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Billy Ray Cyrus/Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas/Jack Whitehall

Singer Billy Ray Cyrus; comic Jack Whitehall; Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas perform.

Season 13

15 Jan. 2014
Lily Kershaw/Tame Impala
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21 Jan. 2014
Jonathan Wilson/Jason Silva
Jonathan Wilson; Jason Silva. Also: "Broad City" is spotlighted.
23 Jan. 2014
Steph Green/Sirah
Steph Green; Sirah. Also: "Hudson Valley Ballers" is spotlighted.
27 Jan. 2014
Capital Cities/Kan Wakan
Capital Cities; Kan Wakan. Also: "We Cause Scenes" is spotlighted.
28 Jan. 2014
Joel Lambert/The Blank Tapes
Joel Lambert; the Blank Tapes. Also: "12 O'Clock Boys" is spotlighted.
29 Jan. 2014
David Koechner/Chvrches
David Koechner; Chvrches. Also: "Welcome to Night Vale" is spotlighted.
30 Jan. 2014
Elizabeth Meriwether
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3 Feb. 2014
Brody Stevens/Meme
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4 Feb. 2014
Phil Lord & Chris Miller/The Crystal Method
Phil Lord & Chris Miller; the Crystal Method. Also: "Cutie and the Boxer" is spotlighted.
5 Feb. 2014
Jake Bugg/Beau Willimon/Andres du Bouchet
Writer Beau Willimon; writer Andres du Bouchet. Also: Jake Bugg performs.
24 Feb. 2014
David Walton/Jade Catta-Preta/You Won't
David Walton; Jade Catta-Preta; You Won't.
25 Feb. 2014
Sir Sly/Matt Fulchiron
Sir Sly performs; comic Matthew Fulchiron.
26 Feb. 2014
Andi Osho/Lucius/La Luz
Andi Osho; Lucius; La Luz.
27 Feb. 2014
Tim Heidecker/Davin Wood
Tim Heidecker; Davin Wood; Washed Out. Also: "Aatsinki" is spotlighted.
28 Feb. 2014
Ben Schwartz/Jacob Escobedo/Soko
Ben Schwartz; Jacob Escobedo. Also: Soko performs.
3 Mar. 2014
Noah Gundersen/Kaiser Chiefs
Noah Gundersen; Kaiser Chiefs. Also: "Throwing Shade" is spotlighted.
5 Mar. 2014
Icona Pop
Icona Pop performs; "The Missing Picture" is spotlighted.
10 Mar. 2014
Rob Thomas/Albert Hammond Jr./Hell or Highwater
Rob Thomas; Albert Hammond Jr.; Hell or Highwater.
11 Mar. 2014
Ronald D. Moore/Hasan Minhaj/Vanish Valley
Ronald D. Moore; Hasan Minhaj; Vanish Valley.
12 Mar. 2014
Carrie Brownstein/The Colourist/The Casket Girls
Carrie Brownstein; the Colourist; the Casket Girls.
13 Mar. 2014
James Adomian/Night Terrors of 1927
James Adomian; Night Terrors of 1927. Also: "Chicagoland" is spotlighted.
17 Mar. 2014
Rachael Taylor/Taylor Williamson/Robbie Fulks
Rachael Taylor; Taylor Williamson. Also: Robbie Fulks performs.
18 Mar. 2014
Emily Mortimer/K. Flay
Emily Mortimer. Also: K. Flay performs; "Maidentrip" is spotlighted.
19 Mar. 2014
Bret McKenzie/Michael Malice/Jenny O
Bret McKenzie; author Michael Malice (book, "Dear Reader"). Also: Jenny O. performs.
20 Mar. 2014
Freida Mock/Sirah
Freida Mock. Also: Sirah performs; "Bad Words" is spotlighted.
24 Mar. 2014
Jay Williams/Syd Arthur
Jay Williams; Syd Arthur. Also: "Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton" is spotlighted.
25 Mar. 2014
Veronica Roth/The Preatures/MisterWives
Veronica Roth; the Preatures; MisterWives.
26 Mar. 2014
Gareth Evans/Arthur Beatrice
Gareth Evans; Arthur Beatrice. Also: "Finding Vivian Maier" is spotlighted.
27 Mar. 2014
Bear McCreary/Together Pangea/Air Review
Composer Bear McCreary; band Air Review. Also: Together Pangea perform.
31 Mar. 2014
Christopher Meloni/Protex/Liquor Store
Christopher Meloni; Protex. Also: Liquor Store perform.
1 Apr. 2014
Timothy Simons/Shanghai Restoration Project/Cosmonauts
Timothy Simons; Shanghai Restoration Project. Also: Cosmonauts perform.
2 Apr. 2014
Tamron Hall/Birth of Joy/Warm Soda
Tamron Hall; Birth of Joy. Also: Warm Soda perform.
3 Apr. 2014
Diego Luna/Afflicted/Deap Vally
Diego Luna; Afflicted. Also: Deap Vally perform.
7 Apr. 2014
Rhys Darby/Monrok/Band of Skulls
Rhys Darby; Monrok. Also: Band of Skulls perform.
8 Apr. 2014
Judy Greer/Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion
Judy Greer guests. Also: Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion perform; "TripTank" is spotlighted.
9 Apr. 2014
Wally Pfister/Jake Bugg
Wally Pfister. Also: Jake Bugg performs; "A Sliver of Light" is spotlighted.
10 Apr. 2014
Brian Unger & Zane Lamprey/Milagres/The Crystal Method
Brian Unger and Zane Lamprey; Milagres. Also: The Crystal Method perform.
21 Apr. 2014
Nick Frost/White Sea/Lucius
Nick Frost; White Sea. Also: Lucius perform.
22 Apr. 2014
Jared Harris/Andrew Schulz/The Growlers
Jared Harris; Andrew Schulz. Also: The Growlers perform.
23 Apr. 2014
Brett Gelman/Skaters/Sir Sly
Brett Gelman; Skaters. Also: Sir Sly perform.
24 Apr. 2014
Matt Taibbi/Steven Knight/Tinariwen
Matt Taibbi/Steven Knight. Also: Tinaiwen perform.
28 Apr. 2014
Dave Attell/You Won't
Dave Attell. Also: You Won't perform; "Blue Ruin is spotlighted.
29 Apr. 2014
Lennon Parham and Jessica St. Clair/Semi Precious Weapons/Washed Out
Lennon Parham & Jessica St. Clair; Semi Precious Weapons. Also: Washed Out performs.
30 Apr. 2014
Marc Webb/The Colourist
Marc Webb. Also: The Colourist perform; "The Humor Code" is spotlighted.
1 May 2014
John Turturro/Katie Crown/Midlake/Off!
John Turturro; Katie Crown; Midlake. Also: Off perform.
5 May 2014
Sophia Amoruso/L.P./Ume
Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amoruso; musical group Ume. Also: L.P. performs.
6 May 2014
Nicholas Stoller/Theo Von/Cerebral Ballzy
Nicholas Stoller; Theo Von; Cerebral Ballzy.
7 May 2014
Marc Maron/Chuck E. Weiss/Kaiser Chiefs
Marc Maron; Chuck E. Weiss; Kaiser Chiefs.
8 May 2014
Jose Antonio Vargas/Cameron Esposito/Kodaline
Jose Antonio Vargas; Cameron Esposito; Kodaline.
12 May 2014
Richard Ayoade/Franz Ferdinand/Royal Canoe
Comic Richard Ayoade; Franz Ferdinand performs; musical group Royal Canoe.
13 May 2014
John Slattery/Cristela Alonzo/Night Terrors of 1927
John Slattery; comic Cristela Alonzo. Also: Night Terrors of 1927 perform.
14 May 2014
Allison Tolman/I Am the Avalanche/The Preatures
Allison Tolman; I Am the Avalanche. Also: The Preatures perform.
15 May 2014
Gareth Edwards/Jimmy Ouyang/Together Pangea
Gareth Edwards; Jimmy Ouyang. Also: Together Pangea perform.
19 May 2014
The Burning of Rome/Band of Skulls
The Burning of Rome. Also: Band of Skulls perform; "Undateable" is spotlighted.
20 May 2014
J.B. Smoove/Andrew Santino/Warm Soda
J.B. Smoove; Andrew Santino. Also: Warm Soda perform.
21 May 2014
Roy Choi/Sylvan Esso/The Growlers
Roy Choi; Sylvan Esso. Also: The Growlers perform.
22 May 2014
Giovanni Ribisi/Gillian Robespierre/Tinariwen
Giovanni Ribisi; Gillian Robespierre. Also: Tinariwen perform.
2 Jun. 2014
Wil Wheaton/Courtney Kemp Agboh/The Birds of Satan
Wil Wheaton; Courtney Kemp Agboh. Also: The Birds of Satan perform.
3 Jun. 2014
Aisha Tyler/Tokyo Police Club/Deap Vally
Aisha Tyler; Tokyo Police Club. Also: Deap Vally perform.
4 Jun. 2014
Randy and Jason Sklar/Buffalo Killers/Off!
Randy and Jason Sklar; Buffalo Killers. Also: Off. perform.
5 Jun. 2014
Lee Pace/John Green/Liquor Store
Lee Pace; John Green. Also: Liquor Store perform.

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