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(2002 TV Special)

Alternate Versions

On March 19, 2002 the WWF aired a replay of the event editing out the massive Hogan chants and adding Rocky chants. These were subsequently changed back for home video releases.
All of the WWF references are intact on the original WWF DVD release. The anthology DVD set (released after the World Wildlife Fund's lawsuit over the WWF initials) blurs out all uses of the WWF logo and omits nearly all verbal WWF references. It also changes many WWF logo captions to WWE logo captions.
The original pay-per-view broadcast featured "Superstar" by Saliva as the opening pyro theme. The DVD version re-dubbed the opening with "Tear Away" by Drowning Pool used instead.
During the actual Pay-Per-View airing, Rob Van Dam could be heard calling out "Dropkick!" to William Regal. This was edited out of the home video release.
Also during the actual Pay-Per-View airing, Kurt Angle & Kane messed up the initial roll-up pin, with Kane's shoulders not being down, and they re-did it, with Kane's shoulders still not fully down. The video release edits out the first pin and the commentary for the first pin.
At the end of the Pay-Per-View, the highlights at the end of the event showed Triple H Pedigreeing Stephanie McMahon many times, each time getting smaller and smaller and smaller, until eventually you couldn't even see the footage. This was edited for the video release to show the ending of the Jericho/Triple H match.

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