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Realism, action, starships...

Author: Star Wars Lover (ilovestarwars@ubbi.com.br) from Brazil
16 November 2004

Rogue Leader( The game's name is too big ) is the first Star Wars game to Nintendo Gamecube.And it's the second best for me(For me, the first is Bounty Hunter, with Jango Fett).But it's P-E-R-F-E-C-T.This game has the most powerful graphics of the Gamecube.And this game is one of the firsts of the Nintendo 128-bit baby! The most part of the missions are scenes of the movies of the Old Trilogy, but you can pilot a N-1 Naboo Starfighter. The only bad thing of Rogue Leader is the small number of missions...but all the missions are so good that this weak point never disturbs me. My score for Rogue Leader is 9.5/10

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Why I hate this game.

Author: litpics from United States
11 November 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

All right, let me start by saying I love the original RS for the 64. The graphics were new, the ships were really fast and cool. The missions were a challenge, but you had a strategy to come up with. The computer didn't tell you every step of your mission, you could wander and explore.

That's the first thing that's wrong with RL, everything you do is under a timetable and controlled by other people. I mean, shouldn't you, as the leader, be telling people how to handle each and every mission?

And speaking of missions, why do they intersperse the original trilogy with completely made up crap? Never mind.

I was so waiting for this game when I heard they were going to allow you fly through the asteroid field from Empire Strikes Back. I think anyone who is a fan of the films wanted to do this. So, they give it to you. It's the stupidest level in the game. You start by flying through the asteroid field with ties chasing after you, and your whole objective is to get farther into the field while shooting the ties. You have to kill them all to get ahead. Hey, remember how many Han killed when he was in the field? None, they all had poor piloting skills compared to him. I just wanted to be able to dodge the asteroids as they came at me, but instead I have to use my automatic aim guns to kill ties behind me.

That was the biggest disappointment, you have no control over your flying, everything is sluggish. All except for the A-Wing, probably the fastest and most maneuverable ship in the entire fleet. But, oh yeah, didn't Han say the Falcon was? Anyway...

You finally get to the Battle of Endor. Here is the ultimate level, you get to destroy the death star, everyone's first instinct is to pick the Falcon and be the leader. But, of course, you get there and have to do stupid pre-chosen strategies like finding (not to mention deciphering the difference between) the tie-bombers. This is impossible in the falcon, by the time you have spotted one group the frigate gets destroyed. The only way to get passed this part is to pick the A-Wing. After this you have to attack the star destroyers and that's a real stupid chore. This game makes you feel like you're the only one defending the rebel alliance.

After you frustratingly get through that 'fun' fight, you get to the death star. And here, you might think 'yay! I get to destroy the death star', and again, like in the Asteroid field, you have to do some tedious thing while narrowly getting passed the tunnels of impending doom. Your mission is to protect the ship in front of you, remember that from the Return of the Jedi? It's so moronic because if you pick the falcon, you'll die because you're not maneuverable enough, but if you pick the x-wing, you have to keep locking and unlocking your s-foils. So it's a choice to either kill the bad guys, or try to catch up to Lando, who apparently doesn't know how to maneuver. Thus dying in the process.

The bonus stages aren't even worth aiming for as each level just gets more and more frustrating. It makes me feel the way I did when I saw the new three films, upset and in need of killing something. Lucky for me, Smash Bros Melee exists.

I hope with the Wii they come up with something a lot better and have the original trilogy levels to full capacity. I'm going to sell this game the first chance I get.

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*** 1/2 out of ****

Author: (Incubi) from New Jersey, USA
13 January 2002

Rogue Leader is one of the reasons to get a Nintendo Gamecube. The game is the fantastic sequel to the Nintendo 64 title Rogue Squadron that continues the adventures of Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles. Pilot several starfighters from the A-Wing to the X-Wing on several missions that span throughout the Star Wars trilogy. Players will get to be part of the key moments in the Star Wars films like the Death Star Trench Run and the Battle of Hoth among other missions. Being the leader, it's your job to give orders to your wingmen in order to succeed. Do you want them to take on the TIEs or the guns? Want them to form up, or flee? Tell them. Play through the game earning medals to unlock new missions and ships like the Millennium Falcon and the Slave I. The game features very good gameplay. Controls aren't difficult to learn and the missions range from easy to hard -- bringing on the challenges. The Star Wars elements are included like the famous introductions scrolling vertically in the galaxy. The Star Wars music we all know and love is present during key moments in missions. The visuals are downright great. You're in large environments with beautiful details like water. On the waters of Kothlis, the sunlight spreads about, and the colors are astounding. Then an AT-AT escapes a collapsed Star Destroyer and you'll note the amazing work done when its reflection is seen as it crosses to the beach. Earning medals and unlocking ships helps keep the replay value alive. Overall, Rogue Leader is an impressive launch title.

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Rogue Leader, good game, but the hype announces more than it has

Author: linkvszidane from USA
6 January 2002

Star Wars: Rogue Leader is a good game, but not the greatest. Full of nostalgia, especially the Death Star Trench Run, will leave you speechless. But after the nostalgic levels, it all starts going downhill. Only Level 1, 3, and 9 are really good, while a few others are OK, and the rest are just plain sucky. Now don't get me wrong, difficulty is fine, but I'm not a REAL Rogue Pilot, and I get tired of my ship being shot down 2 seconds into the mission. After Level 3, Get ready for the toughest battles this side of the galaxy as you bomb, steal, and get shot down countless times into a fairly tedious experience. OK, that covers Rogue Leader's wrongs. The controls, however, are fabulous, and the action, while tedious, sometimes gets freshened and provides for a good party or nostalgic experience. If you're looking for a breathtaking graphical experience, this is the game to show off to your friends. Star Wars: Rogue Leader is a good game, while not great. If you're a Star Wars fan or a fan of the Flight Sim genre, buy it. If you're a casual player looking for your first Gamecube game, give it a rent first. 7 out of 10.

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Quite flawed

Author: Rirath_com from USA
22 June 2003

Rogue Leader was the first game I played for the Nintendo Gamecube. Sadly, it was a poor choice. I own the original Rogue Squadron and I really enjoy the game, so I figured this would be a great first rental. Right from the start though, I was disappointed.

Being new to the Gamecube, I hit the training mission. I figured I'd learn about all the cool abilities of the various crafts and how to best fight the Empire. Instead, I'm "treated" to a empty field with random training icons floating. Most are completely useless, such as "press A to fire. Good Job!!" A few are truly retarted. "You found a Jabba's Palace. GOOD JOB!!". If I had that computer tell me 'good job' just one more time... I would have thrown my controller down right then and there. So, annoyed, I quit and headed for the first mission...

Without any good explanation or reason, I'm suddenly fighting above the Death Star. Lasers are shooting everywhere, tie's are flying in every possible direction, and my wingmen are screaming at me for leadership. I liked it. I quickly pull up the targeting computer and take down a few ties. Then I order my wingmen to do the same, and set upon the mission's goals. It was a great mission, but random.

Next mission, I'm in an asteroid field. How on earth did I get here? No. never mind... it looks gorgeous, who cares. I'm blasting stuff, having a unconvinced but good time. Sadly, this doesn't last until mission 3. By mission 3 I'm bored, the gorgeous graphics die down to just standard locations, and the missions are very tedious. By the later levels, it was so easy to mess up a small detail and have to start over I said forget it, no more.

- Rirath_com

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