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(2002 Video)

Plot Summary

  • The pursuit of a serial killer leads to a deeper evil. When the government captures a vampire he is imprisoned and subjected to brutal medical experiment. With the project's original MD dead a rookie from the clinic downstairs is brought in as a replacement. As the procedures becomes more gruesome, he is torn between sympathy for a patient's suffering and concern for the evil that threatens to consume everyone involved.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • There is a serial killer loose in Los Angeles. He brutalizes his young, female victims then drains their blood. He leaves no forensic evidence. The body count is rising. A task force of FBI agents and LAPD officers is formed and a trap is set. A vice officer volunteers as bait. It seems that the killer nicknamed "Vlad" has little time left. But the FBI has not told all about Vlad to the LAPD or its bait. Vlad is no ordinary serial killer. He is a force of incredible evil. As Officer Gwen Taylor attempts to lure a killer, powerful forces are also marshaling against him. They are the best trained the military has to offer with the best combination of paranormal knowledge and technology. It nearly isn't enough. A creature of myth and legend, a real vampire, is captured but not before many of his pursuers are killed. This includes Dr. Samuel Hirsch, the visionary who set the whole plan into motion. The Delphi Project continues under a new leader, Dr. Richard Bassett, who vows that his good friend's death will not be in vain. The vampire will provide the answers they seek. Bassett has convinced himself that the secret to life itself and humanity's future is at stake. But someone must repair the creature before he can be studied. He recruits a reluctant healer in Dr. Joe McKay. Protocols are carefully followed, data is gathered and the experiments proceed. But the Doctor and the Scientists have forgotten that a creature who has survived for a millennium can find weakness in any safeguards. After all, the protocols were created by the same humans which he has studied and hunted for centuries. Simon is patient and cunning. But can he survive the rigors of modern science? How far can he get them to fall in the name of science? Will they be his pawns or is he the pawn...

    - Written by Ralph Angel Lliteras, Jr.


Dr Samuel Hirsch has spent years preparing for the chance that he will one day capture a real vampire...

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