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11 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

Its defenders define it as "spoof", but it's much closer to "spoor".

Author: ShadowDragyn from United States
2 August 2004

I am a fan of mindless action and horror movies. I have titles in my collection that most people groan at when browsing my shelves. I think it's fair to say that I have a rather large appreciation for movies whose sole purpose is to provide a "plot" only as a vehicle to present action. Because of this, I have defended numerous films to my friends over the years which they are determined to make me hate.

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle is not one of them.

Over-the-top action is terrific when done right, and just plain bad when done wrong. This movie is a classic example of how not to do it. I'm all for checking my brain at the door and just having a good time, but when a movie is totally devoid of anything resembling a brain, when it's just flat *stupid*, I have to cry uncle.

This movie, like the recently unleashed-on-an-unsuspecting-public debacle that is Catwoman, has some people campaigning for it because it presents women in a strong, hero-type role. But what good does it do to take two steps forward and three back? Sure, these girls kick ass (in the most ridiculous of ways, but that's neither here nor there), but they also reduce themselves to sex objects every chance they get. It's nothing but exploitation without the fleshy payoff. Is that the sort of role model that feminists really want to see? Films like The Long Kiss Goodnight present a much more believable female action figure without reverting her every 5 minutes to a walking Viagra advertisement.

Luckily I caught it on cable. If I'd paid money for this, even as a rental, I'd likely have wasted even more of my life trying to get my stolen money back in small claims court. Maybe theaters should be able to get refunds for stuff like this. Perhaps, were that the case, Hollywood might think twice about damaging our psyches every summer.

2/10 just because the four female stars are so damn easy on the eyes.

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11 out of 20 people found the following review useful:

It's not meant to be serious, but fun! So enjoy it for what it is!!!

Author: tefin ( from Canada
15 July 2003

First of all, I noticed a lot of people dissing the film and saying how it's plot is thin, the characters aren't well developed, etc... well, that is kinda the point. Charlie's Angels, the tv series, was full of camp, and over-the-top antics and did exploit the use of sexy women. The movie(s) are based on this very notion, meaning that if you go to see the movie, you're going to see some campy-spoof, with some heavy moments, of a campy 70's show.

If you're into a fast and fun movie, filled with lots of action, noise and over-the-top scenes, then Charlie's Angels is for you! It's got a lot of great action, and even though it seems pointless, it's fun! Isn't that the whole point for seeing a movie in the first place - to have fun? I love drama, and other sorts of movies, but you really can't expect it from Charlie's Angels!

The one thing that is at the center of the movies, of course, is the chemistry between Natalie, Alex, and Dylan. Diaz, Liu, and Barrymore have a wonderful chemistry together and they make things fun, yet sincere.

This movie, with the addition of Demi Moore, ROCKED! It was a solid kick ass movie. It's just about fun, enjoyable and uplifting girl power at it's best! So sit back and enjoy it for what it is, and stop worrying and stressing over the plot - cause it's not about plot, it's about campy-fun! :)

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

I thought James Bond was unrealistic!

Author: Glitter_dragonfly from Dorset, UK
11 July 2003

Well i have literally just got back from watching this movie and while i wouldnt say it was awful, i wouldnt put it up there with Lord of the Rings or any other great films!

The stunts are mind blowing and its worth watching just for that! Though you cant help but think what did 'Charlie' beef the angels up with to be able to do all of those stunts :o)

The script is corny and predictable! Nuff said.

The ending, well i wont give it away but it does suddenly become very scrambled and all over the place. I personally got lost in the last 10/15 minutes and couldnt understand what had actually happened or why it happened, script again i guess.

it is a sexist film, though you cant help but drool over the outfits (well as a girl I couldnt help, lol) but you do think were some of them really needed!!!

John Cleese is appearence was great! and I think Pink was brilliant in her tiny little guest role as the Coal Bowl Starter! Though there are a couple of twins in the film i really could of done without seeing!!!

Overall, if u need to chill out go watch this just dont try and make any sense of it!

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1 out of 1 people found the following review useful:

A big fan of the first, bitterly disappointed by the second.

Author: ada-p from Australia
7 July 2003

First I'd like to say that I LOVED the first Angels. I saw it as often as some nuts saw 'Titanic' so you know I speak as a person that loves the direction style and fight choreography. That in mind, this movie stunk. I'm not saying it's dreadful but it really isn't as good as the first. It's like McG over reached with this script and it went from a movie to a video game to down right 'eye-roller'.

Demi's role was miniscule for all the hype. The sexy terminator, Robert Patrick, was great as always despite his small role. Bernie Mac; oh my goodness. The guy doesn't tickle my funny bone at all. He doesn't fill the shoes of Bill Murray who had presence. And the bit at the end with the bomb was painfully stupid. If Bill read the script before declining to sign up, I think I can see why he declined even if it were put down to problems with Lucy. The fight sequences were sped up and relied completely on the wires. As another critic said, it looks more like a video game.

While the first movie at least orbited around realism (even the dodging bullet bit was well directed) this movie flies off into outer space. Flying from an exploding motor bike and somersaulting onto another in mid air? Actual flying by Demi? I think McG wanted the sequences to be fun but they are overdone and rediculous. And the ending was a bit cheesy. I left the original movie feeling empower and energetic, but left the theatre last night headachy and tired. It is, well, a bit silly.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

A Lot Of Fun. I Enjoyed It

Author: slightlymad22 from United Kingdom
1 February 2015

This movie caught me at just the right time, I'd had a pretty intense day with 8 episodes of "The Walking Dead", when I caught it just starting on TV, and this ridiculous bit of fun was perfect to lighten the mood. Having not seen the first movie, I do not know how it compares, but I do know this was a lot of fun and Demi Moore steals the show.

Plot in A Paragraph: Natalie Cameron Diaz) Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and Alex (Lucy Lui) are three gorgeous, tough-as-nails, investigative agents 'Charlie's Angels' who work for the Charles Townsend Detective Agency - are sent undercover to retrieve two missing titanium wedding rings. That contain information that reveals the new identities of every person in the Witness Protection Program. After several people in the program are found dead, only the Angels can save the day, using their expertise as masters of disguise, and martial arts.

Some of the special effects don't hold up, and if you are looking for something realistic, or believable you are in the wrong place, but the world needs movies that are just a bit of silliness too.

Diaz, Lui and Barrymore are all a lot of fun, and certainly give it their all, Justin Theroux is a good villain (even with a dodgy Irish accent) Cameos by Bruce Willis, Matt LeBlanc, Pink, John Cleese, Luke Wilson, Carrie Fisher, Crispib Glover add to the fun, yet Shia Lebouf is even more annoying that before (How is that possible??) I will add, I'll never be able to hear the "Pink Panther Theme" without visualising Cameron Diaz's ass in a thong.

As for Demi Moore, she remains one of the most talented and beautiful women in movies, and her ladylike sexiness is in rare supply. Any movie becomes promising just by having her name in it's cast.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

What On Earth Did You Expect?

Author: ferretpossum from United Kingdom
13 July 2014

This is a big, shiny, silly, camp summer blockbuster and I suspect most of the bad reviews are purely because it dares to make fun of itself in a way that Mission: Impossible, Die Hard, X-Men and all those dude- dominated action movies don't.

But really, I have to worry about all those people who hated this on seeing it. Did they not see the first movie? Or perhaps they thought the original TV show was a cerebral example of 1970's TV programming.

The fact is if you liked the 2000 movie, with all the silly in-jokes, cultural references, campy soundtrack and frankly ridiculous stunts then you'll enjoy this one just as much. Maybe more because it also has Demi Moore looking amazing and a Jaclyn Smith cameo.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Lighten up, peeps. It's a comedy.

Author: rooprect from New York City
17 December 2010

This movie is one half Mission Impossible and one half Airplane. The combination of which not only requires 'suspension of disbelief', but I'd say you need to string your disbelief up by the roof beams and flog it mercilessly.

If I haven't been clear enough, let me put it plainly: do not, I repeat, do not take this movie seriously in any way, shape or form.

That much should be obvious in the first 2 minutes when we see the angels walk into a Mongolian prison camp and start riding a mechanical bull to the tune of "Wild Thang" while kicking the asses of hundreds of 300-lb men. I won't tell you what happens in the next 2 minutes, but it makes the first 2 minutes look like a nature documentary.

I saw this movie last night and I'm still not sure what the plot is. But it was thoroughly entertaining (especially for a hetero guy who enjoys gratuitous booty shots). Some gags were pretty funny, while others were so lame you have to laugh anyway. But really the comedy is the fact that everything is so unbelievably unbelievable.

Glancing at some of the reviews here, I see that the tongue-in-cheek comedy was lost on a lot of people, and instead of having a good time they probably ended up hurling things at their TV screen. I'm just here to warn you, do not fall into that trap. Realize that it's a comedy. It panders to the lowest brain cell in your skull. And it delivers a wild ride.

P.S. The soundtrack absolutely kicks butt. J Geils Band, Bon Jovi, Loverboy, David Bowie, Journey... if you were alive & remotely cool in the 80s, you'll really dig it.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Sequel carries on the magic

Author: walsh-22 from United Kingdom
10 July 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

They really don't have much luck with their clients, I think they should go into another business as their clients are always double-crossing and trying to kill them.

I didn't think it was possible but I love this film better than the first. I really enjoyed all the undercover scenes where they play at being Criminalists (classic, reference to CSI), nuns or dockworkers. One of the best soundtracks for a film I have ever heard, really well chosen, they fitted so well with the sequences. It was good to see the Girls back in action especially with those amazing stunts and Martial arts moves.

Although I missed Bill Murray, Bernie Mac was just as hilarious as Murray was in the first one so was the perfect replacement. It was great to see one of the original angels Jaclyn Smith who happened to be my favourite angel in the series and it wasn't just because I shared her character's first name. She still looks so amazing so did Demi Moore who made the perfect villain and actually looked like she was relishing the role.

Also, Bruce Willis does a small cameo in the film and the audience get to find out more about the thin man (Crispin Glover). John Cleese also made an appearance as Lucy Liu's confused and worried dad.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

I remember hearing one good thing about this film: How great Demi looked! Wow, that is pretty sad, isn't it?

Author: Kristine ( from Chicago, Illinois
28 October 2006

I know that the Charlie's Angels series was kind of hokey and I think that's what they were going for with for the sequel. I figured that I would give it a shot and see if this was any kind of an improvement from the first movie, and I have to say: Nope. It was really disappointing and had way too much CGI effects, not to mention, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I bet you anything, CGI helped with Demi's looks as well.

The second Charlie's Angels is about how the girls need to get ahold of a loose file of the witness protection program, that also includes Dylan, she was formally known as "Helen Zass", which that joke was well played out, and the angels meet old wings gone bad, Madison Lee. She is the leader of the gang that is trying to find all the people in the witness protection program and kill them.

Like I said, some jokes were just too played out and the CGI was way out of control. It's really sad that movies like this get a huge budget while other movies with great potential get diddley! Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle was mainly about money and a cheap soft porn dream for all the teenage boys! I'm sorry, but I would recommend to stay away from this flick.


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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

I like it!!

Author: rowyi
3 June 2006

True, I didn't rate it a 10, because the story was a bit hard to follow. However, I think most people are a little too harsh on the movie, and should at least, give the girls a break. They did a GREAT job, just the director wasn't that good, is all.

Good music, but you wouldn't like it if you are a really realistic person that can't just switch your mind off for a bit and enjoy. Good for night-ins when everyone is sitting around eating chocolate or popcorn. Good laughs.I enjoyed it a lot, but then again, what the heck. Your opinion is your own.

I liked the movie because...

-it was funny -it had good actors -had a mixed-yet good story -had a good Part I -good movie for times when you are feeling bored

I would recommend

-Charlie's Angels I

9/10 for me.

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