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Entertaining and...educational?

Author: Spider-Lou from Bristol, CT
3 May 2005

In the mid 90s, the FCC mandated that Saturday morning network broadcasts must have certain amount of hours devoted to educational content. Well, the networks responded with unfortunate results. However, by the time "Ozzy & Drix" premiered, no one seemed to care that this entertaining show actually fit the FCC's bill.

The show is a spin off from the movie "Osmosis Jones." The lead character Osmosis Jones is a white blood cell, and Drix is a cold pill, who strangely enough, doesn't dissolve. However, instead of having the two in Frank the adult, they are transplanted by a mosquito to a twelve year-old boy named Hector. This leaves plenty of room for fun stories.

I am very pleased how the writers of this series researched the intricacies a human child's body. Hector is depicted as the unluckiest kid in the world, for all his illnesses and accidents. But that only serves the measures Ozzy, Drix, the H.P.D., and a young mayor must do to save him.

There *are* some sci-fi exaggerations to Hector's afflictions and subsequent healing. Regardless, it had a lot more educational content than most of the WB lineup, which still has freakin' Pokemon and Mucha Lucha.

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Ozzie & Drix, We Hardly Knew Ye.

Author: ShindigAscension from United States
1 April 2006

In the beginning, there was Freakazoid on the WB Saturday Moring lineup. Then it got cancelled. Then there was Animaniacs. Then it got cancelled. Then there was Pinky and the Brain. And it got cancelled. Then came the last gasp of intelligent TV for WB kids, and it was called 'Ozzie and Drix'.

Like Freakazoid, Animaniacs, and Pinky and the Brain before it, it was a funny and witty show that didn't strike a chord with America's idiot children. It was stocked with educational and funny moments too smart for kids. Just one example: They're on the highway on a car chase, and one of the billboards says 'Peace in the middle ear'.

It was a solid show, taught the kids to stay away from drugs,a nd gave a solid hoot without going out of its way. I'd kill to have this show back.

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Walk down the right back alley in Hector, and you could find anything... it is better than you'd imagine!

Author: Pvt_Minsk from Finland
8 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have unfortunately never seen "Osmosis Jones", the movie which this series is based on, but I hear that this movie got a bad rap. If this is true, then Ozzy and Drix certainly redeems it's predecessor.

The plot involves the workings of the body of a teen named Hector. The "city" of Hector is depicted as a metropolitan city with all the cells and other fancy bits and bobs of the body working the boy that is Hector. Like any body, Hector is beset by diseases and symptoms. The show's main characters are the white blood cell, Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones, and his companion, the cold pill Drix. Just like a real cold pill, Drix is armed with a 120 nm (nanometer) smooth bore cannon for an arm ;) . These two heroes work a private eye gig of sorts, facing all the syndromes that Hector gets (and Hector seems to have "getting sick" as a part-time job).

As you've probably deduced by now, Ozzy & Drix is an educational cartoon. Those cartoons have always done VERY well in the past (I'm being sarcastic here, if you haven't witnessed the horror that is a educational cartoon before). Indeed, the first time you see Ozzy & Drix, you'd think it's an incredibly embarrassing series. But the cleverness of Ozzy & Drix is that while you learn about the human body and what can happen to it on the way, this educational stuff is not so at the forefront that you couldn't enjoy the cartoon as a hilarious and humorous parody of cop shows. For Ozzy and Drix excellently parodies the typical cop buddy movies and shows, Miami Vice coming off the top of my head. The city of Hector is like a city out of Grand Theft Auto, except without all the naughty content. All the cop show stereotypes, like the copper with street smarts, the bumbling mayor who needs serious help to keep his face good in the public, and the trench-coated informant in a shady alley are all included. The viruses and other germs are all typical "gangtas" and other criminals, with a few exceptions, shining out the most General Malaise and his (literal) army of bacteria with fake French accents.

All the while this is going on, it's all tied into typical ailments of the human body, which, as I mentioned, are not totally budging in front of the plot. Sure, the show teaches that ingestion of lots of sugar causes a rush of energy followed by tiredness, but it is depicted as a city-wide catastrophe of all cells growing lethargic and not doing their jobs, leaving the aforementioned French Napoleon-wannabe and his army to prepare for a body-wide assault. How do Ozzy & Drix thwart THIS menacing threat?! (that is a favorite episode of mine, by the way)

So seriously, if you thought of Ozzy & Drix to be another tiresome educational cartoon (the only good cartoon of this genre before was the infamous "Duck and Cover!" cartoon, teaching you that hiding under a table will save you from a close-range nuclear blast, and this was only funny because of it's unintentional absurdity), you are totally mistaken. While the life lessons are an integral part of the series, it is as much, if not more, a clever parody of the cop buddy genre, and other modern quirks. Watch at least a few episodes before your final verdict. ...unless, of course, you don't like cartoons in general, but then, why would you be reading these comments then?!

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Clever, original and smart spin-off show

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
8 June 2010

I am aware that the movie Osmosis Jones does have a fairly bad rap, but when I saw it I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. This spin-off show Ozzy and Drix actually surpasses it I think. The concept is still fresh, clever and original, and I really liked how smart and entertaining it was. Yes, some of the humour is crude and there are one or predictable moments at times. However, the animation does have its uniqueness with nice backgrounds and the characters look interesting, and the music is good, even the theme song was tolerable and admittedly I don't like that style of music. The characters are likable and unique, Drix is my favourite, he's funny and cute if somewhat silly on occasions. I also like Ozzy because he is cool and smart, and the supporting characters are quirky too. The voice acting is also top notch. Overall, clever, original and smart spin-off show that in my opinion is better than the film. 9/10 Bethany Cox

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just like the movie

Author: Kevin Thibault ( from Rhode Island
14 September 2002

The new Kids WB show, Ozzie + Drix, is just like the movie Osmosis Jones which this show is based on. In the beginning, the title stars are inside Frank (Bill Murray's character from the film) but are transported to the body of a thirteen year old named Hector via a mosquito. In this new body, the duo now protects it just they did for Frank. Ozzie + Drix has very similar animation and voices from the movie. All I know is that I now watch Saturday Morning cartoons again.

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This show is a cancer.

Author: Ithorianjedimaster2 from United States
5 February 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

For those who have seen Osmosis Jones, then you probably know the story. For those who haven't, let me spell it out. Osmosis Jones took place within the body of a slob named Frank, who definitely isn't the healthiest man alive. From his intake of junk food and an egg that came out of a monkey's mouth and landed on the floor, he unfortunately catches a virus called the Red Death. Luckily, inside him, he has a courageous, but hilarious white blood cell named, well, Osmosis Jones. Later on, Osmosis meets up with Drix, a cold pill, and together, they stop the Red Death and save Frank, who then moves down a much more healthy road.

The movie was a success, but then, before they thankfully went out of business, Kids WB took up the license and made something terrible from a good thing. Meet "Ozzy and Drix", the 'hip' and 'cool' title of the awful cartoon based on the movie, or so it seems. In the first episode, you know something's wrong. The creators must have watched about half an hour of the movie and then went to write the script because here, the show takes place after the movie, but Frank isn't going down his healthy path to redemption, despite the fact that he almost died! Here, he is the same old' slob, maybe even worse, chowing down on hot wings and nachos.

Osmosis (I'm not calling him 'Ozzy') and Drix, sad over Frank's gluttony, eventually end up being launched out of Frank's body and go smack into the insides of a teenage boy named Hector. Here, they meet the child-of-a-mayor and the tough police officer Maria, and after they are freed from the crimes of being "outsiders", Osmosis gets that "We can start over!" idea and decides to leave Frank behind to try and lead Hector to a healthy life, something he failed to do with Frank. Unfortunately, that's about all you'll watch because then, the show falls apart.

Our favorite white blood cell went from a cool, laid-back character who has a big heart to a pathetic idiot who thinks with his gun and not his head. Same goes for Drix. In the movie, he was a tough, no-holds-barred, and yet very friendly cold pill, but out of a strange twist of fate (and terrible script-writing), Drix has turned into a comic-book-reading, screams-like-a-girl wuss! Sure, he has his capsules, which, if you saw the movie, is Drix's specialty, but here, they are used to net bad guys, freeze the floor to make the bad guys slip and fall, and many other cartoonish ways that would have put Drix from the movie to tears.

The episodes are always the same. Germ shows up, causes mayhem to make itself a threat, police try to stop it, get their butts kicked, Osmosis and Drix show up, get their butts kicked, they come up with a plan, they beat the germ, THE END! There is only one episode I actually found to have a very good message, which saved the show from getting 1 out of 10 from me, and that was when Hector began smoking, that's right, SMOKING, and therefore, unleashes Nicotine, Tar, etc. into the body. The bodily duo beat them, as you might expect.

The dark, sometimes violent nature of the movie, like the Red Death was slitting the throats of germ mobsters and killing his ways to the brain, made the movie anything but a "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" rip-off and made it into something great. In the cartoon, Kids WB, as you might have guessed, removed all that and turned the violence down, trying to make a good children's cartoon.

Ozzy and Drix is a horrible, horrible show. If you thought Power Rangers was repetitive, well, you haven't seen this cartoon. The characters are but childish versions of their former selves, the storyline that supposedly picks up where the movie felt off is terribly done (Frank LEARNED his lesson! He was HEALTHY at the end of the movie!), and Kids WB was able to take an awesome movie and completely ruin it to the point where kids wouldn't understand the medical lingo and teenagers and adults would just shrug, if they were clawing out their ears from the rap, uh huh, RAP theme song and the horrific voices that took the place of Chris Rock and David Hyde Pierce. I'm glad you went out of business, Kids WB. You deserved it! R.I.P. Osmosis.

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The four horsemen are upon us!

Author: radner1 from Unites States
18 October 2002

Why?! Why did someone make a TV series out something as bad as Osmosis Jones? I'll tell you why because they think the majority of TV watchers will swallow anything. I haven't felt this nauseous since I learned about "Smallville". It's enough to make a person chuck his TV out the window and become a recluse.

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