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"Pretty Dirty Secrets" Recap: Scareway to Heaven

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Every Tuesday night, from now until the Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode airs, ABC Family will be posting an episode from their new web series Pretty Dirty Secrets. And so I'll be recapping it right here at AfterEllen, of course. (You can watch full episodes for free at ABCFamily.com.)

Previously on Pretty Little Liars, there was this one Halloween store where everyone in Rosewood went to buy their costumes. Unfortunately, the store only had two options: baby-face burlap zombie or Lady Gaga. Two, maybe three years ago, every asshole in town went with the baby-face burlap zombie getup, which was a real bee in Miss Alison Dilaurentis' bonnet, because one of the zombies was meant to affectionately menace her, but then like nine zombies legit menaced her. She flew her little tin can airplane all around town that night trying to work out which zombie was which,
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