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complete and uplifting little movie
rogierr21 April 2004
This short was screened at AFFF between 'the making of' Bad Taste (1987) and Forgotten Silver (1995), although it was not directed by Peter Jackson.

There's not much speech and that is the universal power of it. It's a complete movie about two neighbours who have a funny conflict. Or a funny way of resolving their conflict, i should say. Their unorthodox ways must be on anybody's mind from time to time: especially children's.

I appreciated that this short didn't want to be a full movie but is good fun at just the length it has. The sound and cinematography techniques tell most of the story.

WingNut rules! 7/10.
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More noisy than entertaining
Thomas26 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
"Valley of the Stereos" is a 15-minute short film from 1992, so this one will have its 25th anniversary next year. The writer and director is George Port and he made this one 10 years before his Emmy nomination. It is basically a clash of two extremes. on the one hand we have a man who just wants to work and have his calm, on the other we have an intruder who keeps shaking things up for the other. But it's not a case of bad vs. good as both are pretty feisty opponent in this one. Fittingly with the film's close connection to animal sounds, this movie has no dialogue, which is pretty nice for people from non-English speaking countries as they don't have to worry about subtitles. And the film is generally very sound-related also in terms of laughter etc. But the story was not too great I must say and that's why I was not really well-entertained here. I give this film a thumbs down. not a failure, but also far from being a memorable watch.
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A unique Short Film with some great Stop Motion Effects
Hamish Towgood9 December 2002
Directed by George Port, this Short Film has been shown throughout New Zealand schools, I first saw it in intermediate school, hadnt seen it again since just today, but always wanted to.

The Stop Motion special effects are great in this film, the crew must have worked hard on them. With help from Costa Botes and Peter Jackson, you can tell straight away this film is well made.

I really recommend it!!
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