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toni-810 February 2002
It was my first visit to India. I viewed this film in Hindi which I do not understand. But, It was a very big pleasure. Easy to understand. Very amusing, touching, and joyful.
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Glorious days of Nadeem Shravan
silvan-desouza7 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Nadeem Shravan ruled the roost in early 90s slowly they vanished when Anu Malik, Anand Milind were ruling, After DHADKAN, KASOOR they returned big time, those days their every movie soundtrack was a superhit. Yeh Dil Aashiqana is another example of an ordinary film given a boost due to their lifting music. The film had the standard story of 2 lovers who are separated but the treatment by Kuku Kohli makes it a better fare then expected. Least is expected from this film. The film has 2 plots running side by side. One is the college first half(just like PAK and Suhaag Kuku Kohli's earlier films) and the terrorist angle(Aditya Panscholi, Rajat Bedi) The film has a deja-vu feeling throughout but entertains at times

Direction by Kuku Kohli is abv average Music is the best part, I Am in Love, College ki ladkiyon and the final qawwali are awesome numbers.

Karannath(2nd movie) is decent, Jividha Sharma looked okay and acted quite okay Aditya Panscholi is terrific as the villain, Rajat Bedi gives a sincere act, Aruna Irani(her 2nd production after ANARi No.1 both directed by her husband) does her staple diet role Johny Lever is forgettable
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Bollywood grow up
Akinrotohun Oluwafemi18 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I gave the movie 6/10 because of the interesting story lines, fine songs and wonderfully choreographed dance steps and that's all there is to it. For God's sake I think Bollywood directors should see more of Hollywood's movies on terrorism before making theirs. I don't think Bollywood is ripe for these kinds of movies yet.Wondering why I'm saying all these? For heaven's sake! how can our here rescue a whole plane form fully armed men without been armed himself. HE's so good that he used kicks to dispossesses all the gunmen of their guns that's great!. The fight fight in the plane was not even choreographed well, a kid holding a gun would have killed our hero easily it so much showed that the terrorists just didn't want to touch him.

the shoot out at the birthday party was taking directly out of one of Jet li's movies. I mean the rolling of tables and all that.

U know I also wonder how someone that's already shot in the hand could carry out all those stunts he did why he was being chased. And the helicopter chase was a flop. It was so obvious they didn't want to shoot him and they didn't want him alive either cos the order was to kill him. It was in a desert for God's sake! You know at a point you start asking yourself whether the terrorists are after saving their leader of killing Karan.

All the same the movie was interesting I mean the romance was good I like it but try and step up guys or it might just be advisable for you to limit yourselves to romance movies only
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