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This movie is......
RainInRivendell22 June 2006
a teen movie. I enjoyed it because well I'm a teen. The comedy could have been better, but there were some funny moments, like when Tom was attacked by the pigeons, and when Tom and Peter were fighting. It was pretty predictable, but I am a fan of corny romantic comedies, and if you are, you will want to see this movie. it is a heartwarming film that any Ashton or Brittany fan will want to see. It does not reflect the best work of anyone but it is enjoyable none the less. Final review: A cheesy, not that great movie, with an enjoyable plot and a nice cast.

Rent it but don't rush out and buy it
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xtimetowastexx19 August 2006
OK, the story wasn't brilliant, and the ending was predictable. There wasn't anything really amazing about this movie. But, I loved it. A lot. It made me laugh, a lot and thats all I really care about. Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher were great together, they made a really good pair. I'm not a huge Ashton fan, but I do think he is funny, and this was probably the best movie I've seen out of the ones I've seen him in. Same with Brittany Murphy, although I really haven't seen much of her stuff. Like I said, the story is simple and predictable, but if you don't care about that kind of stuff then I'd recommend for a few laughs, nothing more, nothing less. =]
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Does What It Says on the Tin
tohu30 October 2007
Newlyweds Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher embark on the honeymoon from hell. Ermmm. That's it.

This movie very much does what it says on the tin. It doesn't claim to be an intellectual journey. It's just a bit of screen candyfloss. But for all that, I'd rate it as one of the better examples of its type.

Why? Because there are enough laughs to keep it going - especially in the first half of the film. And the two leads are likable enough. It has to be said that both look terrific, and Kutcher in particular has developed a very nice style in physical comedy.

The problem with all these kind of movies, for me, is that they tend to drag a bit as they reach the 1hour mark, and then you're sort of waiting for it to end. This is certainly the case here. But if you like to see goodlooking people in reasonably funny romantic situations, you can do a lot worse than this one.
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Recycled and not very funny, but entertaining enough if you're in the right mood
MovieAddict201622 August 2005
I had low hopes for this film. It's directed by Shawn Levy, one of the worst directors of all time. It stars Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy, both of whom can't really act and are only in films now because of their social/celebrity status.

Nevertheless I was surprised because despite some really hideous reviews and bad promos, the movie isn't awful. As a means of silly entertainment, it's sweet, good-natured and occasionally funny, even if all the gags are recycled from other flicks. I counted quite a few. The first fifteen minutes alone have: - Last regrets before the wedding (e.g. bride feels bad about keeping secrets from future husband, etc.) - Groom picks up bride to be romantic, ends up slapping her head against the door frame (also see...any other movie about newly married couples) - They try to have sex on an airplane, get limb(s) stuck in the toilet (also see "Vegas Vacation," which was a scene recycled from other films to begin with) - Mean airline stewardesses (also see "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and "Meet the Parents" and "Midnight Run" and...) - Mix-up at the rental agency in terms of car/transportation, they end up with a lesser car (ripped right off of the aforementioned "P,T&A") - Get stuck in snow ("PT&A" again!) And so on and so forth...

Some of the gags are too crude and shouldn't be included - the pathetic joke about the vibrator as a honeymoon present is unnecessary. Sticking it into the wrong electrical current outlet is a good payoff, but I was expecting it to be handled funnier. It's a bit anti-climactic.

Overall this is an "embarrassing situation" comedy where lots and lots of bad stuff happens to people minding their own business. It's kind of like "Meet the Parents" - events continually spiralling out of control, bad luck for good people - but not as funny or well-developed. The characters are likable which helps out a lot. The direction isn't as bad as I expected.

But the script could have used polishing and the whole premise has been dealt with before. As a means of simple 90-minute entertainment, you could do a lot, lot worse (trust me!). But I'm just hoping they don't make another one. (I can see it now: "Just Parents," "Just Grandparents," "Just Divorced" and then "Just Deceased.")
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Somewhere in my bottom 10
TheOtherFool1 May 2004
You remember those Jerry Springer episodes where a husband cheats on his wife with her sister, calls her a whore and is actually a woman himself (well, you get my drift). The response the wife gives to everybody: Well, he's coming home with me! When Jerry asks her why she would want to do that, she just looks down and says: Well, I just love him Jerry...

WHY she actually loves her husband is unclear, just as it's unclear why newlyweds poor guy Tom (Ashton Kutcher) and rich girl Sarah (Brittany Murphy) team up. They don't know anything about each other, but get married anyway. OK, it's a mistake others have made, but things only get worse when they are fighting, screaming at each other, basicly hate each other, but in the end, as Sarah says to her father: Well, I just love him Jer... erm... dad.

The story is focussing on the honeymoon of Tom and Sarah. They decided to go to Europe, first stop: France. At this time around Kutcher's character is the most annoying one I have ever witnessed on screen. He's literally a European's nightmare of an American. He hates it that no-one speaks English (well, American anyway), hates the French customs, yells at the hotel manager while he just basicly destroyed the place, he's screaming at his wife for no reason... what fun is there to be married to this illiterate guy?

Things only get worse once they go to Venice, with Sarah meeting an old boyfriend of hers and Tom almost sleeping with a girl he picked up at a bar (he goes to all the time because they show American baseballmatches... screw those old churches!).

So, what happens really, is two people who are not fit for each other end up getting married, which is a huge mistake. Ok, let's go for it then. Make it some sort of War Of The Roses, or whatever. But no, there's always a feeling left in the movie that they will end up happily ever after, until that very last scene. I Just Love Him Daddy! YUCK!!!

Film not only lacking a good story, a good ending, good actors, good directing, but also some laughs (why would you call this one a comedy?) as it sure is one of the worst movies I have ever witnessed. Down there with Freddie Got Fingered, Spice World, Glitter, Showgirls and other crap. Shame on you!

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Just OK
mjw230517 January 2007
Tom (Ashton Kutcher) a traffic reporter with a white collar up bringing and Sarah (Brittany Murphy) a writer whose family is wealthy and snobbish, fall in love and marry; much to the despair of her parents and her ex-boyfriend. After their wedding they set off on what should be their honeymoon, but it's more the trip from hell.

Kutcher and Murphy do have a strong screen chemistry, and this movie does have a decent script with some funny moments, it just doesn't do anything new, which leaves it feeling just a little too familiar, to be considered a really good film.

It's well made, funny and entertaining; it's just not special.

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Average comedy with a few laughs
christian12317 May 2005
Just Married is an average comedy and something you would expect from Ashton Kutcher. Tom Leezak and Sarah McNerney are newlyweds and are about to go off of their honeymoon. The trip turns out to be terrible as all these accidents start happening to them. Will they able to overcome these obstacles and stay married? The plot is pretty generic as there's really nothing new about it. Films like Just Married can sometimes be really funny while other times, they can be bad. Just Married falls somewhere in between. While there are some funny moments, there are also a lot of yawns. Ashton Kutcher stars as Tom and he does a good job. He usually plays the same character but does it well. Brittany Murphy plays Sarah and does a good job. She is a really good actress and one day will be a huge star. The material she is given in this film, just isn't very good. Christian Kane plays the ex-boyfriend of Sarah and he is trying to get her back. He is an okay actor, nothing special though. Shawn Levy directs and does an average job. Just Married is the type of comedy you would expect out of January, which is average and forgettable. The film is only 95 minutes long, which means it isn't too much of a pain to watch. The movie does drag sometimes though and so it feels like its longer then it really is. There are no memorable scenes or lines as you have already probably heard it and seen it before. There's really no reason to go and see Just Married. The stars didn't benefit from it nor were they affected from it in a bad way. In a few years most people will forget they have seen it. So there's no harm in watching but there are better comedies out there. Rating 5.3/10, a so-so comedy that's really not worth watching.
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Predictable and awful
aberlour3625 June 2004
Stuck in a hotel room and exhausted, I turned on HBO and saw this film. Aside from the high energy levels of the main stars, this movie is without redeeming features. The script is insipid and predictable, and the production is only adequate.

A coupe of shack-ups get married, decide that they have strong differences, and fight throughout their honeymoon. They make up at the end. And in real life would live a hellish existence.

Truly not worth anyone's time. The movie isn't funny, sexy, or even interesting.

But my hat is off to the young actors for doing their best with very little to work with.
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For an Ashton Kutcher film, I got a more than a few laughs
Kristine27 September 2004
I know this film is getting a bad rep, but I enjoyed it. I really laughed a lot at the film. Yes, the script is a bit amateurish. And the story gets a little stupid here and there. But it seems to me that a lot of the people who hated this movie didn't put their guards down. I have the same problem to sometimes. I don't like Ashton or Britney. I think that they are amateur actors. They have a hard time acting. And that's why it came so natural in the film. That's how they really are. I'm glad I just decided to sit down and watch the movie. Let go and watch it. It has it's very funny moments. As for the 5.0, I can let go. Some films, it just takes time I guess.

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cute. that's all
T Y28 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
The much reviled 'romanntic comedy' genre always takes the form of a) meet cute b) fall "in love," c) get into a fight, and d) reunite at the last minute after a music montage. For these reasons it receives heaps of scorn. But there's a range of romantic comedies, and really any frame of this is preferable to something like "Just Friends." The travel footage is very nice. But as always with the genre it defaults to unimaginative clichés as when in France they make room for lots of french-bashing. Really... the French are kind until they meet a jackass like Kutcher's character. And the cause of it all (Kutcher likes sports) is introduced to his wife about twelve seconds before the plot point needs to be utilized.

In the end, Kutcher is declaring his undying love for whatsherface for no clearer reason than he's young and the young are prone to cavalier promises about forever because they sampled so little of it. Which means they're not any further than where they started. But what did you expect from a romantic comedy?

If I remember correctly, the movies "Caffe America" exterior is actually the only gay bar in Venice.
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Yet another movie that doesn't redefine average.
elusivedream783 November 2003
Because, to redefine average, a movie would have to be .. well, more average than average.

I gave this movie a 5, since it held my attention (mostly because Ashton is so cute and seeing glimpses of him shirtless hold attention), but it's certainly nothing memorable.

It's just a ho-hum movie with nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking.

Oh, and I did laugh once. But, I can't even remember when.

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Uninteresting, unfunny and unbelievable
wilywilliam27 August 2003
This movie is a bit of a stinker. I see that some of the young ladies really like it, possibly due to Kutcher(!). However, I judge a movie on more than just the fanciability of the cast. I mean, Brittany Murphy is pretty hot, and that's worth at least a point, but the movie as a whole is quite lame. Kutcher and Murphy do seem to have a bit of chemistry, and they do show sporadic flashes of real acting ability, but in all, this movie doesn't really go anywhere. It's a bad advertisement for the new wave of "brat-packers". American Pie was always going to be tough to follow, but nothing since has come close, and Just Married is light years away.
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What you expect and a lot worse...
Terminal Madness18 June 2004
Hollywood shows the flavor of the months in this awful film starring two semi-talented "actors" who attempt to play off each other in the sloppy script and terrible comedy.

This has all the comedy cliches; hijinks in an airplane bathroom, the cliche snooty french people, the stuffy rich family who hates the fiance for no particular reason other than he's poor, and the same stereotypes you'd expect to see in France.

Watch Ashton Kutcher do the same ridiculous yelling he tries to pull off as comedic with obvious lines like "Pussy has never hated me. Now I feel loved!" and then he screams some more, and then he delivers another line with a top of the lungs scream and then another painfully obvious line.

Kutcher is tolerable compared to Murphy who attempts to come off as adorable but instead is just irritating to the point where eating glass is more entertaining. She's rich but she dresses like a rather average girl, and giggles a lot.

I mean it; she giggles, and laughs, and chuckles and scoff like an airhead expecting the audience to find it simply adorable but it's just annoying, and I ain't buying it.

The two have zero chemistry and if that's not enough the movie doesn't put up much of an argument to get us to like these people; they're just rather annoying blips on the screen.

The dialogue is awful, the situations ridiculous, the acting is horrible with Kutcher doing his usual screaming at the top of his lungs to draw laughter, a quickly tiresome shtick along with Murphy who is way over the top with her performance in an attempt to channel Lucille Ball but comes off more as shrill.

The script never puts up an argument as to why they should be together, nor does it give us much of a plot except tiny little physical bits of comedy that fail on every level and measure with a usual obligatory happy ending that's so tacked on you're left wondering why you wasted so much time on these people in the first place.

Ashton may never be able to recover and his screaming thing for comedy will get old, but Murphy I hold hope for. Murphy, you're not Lucille Ball, so give it up and be yourself, eh?

(* out of ****)
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Watch it if you have absolutely nothing better to do
mrinalvikram29 January 2004
The typical formula movie, makes you wonder how Hollywood never gets tired of making movies like this. Ashton Kutcher might find it really hard to break his dumb guy stereotype. As for Brittany Murphy, after 8 mile, doing such a movie is definitely not a good move.
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Nothing to like in this movie
oblio-89 September 2007
The supporting cast of the movie largely consists of one-dimensional stereotypes (WASPs have silly pet names! Chinese people talk funny!) -- but, sadly, they're more amusing than the lead parts.

Ashton Kutcher's Tom is an uncultured dimbulb -- but he makes up for that by being petulant, whiny, selfish, and short-tempered. His wife says that she loves him, but it's hard to understand why -- apart from a nice smile, he has nothing to recommend him.

Most of the gags in the movie are third-rate retreads of other Americans-in-Europe movies (They have tiny cars! French people are snooty!). Amazingly, this is actually a worse entry to the genre than "National Lampoon's European Vacation".

The best metaphor for the movie is the tiny car the couple drive when they arrive in Europe. It's slow-moving, underpowered, and you'll wish you hadn't rented it. (Oh, and it's not a place you'd like to be trapped with Ashton Kutcher).
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Just Skip It
Chrysanthepop30 April 2008
'Just Married' is pretty much just another goofy Ashton Kutcher film. The premise is quite old and there's nothing new about a couple facing disaster on their honeymoon. 'Just Married' does add its own touch but none of it worked for me. It is just too loud and clichéd and the attempt at humour miserably fails. It tries too hard to be funny. The dialogues are terrible. Ashton Kutcher is the same goofy guy he played in x films and Brittany Murphy is plug-your-ears irritating. The supporting cast is just as bad. A lot of it takes place in Venice but what use is that in a bad movie? I guess only Kutcher and Murphy fans might like it. I didn't.
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Newlywed surprise
XFLRWF13 January 2003
A perfect wedding is a concept that is often fantasized. Women can envision the perfect cake, the perfect dress, and their perfect man waiting for them at the alter. Men envision their perfect beautiful bride and lifetime of happiness. But neither person ever seems to think of the possibilities of what can go wrong in a marriage, especially right off the bat at the honeymoon. Romantic comedies often deliver the fantasy of flawless courtships that lead to flawless relationships. "Just Married" presents a different formula by showing the possible faults and blunders that may and in some cases, will happen on the 'perfect honeymoon.

"Just Married"¨ is the story of the romance between Tom Leezak (Ashton Kutcher) and Sarah McNerney (Brittany Murphy). Tom, the graveyard shift traffic announcer on KNR radio, is just an average Joe. A recent college graduate who lives at a beach loft with his best friend and thinks the finer things in life include anything with ESPN. Sarah is on the opposite side of the looking glass. The daughter of the wealthy owner of the Los Angeles sporting teams, Sarah is accustomed to having the luxuries of life. But in Tom, she sees a different cut from the run-of-the-mill aristocrats she has dated and the two are soon married. But on their European honeymoon, the couple immediately begins to experience problems. From difficulties with a European outlet to questions with marital fidelity, the newlyweds soon ponder the question that everyone has been asking, 'Are they too young to be married'?

"Just Married" is a very enjoyable collaboration between director Shawn Levy (Big Fat Liar) and screenwriter Sam Harper (Rookie of the Year). Levy's skill behind the camera is key in bringing comedic success to the movies many pratfalls and hits. One such usage is of a split screen as Tom and Sarah attempt to consummate their marriage on the airplane. Harper's script, while at times seems comically generic, is careful not to overrun gags. Harper also creates humorous dialogue between Tom and Sarah by implementing speeches that only man like Tom would consider on his honeymoon, I.E., does the hotel have satellite television and why doesn't the French hotel have signs in English.

Harper's contrasting characters are brought to life by the outlandish slapstick of Ashton Kutcher and the sweetness of Brittany Murphy. Kutcher's antics establish the mentality and character of Leezak and display Kutcher's potential to be a rising star in the industry. But Kutcher does not merely rely on his comedic behavior in the film. Kutcher also shows that despite Tom's ignorance, he truly loves his new wife and would do anything to make her happy. Murphy is equally good in her role as Sarah. Despite Sarah's prosperous upbringing, Murphy plays the character as a person very down to earth where wealth has not spoiled her. She is neither cruel nor snobbish and the audience can feel the genuine love she has for her husband. Audiences will be able to sympathize with Murphy when she experiences heartache and fall in love with her when she readily forgives her husbands behavior.

"Just Married" is a wonderfully surprising romantic comedy. It differs from the usual lovey-dovey recipe and adds more outrageous events that may occur in a courtship and marriage. Kutcher and Murphy make a superb comedic team and do the film justice with their performances. Although Kutcher is known for his roles as a dim-witted male, he adds to his character by adding loyalty and love. Murphy is also great as the contrasting better half. Despite the films silliness, it does deliver a final message of love and devotion that makes the movie appeal to the male and female audience. Movie lovers of comedy will not be disappointed nor will the romantics. Like a perfect marriage, "Just Married" is equally balanced.
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Courage Is Needed in Love
megryan200519 March 2005
I would never be moved until the end of that. Or else I would like to say that could be a really awful movie if this ending were not designed. During my enjoying I never stop doubting what an inadvisable arrangement to tell us the come-off at the very first of the movie. When I am enjoying the final, however, I know that's the right choice. "Courage is needed for loving a guy", which is the beginning in a piece of fair-sounding Chinese song. In fact courage is needed for Tom and for Sarah as well in this movie. One side is the great disparity in their family background and life conditions, the other is the suspicion and even the disdain from Sarah's father and her other family members. The biggest frustration is what happened on their honeymoon, on which they began to doubt their marriage and some sorts of misapprehension exacerbated their distrust. Fortunately their love is true and lasting, which can endure no matter what kinds of disadvantage come forth. When they recollect with happy laughs and tears what has happened on their honeymoon, I think everyone can share their feeling at the same time. It is courage and lasting love that make and will make them crush through all of the frustrations before and after. God bless them. This movie will give you more confidence and expectations in your own love, try it!
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loved it
crazipomdancer_1621 December 2004
personally, i thought the movie was great and maybe it is because i am young but i think it targeted an audience my age and not so much people who are already married or married with children and have been through the newlywed process. i don't agree at all with what George said before because i don't think it is a pathetic attempt at film making. ashton and brittany work very well together and have worked in previous films and shows before so i thought the chemistry was great- of course chemistry isn't what makes up a movie but i think the point of the movie was displayed great and its one of my favorite movies. its a great romance and comedy and frankly i guess you have to have a sense of humor to understand it =)
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The whole time I kept thinking...
MLDinTN13 January 2004
why is Ashton Kutcher wearing as much make-up as Michael Jackson. I mean, his lipstick is darker than Brittany Murphey's. You can see the eye liner and blush on his face. I know Ashton's pale, but why do they have so much pancake make-up on him. It takes away from the film because I wasn't paying attention to what was said, but more to the clown make-up on Ashton.

Now to the story. Well, there isn't much to say except it was predictable and not that funny. It reminded me of National Lampoon's European vacation except not as good. Two newlyweds go to Europe only to have mishap after mishap happen. The honeymoon turns into a disaster. The very, small yellow car was funny as well as the roaches. And I did like some of the songs in the film.

FINAL VERDICT: If you are a big fan of Ashton or Brittany, then you will probably want to see this. Otherwise, I wouldn't watch it because there are better teen comedies out there.
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Simply not funny
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews15 October 2006
I remember the advertisements for this film. It never looked like a movie that I'd want to spend any energy or money getting to watch, so I never did. As it aired on TV tonight(not even for the first time, either), I decided to give it a chance. The plot holds little originality, and it's not terribly interesting or engaging. The acting is fine, but overdone much of the time(seemingly more the result of the writing and direction than the work of the actors). The characters are neither likable nor realistic. They seem stereotyped and one-note, in spite of attempts at fleshing them out. Kutcher and Murphy have both given in good performances and been in good films, but here... well, at least they have fairly good on-screen chemistry. The humor mostly consists of mishaps, usually involving pain, with the occasional awkward and/or embarrassing situation. No observations, no wit, no clever references. Just unpleasant scenes. The pacing is OK. As clichéd as it was, I must admit that I liked the ending(formulaic and predictable as it may be). However, by then, it was much too late. A film that's just annoying and not at all funny, this is one you should not spend time on unless you're into the Adam Sandler type humor of pain and embarrassment being funny. I recommend this to fans of Sandler and his type of comedy. Everyone else should most likely just steer clear. 5/10
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Too painful to watch to the end
kevindw14 March 2010
Some movies have characters who act stupid but have some redeeming quality in the plot or the overall comedy or in great actors or actresses. This one had none of that to help with the stupidity of the characters and the scenes. Take every stereotype of frat-boy behavior and add the ugly American abroad and you're going where this film did. I enjoyed the childish humor in classics like Animal House and Blazing Saddles... they showed creativity and made us laugh despite the groans. This one caused the groans and left out the laughs. Why do actors and actresses allow themselves to be seen in such trash. They can't have been that in need of money. I couldn't watch it to the end. Suggest you don't bother to start.
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Just married---Christian KANE
AMBER SCHULTZ24 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie was OK. I could have sat through a mediocre movie if I get to see Christian Kane. There was a boring plot line, mediocre acting, Ashton Kutcher is just plain annoying. Britney Murphy somehow pulls this movie and Ashton out of the down slide running toward the dump. Ashton Kutcher is immature, bad actor, and if you paid money to see this movie-You just got PUnkd. I see the point or moral of the movie, perseverance pays off with a marriage. But a marriage to Ashton Kutcher---Is it really something you would want to save or leave that mistake in Vegas? I think the fact that rather than Christian Kane "getting the girl" and Ashton defeats him trashes the ending.
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We've seen this before, haven't we?
ilovedolby26 January 2003
This film looked so insulting just from the trailers. By insulting, I mean that the jokes used were the same rehashed crap that is always used in these simple, romantic comedies. Naturally some people find it quite amusing; each to his/her own, I guess. Well, the film itself really isn't too bad; but quite frankly, it isn't anything really that good either. It stars Ashton Kutcher, who's credits include, Dude, Where's My Car and he will be appearing in the sequel to that film, Seriously Dude, Where's My Car, which is due out in 2004. Among Ashton's many other talents, he's one of the main characters on Fox's hit television sitcom, That 70s Show. It's really a shame this guy wastes his time on such stupid roles, at least in motion pictures, because he has some real talent. Brittany Murphy also stars in Just Married. You may remember her from 8 Mile, Riding In Cars With Boys, Don't Say A Word, and Summer Catch. She is a very talented actress and it seems that her career is far exceeding her real-life husband, Ashton Kutcher. No offense to Aston, but the guy needs to get off of his ass and do something good for a change. He has definite talent and he wastes himself on such pitiful roles. Sometimes movies like Just Married, or Dude, Where's My Car can be quite fun to watch. But that just wasn't the case with either of these films. Just Married is based on a simple premise for a film that has been seen many times before. Not to mention that the jokes for the most part are mostly simple, and provided nothing more than a simple chuckle at times.

As I stated above, the story is simple. Two people meet by chance from opposite sides of the tracks and they fall in love. She's from a rich family. He's from a middle class home. Naturally her family doesn't want her to marry him because they've always dreamed of the better guy with enough cash in his wallet to retire at the ripe old age of thirty-five. But this just won't due for the love hungry girl, so she excepts the proposal of her middle-class boyfriend. They get married and go on a honeymoon in Europe, but as nature intended, everything goes wrong. From a really small compact car, nearly burning down and destroying whatever hotel they are in, and even ending up in jail, this pair just can't seem to get things to work in their favor. They figure they better call it quits before it gets to late. But love is in their hearts, and after all, all you need is love. Every love has it's good days, and bad days. So they give it another chance. All's well that ends well. The director of Just Married is a man named, Shawn Levy, who has given us such masterpiece films as Big Fat Liar, and two other barely memorable theatrical films from 1997 entitled, Just In Time and Address Unknown. Not to mention, he's worked on such great television series' as Lassie (1997) and The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). Okay, okay. Perhaps I'm being too hard on this film. Just Married did give a few cute moments that made me giggle. But overall, it's every bit as disappointing as it promised to be based on the trailers. Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy are great actors. And you know what, I hope Ashton does keep making comedies because the guy is just naturally funny. But for the love of Pete, at least make a film that is actually funny. **
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