American Splendor (2003) Poster

Plot Keywords

comic book fame
greeting card joyce barber
artist junk sale
co worker writing
reading v.a. hospital
robert crumb underground
jellybean file clerk
celebrity garage sale
1980s hospital
clerk dark horse comics
reference to the little mermaid reference to david letterman
red chinese ballet reference to jennie gerhardt
yelling loser
american dream vocal cords
plebian rock music
cosmic comics lentil
lent nun
cat old woman
internal monologue reference to white castle restaurant
reference to walt kelly reference to robin the character
reference to batman reference to superman
champagne cake
retirement party phd
student college student
class college
stick figure watching tv
grandmother grandson relationship computer
delusion of grandeur paranoia
blue collar vegetarian
cafe guitarist
fight telephone
money megalomania
new york city hamburger
telephone call writing teacher
divorce reference to marlon brando
reference to mark twain lymphoma
father daughter relationship theatre audience
theatre production superhero
bohemian boy
illness anemia
vasectomy love
kiss autism
toledo ohio airplane
collector stoicism
stoic cynicism
cynic animated sequence
american splendor the comic book compulsiveness
obsession reference to theodore dreiser
thrift store doctor
friendship friend
curmudgeon family relationships
vow of silence record player
recording husband wife relationship
listening to music based on comic
cult figure voice over narration
obsessive compulsive disorder talk show in plot
ohio veterans hospital
psychoanalysis prison teacher
laryngitis illustrator
hair loss green room
food allergy eating disorder
dysfunctional family discographer
chemotherapy adoption
based on comic book 1970s
1960s 1950s
ice skating hotel room
book signing vomit
toilet shower
restaurant diner
bathroom cartoonist
marriage underwear
trick or treating railway station
throat doctor teacher
tape recorder talking to mirror
supermarket scratching
school bus retirement
recital prison
neurotic mtv
luggage low self esteem
loud shirt loneliness
letter jazz music
interview holding hands
halloween halloween costume
graffiti donut
depression coupon
comic book shop bakery
anger airport
adopted daughter television studio
bitterness self referential
record collector play within a film
nerd movie reality crossover
cleveland ohio cancer
breaking the fourth wall part animation
comic book art based on autobiography

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