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A great Christmas special!

Author: Op_Prime from Ardmore, PA
13 February 2002

This television special aired on Fox... in prime time as I recall. Comic Louie Anderson tells the story of one Christmas when he was a kid, trying to bring the Christmas to a neighbor. This was a great special. The humor was top notch and it was a great story. An equally awesome Saturday morning series followed the next year. Thumbs up.

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Worth watching

Author: Shawn Watson from The Penumbra
12 December 2012

I was fully prepared to pay little attention to this Xmas special, but it succeeds in doing what most animated specials fail to do - it actually creates a nice, Xmasy atmosphere.

Based loosely on the childhood experiences of rotund comedian Louie Anderson it is sort of a cross between A Christmas Story and a scene from Christmas Vacation. Set in the late 50s/early 60s Louie's curmudgeon dad grudgingly goes along with annual traditions and is eventually encouraged to decorate the house of a lonely old lady with Xmas lights. As Clark Griswold once learned, it's not so easy.

It's funny, and cosy, and better than most Xmas specials I've been watching recently.

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Okay watch for the holidays

Author: Thomas (filmreviews@web.de) from Berlin, Germany
30 April 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

"Life with Louie: A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman" is a television short film from over 20 years ago written by and starring the voice talent of Louie Anderson. Of course, there are another director, more writer and other voice actors and I don't want to discredit them. just check out the cast and crew list for everybody who contributed here. I personally would not say it was great in terms of comedy, storytelling or emotion, but solid in all areas and this is already an achievement. The characters and their interactions are written in a way that grown-ups can enjoy them at least as much as very young audiences and the dad's grumpiness is fairly hilarious at times. Add a decent story in favor of the lonely to all that and what you get is a well-adjusted little movie, which was better than a lot other stuff from 1990s television. This short film was successful enough that a television series about the same characters would follow.For me, it was not good enough to check out the series anytime soon, but I still give this one here a thumbs up. Recommended.

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"I Heard That!"

Author: (robocoptng986127@aol.com) from U.S.A
14 December 2002

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Comedian Louie Anderson recalls one Christmas many years ago when he was 10-years-old growing up in Cedar Knoll, Wisconsin with his mother, father and 10 brothers and sisters but only one of them is present: Tommy. Louie's dad, Andy, was totally not in the Christmas spirit. He just grumbled about the whole thing. The next morning, it was snowing so school was closed. Louie and Tommy go over to visit their widowed neighbor Mrs. Stillman then they engage in a snowball fight with other kids in the neighborhood where Louie is hit in the ear.

That night they go get a Christmas tree and Andy is appauled that the tree cost $35 which lead Louie to conclude he wasn't his legal father. At home, they have a difficult time setting up the tree and when they finally get done, it tilts to one side. Andy suggests putting it by the TV. He felt that for $35, the tree should dance. Andy then went out and threw up the Christmas lights. Literally! Very sloppy! He then went inside and watched Miracle on 34th Street with Louie and Tommy. Mom looked over at poor Mrs. Stillman's house who was lonely this time of year. She wanted to do something nice for her so she would take her shopping while Andy put's the extra box of lights on her house. Andy made Louie help him because Louie is the one who blabbed about the extra lights. The two carry the lights and ladder over to Stillman's and set to work. The police arrive and think Andy is a robber. The neighborhood children think so too and throw snowballs at him. Louie explains what's up and so the children help out. They set up a train in the front and a Santa Claus on the lawn. All was finished. Andy plus it in--doesn't work. Mom and Mrs. Stillman would be there any minute so they rushed to check every single bulb. Suddenly, Mom and Mrs. Stillman approached. Luckily the car died on the corner which bought them some time. Andy plugged in the lights a second time, got electrocuted, and they worked!! Mrs. Stillman was so happy, then everyone learns why she didn't decorate for Christmas before: she was Jewish; Christmas morning- as Louie and Tommy open their presents, Andy tells them how much they set him back. Louie then gives Andy his present: tools he had lost a few weeks ago.

A pretty good Christmas special! It later spawned Life With Louie the TV show. Too bad it isn't on anymore, it was good. Louie Anderson is the narrator and also voices Louie and Andy. Anderson was the host of Family Feud until just recently he was replaced by Richard Karn. Now Anderson is doing nothing. The events in this Christmas special, like Dad saying the $35 tree should dance, etc., were based on actual events that took place! Louie's dad actually said that! Sadly, his mom and dad are dead in real life. In conclusion, if it possibly can be found, I recommend Life with Louie: A Christmas Surprise for Mrs. Stillman! It's got comedy, family and all the stuff that makes the holidays wonderful.


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