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Like E! Celebrity Profile... except more REVEALING
Opion8d5 June 2002
I'll admit I watch E! a lot. E! News gives me the "latest news on celebrities" and E! True Hollywood Stories are so entertaining. Shows that aren't cool are Wild On and anything Joan Rivers. But I love E! anyways.

The first time I watched Revealed with Jules Asner was when Anne Heche was being 'revealed'. The 'revealing' was pretty good. I mean, I knew Anne Heche was crazy but not THAT crazy! The second time I watched it was when Ewan McGregor got 'revealed.' His interview was VERY revealing. Jules Asner asked him something along the lines of 'I know you've done nude scenes in films, is it ever hard?' Ewan replies 'excuse me?' That was funny. And quite revealing.

Sometimes they put boring guests on (Ashley Judd is ok, but her life is pretty boring). And sometimes Jules Asner can get on your nerves. But this show is fun to watch when you're bored.

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fillum3312 August 2002
Nothing new here. Most interviews consist of 15 minutes (maybe) of Jules acting goofy and nodding while asking the "celebrity" obvious questions. The rest of the show is made up of clips of old interviews done by someone else. In addition, the woman cannot stand still when she is introducing segments and comes across as incredibly vapid. Just another aging ex-model presenting more fluff from E!
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Almost television nirvana
kmetko5110 January 2002
It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times, such is the experience of watching this magical, yet flawed hour. What is magical you ask? Why Jules of course, but it is the time spent on her guests that prevents the show from attaining the level of perfection it constantly hovers around.

Take the Ann Heche episode. Jules asked the hard hitting questions that needed to be asked, and Ann was impelled to "reveal" all there is to know about being a frail, unattractive, charmless, psychotic, has been that never really was. Revealing? Sure. Was Jules her usual effervescent and enchanting self? Absolutely. Do I ever want to see or hear from that no talent Ann Heche? Of course not.

Now if Jules would sit down for an hour and simply interview herself, then we would have nirvana. Intoxicated by her winsome smile, all the world would tune in breathlessly, and, dare I say, we could have peace in our time.

At the very least it would beat hearing from Carnie Wilson.
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