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The Yealing cartoon series
Pandelis6 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This must be the series that I watched during my municipal school days and that now I miss. It used to be broadcasted one episode per week so it took abt 3 years for the series to be completed. I didn't know then that it was based on a Pulitzer winning novel (and to be honest I wouldn't care even if I knew) and so I took it as just another children's series with a new story per week.

However, near the end of the series, when a certain character dies, I was astonished (I never watched a cartoon before where a character dies - even the villains survived). When the novel reached its climax (let's just say when a main character had to die) I wished I stop watching the series in the second year.

I didn't realize then that the series was about growing up and that for this to happen we must start doing things that are unpleasand to us, but we very well know that they are the right things to do. I wish I got the meaning earlier.

Anyway, enjoy the series. There is a movie starring Gregory Peck based on the same novel.
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Entertaining and realistic
aaronhead19886 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I myself, started watching the cartoon at age 17, at the time I did not know that The Series was based off a book and there was a movie written in 1946 and a TV movie written in 1994, otherwise I would of watched/read them first. This cartoon entraps you in realistic way's and also the great story line, now i won't lie, the cartoon can get a bit overly real, with certain main characters dying off, people grieving for the dead. But one thing this does do, is it shows kids how hard life was back then, and because it is a cartoon it will entertain them more then little house on the prairie(i loved that show as well). It also teaches you, life is harsh, you must take responsibilities for your action, if it's your own problem, deal with it. all I have left to say is, watch it, get emotionally invested, then get the box pf tissues ready for either yourself, your kids or your wife/girlfriend. This cartoon is the king of cartoons, especially since it's something the whole family can be entertained by.
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