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Buddy picks up a golf club and a baseball bat before choosing the baseball bat to smash the window of the Lexus. In 1994, Jack Nicholson was cited for smashing a man's window with a golf club in a bout of rage.
Harry Dean Stanton played the blind old man with the cane in the film. He is Jack Nicholson's best friend, and was cast as the old man at Nicholson's suggestion.
Adam Sandler donated copies of this movie to U.S. military bases supporting Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom in the Persian Gulf as soon as it was released. The donated version contains a 5-minute introduction by Adam Sandler, who personally thanks the troops for what they are doing.
Lynne Thigpen's last film. She died only a month before the film's release. The film is dedicated to her memory.
At the bar where Chuck is trying to get over the fact he was fired from his ice cream man job, the song "Ice Cream Man" by Van Halen is playing.
Adam Sandler originally tried to get Eddie Murphy for the role of Dr Buddy Rydell. Robert De Niro, Bill Murray and Dustin Hoffman were considered for the role.
At the same time this movie was shooting the hospital scene on the ramps at Columbia University, Comedy Central was filming Porn 'n Chicken (2002) right outside. In fact, the graduation set for Porn 'n Chicken is in the distance outside the glass wall. Kurt Fuller appears in both films.
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"Meatball" the cat that models the cat clothing is also the name of Adam Sandler's deceased dog.
The premise of the movie was inspired by a bar fight involving Conrad Goode. The football player turned actor plays the bailiff and Lexus guy in the movie.
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Mayor Guiliani's line: "You can do it!" was referencing Rob Schnieder's line in Adam Sandler's other movies such as "Waterboy" and "Little Nicky." Rob has been cast in most of Sandler's movies but he wasn't in this movie.
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Adam Sandler says to Kurt Fuller (Frank Head), "Have fun looking like Colonel Klink (of Hogan's Heroes (1965)). One year earlier, Fuller played Werner Klemperer playing Colonel Klink in Auto Focus (2002).
Adam Sandler's character Dave wears a Central Pride T-Shirt representing Central Highschool in Manchester, New Hampshire. All of his movies contain an item or reference to either school, city or state.
In the scene where Dave (Adam Sandler) smashes his boss' lamp with a golf club, he says "See, I golf also you should bring me sometime." This is a reference to Happy Gilmore in which Sandler plays a golfer with anger problems. He then says "so when I get out of jail sometime in the next 2 to 5 years..." Two years after this film was released Sandler starred in The Longest Yard where he is sentenced to 3 years in a state penitentiary.
The shots of the Boston Medical Center are actually of Alfred Lerner Hall, the student center at Columbia University.
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John McEnroe: one of the celebrity clients in Dr. Rydell's anger management class. McEnroe was infamous for his angry outbursts during his career as a professional tennis player.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

The then New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, appears as a baseball fan who yells to Adam Sandler's character - "You can do it!". This line famously features in many of Adam Sandler's films, where it is usually shouted by frequent Sandler collaborator Rob Schneider.
Meatball," the cat, really wasn't husky but instead was fitted in a fat-suit. According to moviemistakes.com, fans were brought in to keep him from overheating.
In the scene where Adam Sandler is kissing Marisa Tomei in Yankee Stadium, if you look behind them to the right, an extra is wearing a Boston Red Sox cap. The Red Sox are arguably one of the Yankee's biggest rivals.

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