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26 Sep. 2017
Der tote Fisch
Award-winning sous-chef Marcel Schwaiger was fatally skull-smashed with a frozen salmon in star restaurant "Le Bonheur", his locker was broken into, but chef Köglmaier's staff denies knowing the content. Saucier (third cook) Bastian Oswald discretely tips off Hansen and Hofer that restaurant owner Maximilian Daxner rowed with Schwaiger, who indeed planned his own restaurant, to be financed by his lover, Daxner's serially adulterous wife Irmelin, but Max cut off her access to the bank locker. Chef Köglmaier was blackmailed, since a bike fall wrecked his taste and smell...
10 Oct. 2017
Geld ist tödlich
Petty painter Sabrina Wirth is found, skull smashed, in her home workshop, by gallery-managing couple Marcel and Gabriele Ewert, who confirm she didn't sell nearly enough to afford her luxury life, including a new sports-car, which was vandalized on the driveway, and diamond-belly-piercing. Detective commissioners Sven Hansen and Korbinian Hofer find out she got the last from adulterer Marcel. Sabrina's sole heir, sister Anna, a stingy tax consultant, who supported their penniless late mother, was duly jealous that the stocks divided arbitrarily by their late father ...
17 Oct. 2017
Musik bis zum Schluss
A trained rifle-shooter killed popular music couple co-star Rosi Anschütz while jogging. Her spousal partner Fred Anschutz is a former crack-shot without solid alibi, the marriage was only maintained for PR purposes after his affair with her sister Ursula Reinhard , the duo's mediocre manager. Both risked ruin if Rosi went ahead with plans for a solo-career. These were arranged by rich, besotted super-fan Raimund Nehring, who also paid for her hotel behind jealous wife Jana's back, despite Ursula slapping traitorously him with a court contact ban, fails to hide he met...
24 Oct. 2017
Selbst ist die Frau
Celebrity sports physician Dr. Ulrich Mühlhauser was skull-smashed on the Inn bank with a hammer from Hermann Seiler's handyman course for women. Commissioners Sven Hansen and Korbinian Hofer find fresh widow Erika Mühlhauser had an affair with Sailer. Dr. Ulrich Mühlhauser also planned to leave his joint practice with Dr. Kurt Behring to start his own, and there was a cover up concerning a mega athletic transfer to Canada.
31 Oct. 2017
Der Fall der Felle
Commissioners Sven Hansen and Korbinian Hofer examine Rosenheim taxidermist Steffen Schuhmann was fatal stabbing in his workshop, where cached cash was stolen. He was working on a major, lucrative Japanese order trough Veronica Pfeil for (each uniquely composed) fable forest creatures. Free lance subcontractor Benno Dorfmeister made a row there the previous evening, having found out how unfairly he was underpaid. Fresh widow Astrid Schuhmann may have known about Steffen's affair with Veronica Pfeil and would everything in a divorce, but remained sole heir. Constable ...
7 Nov. 2017
Der Cocktailkönig von Rosenheim
Carpenter-designer David Weidner was murdered while retro-renovating an exclusive Rosenheim bar owned by 'cocktail-king' Paul Kassner. His rich, attractive wife Viktoria Weidner recently inherited a fortune, but had an adulterous affair with Kassner and no nuptial. Commissioners Hansen and Hofer suspect his partner, interior designer Susanne Pohlmann, who robbed and blackmailed Weidner with the lack of a valid driving license, and accomplice counterfeiter Stefan Greiff, who unearthed dirty secrets. Hansen is not amused, unlike precinct colleagues, when his car is ...
14 Nov. 2017
Mord mit Verspätung
Rich Armin Wehrkorn's corpse was released for a funeral by the GP diagnosing cardiac arrest, but jumping-in forensic pathologist Sandra Mai diagnosed digitalis OD poisoning, making it a case for Hansen and Stadler . Fresh widow Maren Wehrkorn inherits most and knew about his generosity to kept lover Bärbel Greiner, whose jealous student ex-roommate Amelie Berger points to Armin's employer, boat builder firm Kreitinger, where he was chief accountant. Sole owner Josef Kreitinger claims he know about Wehrkorn's huge firm fund misappropriation over moths, yet only informs...
21 Nov. 2017
In die Falle gerast
Mountain bikers club president Thomas Gerster made a fatal fall in the forest, over a carefully hidden rope across the route he usually trained on. Hansen and Stadler examine fanatical wood protector Aichhuber, who felt the cyclists harm nature, and Moritz Reinhard, the clubs eternal second in lucrative races behind Thomas Gerster. Fresh widow Jana Gerster and club vice president Dirk Hoffmayer claim they kept their affair secret enough, but a divorce would clean her out and financial malversations are found.
28 Nov. 2017
Alle wollen Stockl
Passionate rose breeder Bernd Hofstätter, retired logistic entrepreneur, died in his conservatory from poisoned tea.Sven Hansen and Stadler primarily suspect his widow Jana Hofstätter and his son from a previous marriage Alexander, who benefit from a falsified last will and had an affair. Bernd also accused local rose breeders society president Maximilian Moser of misusing his generous donation. Local town Ganting's mayor Karl Schretzmayer seeks to seduce precinct secretary Stockl to replace his resigned secretary, who isn't interested, unlike mail-room assistant ...
5 Dec. 2017
Ein ganz besonderes Event
Retired luxury clinic doctor August Seeberger was fatally skull-smashed with a winners cup in the grand home he shared with les wealthy fellow seniors Robert Pröbstl and Jutta Anzinger. Both point as prime suspect to his much younger fresh third wife, gold digger Lena Fischer, who profited greatly from several divorces. Jutta Anzinger is also suspect as scorned lover, Robert Pröbstl rowed the last evening with Seeberger over a 200 000 Euro estate expansion deal involving agent Georg Kremser and his brother, notary Gottfried, both there's more involving this trio. Inn ...
12 Dec. 2017
Alles neu macht die Mai
In shamanistic seminar center "Innere Mitte", participant Josefine Kalb's corpse in found, skull smashed. Interim pathologist Sebastian Kratzer concludes that's the cause of death, but when corner Mai returns, mistrusting him, autopsy shows she was fatally poisoned. Sven Hansen and Anton Stadler Ehemann first suspect her husband Werner Kalb, who helped himself to her fortune as successful publisher. *One of her star authors, biology professor Paul Dinkelmann, was about to be exposed for plagiarism. Dodgy seminar managing partners Matthias and Annette Brandt have their...
19 Dec. 2017
Tote Hose
Säckler ('lederhosen' tailor) Johann Laubinger is found skull-smashed in his workshop by mayor Karl Schretzmayer, who jumped the cue for a prize piece to impress a Japanese colleague he hopes to sign a twin town deal with, which gets messed up by the music academy's string quartet guests from Rosenheim's own twin team, despite Achzinger helping release the evidence garment by priority. *Sven Hansen and Stadler find Johann Laubinger disowned son Christian, who runs an Asian knock-off shop, I favor of under-paid adult apprentice Martin Keller, who stole and resold ...
20 Dec. 2017
Der Schein trügt
In Rosenheim"s fancy Hotel Bergkamm lodges the in-crowd for winter sport and wellness, and now stingy Anton Stadler as a birthday present to his nosy wife Hilde, who alas refuses to stay out when a murder occurs there. Jeweler Hans-Christian Treuleben was skull-smashed in a suite where he gave private presentations to rich guests, Hansen and Hofer are officially assigned the case, so Hilde insists meeting the team and reporting every probably uninteresting detail on anybody. Last in Treulebens' suite was wealthy client Elke Baum, who hid an affair with him, as well as...
2 Jan. 2018
Tödliche Rochade
Russian-born regional chess grand master Victor Malkin is skull-smashed in his hotel. Sven Hansen and Stadler first question his Rosenheimer challenger Georg Rieder, who publicly claimed Malkin cheated but has no proof and a motive: the sole Bavarian spot in a lucrative Abu Dhabi tournament. Malkin's wife Elsa Malkin had an affair with his manager Mark Wolf, and would lose his fortune if caught due to a prenuptial. Mohr finds on the tournament video tapes how Malkin's wife helped him cheat, but missing chess pieces and diamonds also fit in the plot. Meanwhile ...
9 Jan. 2018
Das letzte Geschäft
Wool shop owner Leila Pfannenschmied was fatally stabbed in it. Sven Hansen and Korbinian Hofer question unemployed 'parasitic' husband Hannes Pfannenschmied, as business partner Sabine Bachinger Leila says she planned to divorce him. A project developer hired consultant Boris Bellstett and his alibi, partner-PA Nicole Landmann, to buy the shop, the last puzzle piece for a large office complex, but her refusal prevented his whole fee being aid. Sabine Bachinger found out her buying into the shop was unfairly to Leila Pfannenschmied's advantage. Mohr finds their ...

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