I wouldn't have much fresh memory to go on to make a better critique.

Suffice it to say that all(or most)involved--Adam Arkin,Joely FIsher,Elliott Gould,Holland CArter,maybe even Baby Bob and his voice,KEn HUdson Campbell--have gone on to better work since. I should hope so,anyway. A cute commercial DOES NOT merit a TV series.

THen again,I haven't caught ABC's "CAvemen",so who knows.

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Author: wikkedladi from Phila., PA
19 March 2002

I just can't believe that such talented actors would star in such an awful sitcom! If this lasts more than a few episodes, I will be shocked. I just hope that such a stupid endeavor doesn't ruin their careers. Honestly, this show is reminiscent of something like "My Mother the Car."

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It sucks

Author: adam_new17
7 February 2007

What the hell is this? Who comes up with this crap. What I want to know is who watches it? I can't sit through more than a few minutes. Surely somebody can come up with a better idea for a sitcom than a talking baby, and that baby's voice is annoying as hell. A show like this should not be allowed on television, I can't see how this is entertaining for anyone. I mean, the jokes aren't funny, I don't know what else I can say really. Avoid this show at all costs, it is a waste of time, my time, everybody else's time. I'm sure it was a waste of time for the actors and the crew and probably lost the companies a hell of a lot of money, not to mention audiences for whichever TV network was showing it.

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one line summary

Author: pancake_repairman from australia
18 February 2004

I think the comparisons to Look Who's Talking are a bit unfounded. The obvious difference being that in those series of movies the babies' thoughts were narrated, while in this show the baby actually talks out loud and interacts with people. I don't fault the show for the premise. It's something that could have been done well in the hands of the right writers. Why this show really falls flat, is because it has the ridiculous comedic device of a talking baby at it's disposal, and just doesn't utilize it AT ALL. The show is basically a drama about a family dealing with the serious real-life implications of having a baby that talks. I can't imagine why they chose to take that direction. It throws all potential for comedy out the window.

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Not funny at all!

Author: iamjj416 from Altoona, PA
18 July 2002

I watched a couple episodes of this show, and I thought it was horrible. I couldn't believe how stupid it was. I can't believe anybody likes it at all. People actually like this show. I've never seen a tv show worse than this. I'm glad CBS doesn't put this on tv anymore. It was a waste of a half hour. I only watched it because a show I liked was of after it.

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Author: progrock from Littleton, CO
15 April 2002

(stepping up on my soapbox) I'm sick to death of all these TV shows, commercials and movies where babies act like "adults"! Baby Bob certainly takes the cake! I saw this show one day while flipping through the channels and was horrified to find Elliott Gould and Adam Arkin sinking to their career lows. Just because we have the CGI technology to make a baby talk doesn't mean we need to base an entire series around it, and a darn spooky looking one at that! Talking, dancing, singing babies are NOT cute and don't deserve a sitcom!!!

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The absolute worst!

Author: rzeiss1 from U.S.
10 June 2003

Quite possibly the worst TV show ever made -- definitely in the top three. If it wasn't for Joely Fishers' cans, it would be totally unwatchable. It is totally unfunny, poorly written, and everytime Bob "talks", he looks like he is in the process of or just took a major dump in his pants. He has the same blank stare that I have when watching this garbage.

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