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Season 2

2 Oct. 1988
The Crystal Ball
Anton learns that the witch who killed his mother and took her identity has imprisoned a princess whom she bites nightly to temporarily exchange her own age for the girl's youth. Anton warns his brothers and they try to escape, but when the witch finds out she attacks, turning George into an eagle and Sebastian into a whale. Anton eludes her but is left alone to find a way to thwart her magic to free all three victims.
Oct. 1988
The Magic Heart
Frederick's kindness to an old man while hunting is repaid by his being told where to find a cloak that will take him anyplace and a gold ball that will grant whomever swallows it gold daily. After getting them, he sprains his ankle while meeting the beautiful Lisabeth. She tends him at her home, but her "mother", a witch, forces her to use magic to steal them by having him cough up the ball then leaving with him and the cloak and taking it. Stranded in the desert and determined to avenge himself especially since he loved Lisabeth, Frederick stumbles upon two fields ...
30 Oct. 1988
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The Old Woman in the Woods
A rich party in attacked is a forest by a witch and her goblins. One young servant, Lisabeth, escapes and meets a talking owl who gives her a key to locks hidden in the landscape opening to everything needed to survive and fine clothing. But her friend leaves every night. When Lisabeth presses for the reason, he explains that the witch has cursed him, and she offers to free him. She is told to enter the witch's home to find a hidden ring, making no noise. But though she enters when the witch is gone as instructed, the witch returns to fight with her magic and goblins.
27 Nov. 1988
The Wolf and the Fox
A greedy, proud wolf forces a fox who hunts and steals better into helping him attain food. Tired of working for him and getting nothing himself, the fox decides to use the wolf's gluttony against him.
4 Dec. 1988
Mother Hollie
Hildegarde, forced by her cruel stepmother Gretchen to do all the chores, pricks herself while spinning and tries to clean the bobbin only for it to fall down the well. Ordered to retrieve it, she jumps in and ends up in the land of Mother Hollie, who shakes her quilt to bring snow. Hildegarde is asked to shake it and accepts, and does well. After requesting to return home, she is rewarded with much gold. Gretchen presses her spoiled daughter Elaine to enter the well to become rich too. But she is not as strong or hardworking...
11 Dec. 1988
The Six Swans
Lost in an enchanted forest during a hunt, a king is forced by a woman to wed her daughter who helps him leave, but both are witches. After his bride attacks his seven children, he has them stay in a small castle in another forest. But she sees where the king keeps the spindle that guides him to them, goes disguised as him, and uses cursed shirts to change his sons into swans. Having missed it, his daughter learns from them that they can turn back if she sews them shirts of chrysanthemums and is silent for six years, and agrees to. During that time a prince falls in ...
18 Dec. 1988
The Coat of Many Colours
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25 Dec. 1988
Brother and Sister
Two young siblings escape their abusive widowed stepmother to the forest, but the stepmother, a witch, places a spell over its ponds turn their drinkers into animals. The younger brother drinks from one and changes into a deer. A few years later, a king who hunted him falls in love with and marries the sister. After she has had a son, she is captured by her stepmother and imprisoned in a mountain cave, told only selfless love can save her. Her own love allows her spirit to return to see her family, but then she weakens too much to do it again.
15 Jan. 1989
The Four Skillful Brothers
A poor farmer sends his sons out to learn trades. Franz as a detective learns the art of thieves' stealth to best them, Wilheim becomes an astronomer with sharp eyes, George becomes a remarkable hunter, and Peter as a tailor receives a needle capable of repairing anything. A year later, as they seek work in the city, a dragon kidnaps the land's princess. With the promise of her hand and half the kingdom for the rescuer, the brothers offer to use their abilities to save her.
22 Jan. 1989
The Spirit in a Bottle
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29 Jan. 1989
The Iron Stove
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5 Feb. 1989
Johann is poor and unsure what to do after the war he served in ends. A remark that he'd do almost anything to make it home causes a demon to approach. If Johann lives for seven years wearing a coat of the skin of an attacking bear he killed without washing, shaving, or praying, he will receive gold as needed and even more after. He accepts and makes friends at first once he is seen as a strange but humble, generous man. But as his appearance becomes wilder and more feared and rejected, he fights despair. After four years, he hears a penniless merchant about to end ...
12 Feb. 1989
The Hare and the Hedgehog
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19 Feb. 1989
The Man of Iron
Spoiled Prince William drops his ball into the dungeon while trying to learn more of Iron Hans, a metal-skinned giant the queen compares to what a real man should be, who forces him to enter to retrieve it. Hans escapes and William can't stop him so he won't be punished, so Hans takes him. In the forest, he orders William to guard his enchanted pond but he is too lazy. Hans reveals just how flawed William is and sends him out to live as a peasant to gain character, offering help should he need it though is rejected. After failing at every job he tries, William ends up...
26 Feb. 1989
The Brave Little Tailor
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5 Mar. 1989
The Wren and the Bear
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12 Mar. 1989
When a young king holds a feast for the country's men to speak of their daughters so he can pick a bride, they embellish their qualities until a lowly miller claims his, Gretchen, can spin gold from straw, though she cannot spin at all. With both threatened if he's found to have lied, she is forced to do so. Her hope for help under a full moon comes true when a wood nymph appears to do it for her at the cost of her necklace. The following night she must do more and the nymph returns, working for her ring. The king agrees to marry her after a third night, but with ...
19 Mar. 1989
The Water Witch Who Lives in the Pond
A poor miller is about to drown himself in the lake when its nixie appears, offering a chest of gold if he repays her with the next thing born in his home. He accepts but before his pets give birth, he and his wife have a child. The nixie cannot leave the water so they warn the boy, Franz, to avoid the lake. Years later after his parents' deaths, Franz ends up near it after a hunt, and the nixie captures him. His wife Heidi tries to reclaim him, and in the lake meets a spirit who tells her how. She offers Heidi gold objects to be used by the lake periodically so they ...
26 Mar. 1989
Godfather Death
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