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Hardly the best yet!

Author: OzzyCash from Nashville, TN
25 March 2002

I enjoyed this Wrestlemania but to call it the best Wrestlemania ever is a joke. It started off with Saliva performing Superstar which was one of two Wrestlemania themes, I like Saliva but they didn't sound too good live. Our first match of the night was William Regal defending his IC title against RVD. This match was only 6 minutes and should have went on a little longer for an event this big, however it was a pretty good match however I'd rather seen RVD taking on Edge or Booker T. Next match was DDP defending his Euro title against Christian, a pretty good match also 6 minutes. Then we had a 4 minute interview with the Rock, had we not had this interview the first two matches could have went longer, hmm. Then we had Goldust vs Maven which was added to the card for absolutely no reason, the match only lasted 3 minutes and the person who wins is a joke and would carry out hardcore title switches throughout the night. Then Drowning Pool performed, they sounded better then Saliva but still not all that great. Match 4 was Kurt Angle vs Kane which may have been the best match of the night, Kurt threw Kane around like it was nothing he was very impressive. Next it was Undertaker vs Ric Flair and to my suprise it was a pretty good match, I expected an awful match but luckily it was pretty good. Flair really worked his butt off for a man his age. Next it was Edge vs Booker T and it wasn't a bad match. Next it was one of the biggest hyped matches of the night as Stone Cold took on Scott Hall, this match really sucked and it only went a little over 7 minutes. The 4-team elimination tag match for the titles was up next. I think they should have went with another TLC people love those but no we get the APA, Dudleys, Hardys & Billy & Chuck. Not the best tag match ever but I guess it was ok. Next match was the most hyped of the night and will be talked about for a long time as the Rock took on the immortal Hulk Hogan. A lot of people are calling this a great match and to be honest it wasn't really that great, it was decent I guess good for Hogan's standards. But what made this match great was the fans they made the match so fun I've never seen fans behind a wrestler as they were behind Hogan ever! It was amazing. 10th match of the night was a 3-way for the women's title. I use to hate the women's division but now they screw up so match it becomes kind of wacky and violent hehe. Jazz defeated both Trish and Lita as she should. And our main event was one of the worst main events in Wrestlemania history as Chris Jericho defended his world title against Triple H, this match just sucked and the crowd wasn't into it at all. Decent Wrestlemania but to call it the best ever is a joke.

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Quite underwhelming to say the least. Only memorable, for Rock Vs Hogan.

Author: callanvass
15 February 2010

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Wrestlemania 18 is quite a failure in my opinion, outside of Rock Vs Hogan, even that is a little overrated though. The crowd is incredibly dull, besides Hogan Vs The Rock, which sickened me to be honest. Why go to an event, just to cheer for one match?. I'm a Canadian, but even that disgusted me. Memorable for all the wrong reasons, and will be looked at, as a missed opportunity more than anything else.


Intercontinental Title. RVD Vs William Regal|C|. Really good, but stopped just as it was starting to get going, unfortunately. There styles contrasted well, and Regal put some pretty slick moves on Rob. RVD wins with the 5 star frog splash.


European Championship. DDP|C| Vs Christian. Amusing, if not the best. For what it was, I had some OK fun with it, but with one of the best in Christian, and a then capable performer in DDP, it should have been better. DDP wins with his Diamond Cutter. Temper tantrum result, in hilarious fashion, for Christian.

2 1/2 /5

Hardcore Championship. Maven|C| Vs Goldust. Nice pop for Maven, believe it or not. Match itself, was pretty crappy, except for a sick bump, when Goldust threw Maven, against the black barricade. Spike comes out, and wins the title after. After some rather underwhelming Hardcore action, with a bunch of competitors going at it, Hurricane swoops in, and wins it. Shockingly Mighty Molly, turns on her mentor, and wins it for herself. But runs into a brick wall in Christian, who seemingly leaves with gold after all. More on that later

1/5 .

Kurt Angle Vs Kane. Big pop, for Angle's entrance. Crowd seems to be on Angle's side. One of the best matches on the show, believe it or not. Kane held his own against Kurt, and the results ended up being exciting, very actually. Kurt wins, with his feet on the ropes.


No DQ Match.

Ric Flair Vs The Undertaker.

Big pop for both men. Wrestling wise it's no classic, but for a bloody no hold's barred brawl, its top notch!. Flair proved he could hang with Taker's style, and took some sick bumps. Arn Anderson makes a cool appearance, but in the end, Taker wins with the tombstone.

4 1/2 /5

Edge Vs Booker T. Huge pop for Edge. Crowd is dead, once it's here though. OK for what it was, nothing horrible, just nothing overly exciting. Edge wins, with The Edgecution.


Stone Cold Vs Scott Hall. Decent pop for Austin and the Nwo. Crowd is mixed here. Match wise, it's not that great, but the antics, and the odds against Austin, made for some fun times. Austin wins with some stunner's. Crowd gets the loudest they have all night, for Austin's celebratory victory, other than Rock Vs Hogan. Austin deserved better here.

2 1/2 /5

Four Corners, Elimination Match. WWF Tag Team Championship.

Billy&Chuck|C| Vs Dudley's Vs The Hardy's Vs The APA. Crowd is extremely dead for this, and the match itself is a big failure, why not another TLC?. It just never flowed properly, and often found myself looking at my watch, for the 13 minutes. Billy&Chuck use cheating tactics, to retain.


Woman's Championship. Trish Stratus Vs Lita Vs Jazz|C|. Nice hometown pop for Trish. You know things are bad, when the woman outperform half the men's matches, on the card. You won't get better woman wrestling then this. Outside of a couple botches, I have no complaints. Jazz wins in the end.

3 1/2 /5

As Christian is leaving, Maven surprises him with a roll up, and gets back his Hardcore Championship. More temper tantrums for Christian.

Undisputed Title. Chris Jericho|C| Vs Triple H. Triple H's ego gets in the way again, with a match that should have not main Evented. Not bad, but should have been more exciting for a main event. Jericho was a fine choice, but they just never gelled together, and the crowd could care less. Trips wins with the pedigree, with Steph getting one too.

2 1/2 /5

The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan. LOUD pop for Hogan, mixed reaction for The Rock. Crowd is firmly with Hogan, erupting every time he moved it seemed. Match wise it's above average at best. But the electricity, and the ramifications of it all, was just amazing. Hogan for once was a class act, during and after the match. The right man went over here, and this should have main Evented. Hogan and Rock embrace after the match, with the NWO turning on Hogan, thus turning him face once again.


Bottom line. Wrestlemania 8 is a failure for many reasons. The NWO storyline had so much potential, but was so overblown, it could never work. The event itself feels boring, and the crowd is just depressing. You can see Rock Vs Hogan anywhere, and while some of the card is good, it's not worth going out of your way for. Worth a look for curiosity's sake, but that's it.

6/10, and that's being generous.

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Good Wrestlemania, but could of been way better

Author: kliko400 from Australia
18 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was a good Wrestlemania {As usual as all Wrestlemania's are fantastic}. But if most of the matches took a bit longer it would of been a great Wrestlemania.

FIRST MATCH- ROB VAN DAM VS. WILLIAM REGAL FOR THE WWF INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP Cool way to start off Wrestlemania with the IC title on the line. The match was okay but if it was a bit more longer it would of been a very good match. Regal tries to use the brass knuckles during the match but fails as RVD nails the Five Star Frog Splash on him for the win to become the new WWF Intercontinental Champion. 4/10

SECOND MATCH- DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE VS. Christian FOR THE WWF European CHAMPIONSHIP Too short, this match should take a bit more longer. DDP wins after using his special called a Diamond Cutter on Christian for the win to retain his WWF European Championship. 3/10

THIRD MATCH- GOLDUST VS. MAVEN IN A HARDCORE MATCH FOR THE HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP Should of included more weapons & more time in the match. While Goldust is outside, Spike Dudley runs in the ring & pins Maven to become the new WWF Hardcore Champion. After the match, backstage a list of superstars {Including Christian, Al Snow, Molly Holly, Hurricane & much more try to pin each other backstage in order to win the Hardcore title belt which can be won by pinning the Hardcore Champion any time backstage}. 3/10

FOURTH MATCH- KURT ANGLE VS. KANE Could of been longer. Still it was an okay match, Angle wins after a roll-up on Kane using the ropes to get the cheat win. 2/10

FIFTH MATCH- EDGE VS. BOOKER T Again, sorry for being a little annoying with the same comments over & over again, but it was still short, to me this match was more like a squash. Edge actually does the spinaroonie during the match, then nails the Edgeocution on Booker T for the win in his hometown. 2/10

SIXTH MATCH- UNDERTAKER VS. RIC FLAIR IN A NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH This was also a good match,Flair was busted open during this match at the hands of Undertaker. Flair locks in the Figure 4 Leg Lock, but Undertaker grabs Flair's throat, escapes out of the Figure 4 Leg Lock & nails the Chokeslam for the win here against Ric Flair in this no disqualification match. 4/10

SEVENTH MATCH- STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN VS. SCOTT HALL W/ KEVIN NASH This was a good match, it was very good. Kevin Nash tries to interfere knocking the referee out. But Steve Austin takes care of the business knocking Nash out & nailing the Stunner on Scott Hall for the win. 5/10

EIGHT MATCH- JAZZ VS. LITA VS. TRISH STRATUS IN A TRIPLE-THREAT MATCH FOR THE WWF WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Not that much of a triple-threat match, it was alright, but the match was a bit slow & sloppy at times. Jazz wins the triple-threat match to retain her WWE Women's title. 3/10

NINTH MATCH- ROCK VS. Hollywood HULK HOGAN This is the most anticipated, the most talked about match in the history & it is finally here at Wrestlemania. You can feel the electricity in the arena & the fans reaction very well. Not really a bad match, but it was slow & to everyone's & including my shock, all the fans were chanting for Hulk Hogan & booing the Rock. Rock still was able to ignore the fans & nail a Rock Bottom, followed by a People's Elbow on Hulk Hogan for the win. After the match Rock & Hulk Hogan shake their hands in respect towards each other, then while Rock leaves, the NWO {New World Order} attack Hulk Hogan resulting Rock to come in & clean house taking Kevin Nash & Scott Hall out of the ring. Rock then helps Hogan to the back as this is definitely a memorable moment at Wrestlemania which will not be forgotten for a long, long time to come. 5/10

TENTH MATCH- BILLY & CHUCK VS. APA VS. HARDY BOYS VS. DUDLEY BOYS W/ STACY KEIBLER IN A FATAL 4 WAY ELIMINATION TAG TEAM MATCH FOR THE WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP Great double-team moves from all 4 teams. First Dudley Boys are eliminated after getting pinned by APA. Then APA is eliminated after Hardy Boys. Then Hardy Boys are eliminated after getting whacked by the World Tag Team belts by Billy & Chuck behind the referee to get the win & to retain their World Tag Team title belts. 5/10

ELEVENTH MATCH- TRIPLE H VS. CHRIS JERICHO W/ STEPHANIE MCMAHON FOR THE WWF UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONSHIP An acceptable mainevent for Wrestlemania. The best highlight of the match is when HHH actually Pedigreed {now which is his wife} Stephanie McMahon. HHH turns around as Jericho goes for HHH's own Pedigree but HHH backdrops Jericho & nails his own Pedigree to get the win as HHH has came back from injury & defeated Jericho here at the mainevent of Wrestlemania to become the new WWF Undisputed Champion. 5/10

This was a good Wrestlemania, but most of the matches didn't take long & most of the matches on the card could of happened on Raw or Smackdown, but anyways it was still a very good Wrestlemania with the Rock-Hogan match, this Wrestlemania will not be forgotten. Also HHH Pedigreeing Stephanie, that is also a Wrestlemania moment as well.

Overall: I'll give it 7/10 & a C+

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my 1st wrestlemanai attended!! (spoiler)

Author: Sugar Salvador from Toronto
27 April 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

it was great being at a wrestlemania but this wasn't even close to being the best one ever. RVD-Regal wasn't a good match because of their styles and everyone knew RVD was going over anyway. DDP against Christian was average. Maven blew his spots and at least the Hardcore vignettes were funny. Kane and Angle had a chance to be the best match but they blew the finish! Undertaker and Ric Flair put on a hell of a match, I think it exceeded everyone's expectations. And Arn Anderson giving Taker a spinebuster was one of the best moments of the night. Edge-Booker could have been so much better than it was. It was so disappointing to see Scott Hall get squashed by Austin. The tag match was good because they got The APA out right away and the right team went over in the end. Hogan and Rock was the match of the night, it was unbelievable being in the building and hearing the response for Hogan. And again, the right man went over and Hogan should be congratulated for his performance. The woman's match was forgettable, but at least Jazz won. HHH-Jericho shouldn't have been the main event it wasn't even that good and everyone knew HHH was going over. The worst thing about the night was those talentless bums that were screaming into a microphone all night, they call that music. It drove me insane, please WWF give up these trailer park trash rock groups they just annoy everyone.

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The best Pay-Per-view

Author: wwf_Reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
20 April 2002

Hey, just would like to say that this was an awsome pay-per-view. My top 4 favorite matches for this Wrestlemania is:

4. Rob Van Dam vs William Regal because I'm a big fan of RVD, so since he won the match, its number 4

3. Ric Flair vs The Undertaker because Ric Flair just sux and the Undertaker Rules!!

2. Triple H vs Chris Jericho because Triple H won the Undisputed Championship, and Triple H got to pedigree that slut Stephanie.

1. Of course my most favorite match is Hulk Hogan vs The Rock because all threw the match I wanted The Rock to win but everyone in the skydome was yelling "Hogan","Hogan","Hogan" and saying "Rocky Sux Rocky Sux". But after the Rock won, I felt sorry for Hulk Hogan because he looked really bad and pritty much got his ass kicked by the people champion.

Overall Mark for Wrestlemania x8 = A-

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Significant for all the wrong reasons

Author: Pat Barker from Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey
14 May 2002

When I first saw WrestleMania X-8, I thought that it marked the culmination of the WWF's nosedive. I was wrong, apparently, because the plummet continues with force. After doing the previous year's WrestleMania so perfectly and giving the fans one exciting match after another (from Angle/Benoit to TLC to Vince/Shane to Rock/Austin), the WWF did everything wrong. They blew the WCW invasion (more than once) and then screwed up the nWo as well, wasting millions of dollars. This show has very little in the way of excitement, especially in comparison to X-7. The main event, while technically sound, played to the least lively crowd since JFK's funeral. The crowd had been drained from doing the unthinkable and taking the God-awful Hulk Hogan and his horrid offense (punch, backrake, big boot, legdrop) and making the WWF think that this clown should be the top guy again. Never underestimate the power of 60,000 braindead Canadians. Ironically enough, the Rock/Hogan match is the bright spot depite being so technically awful. If you either love or hate Hogan, then seeing The Rock pin him is quite the moment. The undercard is mediocre at best, with a whole bunch of average matches. Instead of being the end of the WWF's tailspin, this show started an even sharper dive into the ground. No need to pick this up unless you're a WWF completist.

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The Return Of The Hulkster

Author: brymshaw from Philadelphia, PA
11 April 2002

Hulk Hogan Is back In the Main Event , That is what makes Wrestlemania 18 the best in many years , Also Kevin Nash and Scott Hall make their WWF Return to the ring .

Don't miss this event it is 4 Hours of Pure Excitement.

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My top five favorite matches for Wrestlemania X-8

Author: wwf_Reporter from Vancouver, B.C.
21 April 2002

This is my top five favorite matches for wrestlemania 2002:

5. Austin vs Scott Hall 4. The Undertaker vs Ric Flair 3. Rob Van Dam vs William Regal 2. Triple H vs Chris Jericho 1. The Rock vs Hulk Hogan I would say that is Wrestlemania is my favorite because all the good wrestlers won their matches. The only complaint is that the bands for Wrestlemania was really crappy. So my Overall mark for Wrestlemania X-8 is= A

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Author: RemRock7 from Los Angeles, CA
27 February 2003

This Wrestlemania would rank very low on my list of Wrestlemanias. The Rock vs Hulk Hogan was not very good at all, Stone Cold vs Scott Hall was slow, RVD vs William Regal was probably the best wrestled match of the night, DDP vs Christian was not worth watching, Jazz vs Lita vs Trish Stratus ended WAY TOO FAST, Triple H vs Chris Jericho was decent (although not for a main event at Wrestlemania), The Hardcore title changing hands several times sucked (except when The Hurricane was peeping at The Godfather's Hoes), The Billy/Chuck, Dudley Boyz, Hardyz, APA match should not have ended the way it did, Kurt Angle vs Kane was ok, Edge vs Booker T was fine, Undertaker vs Ric Flair was not too shabby, but overall i give this a 7/10

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The best yet.

Author: Steve Johnson ( from Hamilton, Ohio
20 March 2002

This year's Wrestlemania was great. All of the matches were much better than last years. One of My favorite matches of the night was Austin vs. Hall (after weeks of listening to Hall's speeches, Austin put him in his place.)By far the best match of the night was Triple H vs. Jericho, Finally the WWF has a true champion in HHH (In my opinion Triple H is one of the best champions ever, just look at some of his past championship matches all were a great showing of what a true champion is. Unlike Chris Jericho, who was to put it lightly a mediocre champion.) Hopefully, The Game will provide us with classic title defenses just like in the past. The Rock vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan match was a great match itself, you can tell both gave us 100% during the entire match. It was great to see shades of the old Hogan back toward the end of the match, I think the fans have missed him over the past few years and the WWF did a good thing by bringing him back. If you are a WWF fan, this is worth a look.

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