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Drew Barrymore really wanted Bon Jovi's "Living on a Prayer" in a flashback scene. However, the rights to the song were too expensive, so Barrymore called Jon Bon Jovi told him how much she loved the song and how important it was to her that it be in the scene, and Bon Jovi found a loophole to enable them to use the song.
Bill Murray did not want to reprise his role as Bosley because he refused to work with McG again. Murray also had problems with Lucy Liu on the first Charlie's Angels (2000) film but publicly insisted that Liu was not the reason for his departure.
Bruce Willis, who is an advocate for adoption, has a cameo in the film. He asked Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu for a favor for his cameo, that they do a PSA for adoption. They gladly did it.
The mansion where the convent is located can be recognized as the Playboy Mansion. This is where the young boys looking at the Playboy magazine comes from.
All of the Irish characters (including the henchmen) are either Scottish, English, or American. None of them actually come from Ireland. This was referenced in deleted scene where Bernie Mac complains that the Irish accent he is putting on sounds just as real as theirs.
When O'Grady gets released from prison, the picture on his wall of Dylan is a still of Drew Barrymore from the Charlie's Angels (2000) back story montage when she was smoking in the bathroom with a cast on her arm.
For the scene where Natalie is distracting the surfer at the beach and Alex and Dylan are underneath his GTO collecting clues, the car had to be put on jacks because the actresses couldn't fit underneath it.
Pete's high school reunion is for Rydell High School, the same school from the musical play "Grease."
Jamie Foxx was originally in talks to play the new Bosley.
Drew Barrymore is a fervent believer in gun control. That's why none of the Angels are seen using guns in this picture.
A new version of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel" was recorded for Dylan's appearance as a wrestling star. Her make-up mimics that of Bowie's character Aladdin Sane.
During the motocross scene, four famous riders have a cameo: Ricky Carmichael, Jeremy McGrath, Chris Gosselaar and Carey Hart.
John Forsythe 's final film.
The working title of the film was "Halo".
Courtney Love was offered the role of Madison Lee, but turned it down.
The address on the envelope that Pete opens at the beginning of the film gives Pete and Natalie's address as 2028 The Strand, Hermosa Beach, California, which is a valid address on the beach.
A photograph of Bill Murray is visible in Mama Bosley's home. Murray appeared as Bosley in Charlie's Angels (2000).
Tyler Hoechlin auditioned for the part of Max.
In the weeks prior to the film's release, a series of short animated adventures featuring the voice of John Forsythe as Charlie were produced and distributed over the Internet. Charlie's Angels: Animated Adventures (2003) expand upon events shown at the start of the film.
The soundtrack for this film includes a song by The Prodigy just "Prodigy"] called "Firestarter". Drew Barrymore was in a movie called Firestarter (1984).
The angels dance the "Pink Panther" theme at one point. The Brazilian title for the "Charlie's Angels" franchise (both films and the TV series) is "As Panteras" ("The Panthers").
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In the M.C. Hammer dance scene and the hot dog seller scene, Dylan has the word Kodachrome written in black pen on her left forearm. Kodachrome is the title of a 1973 song written by Paul Simon. This movie was shot on Kodak film stock.
In the first Charlie's Angels (2000) movie Alex was believed to be a bikini waxer while in the second movie she is in a scene where Natalie was in a bikini and looking for a waxer of surfboards.
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Pink, Carey Hart:  the singer and her "motocrosser" boyfriend (later husband) are talking when Natalie walks up.
Melissa McCarthy:  one of the crime scene investigators in this movie had a small role in Charlie's Angels (2000) as Doris the receptionist at Red Star.
Carmit BacharThe Pussycat Dolls background dancer performs in the sailors' club.
Bruce Willis:  as William Rose Bailey. The name is a reference to Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose, whose real name was William Bruce Bailey until he was 17.
Eve:  as a potential Angel wannabe. This is a possible reference to Shari Belafonte almost beating out Tanya Roberts for the part of Julie Rogers, when Shelley Hack was fired from the original Charlie's Angels (1976) TV series in 1980.
Joseph G. Aulisi:  The doctor in the flashbacks with Anthony the Thin Boy.
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Carrie Fisher:  as Mother Superior.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Bruce Willis' senator character is shot in the head by Madison, Demi Moore's character, or perhaps someone working for her, as it is never made clear who pulled the trigger. In real life the two had just recently been divorced.
When the angels are all shot by Madison, the formation they make on the ground where they lay is the same as the Charlie's Angels symbol (but without the guns, obviously).
The "fallen Angel" storyline, featuring Madison Lee, was originally intended to be the basis of a third Charlie's Angels film.
Body count: 20 (17 more then the first Charlie's Angels (2000) film).
John Forsythe voices the character of Charles Townsend in this film as he did in the first as well as the T.V. series. One of Madison Lee's (Demi Moore) thugs was played by Charles Townsend.
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When Madison (Demi Moore) and Natalie (Cameron Diaz) are on the beach talking Madison is wearing a black bikini and Natalie is wearing a white bikini which foreshadows that Madison is the 'bad guy' and has gone dark and represents that she is no longer and Angel while Natalie is loyal to Charlie and is still considered to be an Angel that is innocent hence the white.
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